Happy once in a lifetime day & an H&H giveaway!


With a date like today you just have to do something fabulous right?  So that's why I'm doing a GiVEAWAY of one of my all-time favorite most things.  First, I wanted to give you a little background & tell you why I adore them so much.

These may look like a pile of old  "junk"y numbers to you & to tell you the truth that's where I found them nearly 10 years ago.  I was at a craft store & for some reason decided to walk into the back & dig through a large pile of cast offs, broken things & rejected, for one reason or another,  projects.  As I was digging something with the coolest curve caught my eye. I pulled on it & out came a #5 from under the pile.  I immediately thought, well there has to be more so I kept digging.  I soon uncovered a 1, 3 a 6 and a 7.  Not knowing what to do with them at the time all I knew was that they needed to come home with me & be appreciated, not thrown into a pile of trash. Not sure where the # 2, 4, 8 went, I tried to find them but they were no where to be seen.  Didn't know what their former life was but determined to create a new one for them. 

The numbers I found from the pile were old, I could tell. Really warn around the edges, a great natural aged patina on the wood & pencil marks all over them a sign of once upon a time being well used & loved.  Some had even been repaired a time or two signs of wood glue & masking tape told the story.  All these things I admired & appreciated about my new found treasures.  

-I left all the markings & the original, you like that, masking tape that came with the numbers.  You can't copy that kind of character!-

Oh, how I have grown to love these over the years!  I decided to add the missing numbers to the group I unearthed from the pile & love they way they all look together. They mean so much more to me than just wood patterns. I have made many things out of them, used them in my home decor, also as birthday party decor, given them as gifts & of coarse used them to create my Hollyhocks & Honeybees signature number sets.  They really have become a symbol for my brand.  
{You can find that in the TaDa Home Decor January Collection, by the way} 
I can't even begin to count the amount I've cut out over the past 10 years.  I still have the originals tucked save away in my H&H headquarters.  I take good care of them!  They come out every once in a while but for the most part are kept in a safe place.  I have really grown to love these wooden numbers & what they mean to my business.  I treasure them & think it's not a coincidence I started digging through that box all those years ago.  

I love numbers!  I like to look at them on license plates, in phone numbers or on the hymn number plaque at the church each Sunday to see what combinations or equations I can come up with to pass the time. 
{Which is very strange because I've never thought of myself as a mathmatician by any means.}  
I still remember my childhood friends phone numbers, cousins birthdays & friends addresses.  Maybe a little weird but for some reason numbers seem to represent & stand for things for me.  I think that's why I love these wooden numbers so gosh darn much! 
-This is my favorite number!  I like it because it represents the number in our family.  I also love a number that's slightly bigger, the #58, more to come on that later- 
So with a day like today 12-13-14 I figured I better have a good GiVEAWAY to celebrate this day.  I'm asking you- 
What's your favorite number & why?  What does it represent to you?  
Leave a comment telling me what it is. One lucky person will get their favorite number {a new one not my originals} sent their way to display in their home how ever they choose.  You can pick the color you'd like it painted or just get the plain wood.  We can discuss the details once you WiN!  

Sound easy enough? Help me celebrate this one in a lifetime day & leave a comment below.  Winner will be announced tomorrow morning- GooD LuCK!
{You only have this amazing day to enter so do it now!}  



Suzzie Bradshaw said...

My favorite single number is 6 for my 6 children. Favorite number is 32 because that was my son's number when he played baseball for a bazillion years. All we had to do was yell "32" and he knew we were there and what it meant! We still yell 32 as he's gotten older and plays softball, he still gets that number on his jerseys.

megitys said...

Love those numbers! I've admired them ever since I saw them years ago at boutique in Farmington. I have since then collected 25, 31 and 6 to represent our family. Our favorite number is 7. It's a family inside joke but basically, it's the answer for random questions. It's strange, I know, but we always giggle. Just ask any of my kids what their favorite number is and they'll most likely say 7!

Candice said...

My favorite number is 5! It's because it is the day my mom was born. Growing up I always loved that number. Now I have 5 members in my family, so it makes it even more special for me!

Candice said...

PS- I love the story of where your numbers came from!!!

Carrie G. said...

My favorite number has always been the number 8 for my birthday, however lately I've been partial to the number 3 which represents the number in our little family! Totally loved your favorite things! Thanks

Alice Regan said...

Just thinking about this yesterday ...five! That would be my number. Hand to heart, 5 little breathes, to re-center, reground yourself. To bring calm, new perspective open your heart. FIVE, that would be my number.

Angie said...

My favorite number is 6, because that's how many kids I have :)

Vicki@MorePowerfulBeyondMeasure said...

What a beautiful place!! So glad I found your blog!!
My favorite number is 3. Grew up with 2 brothers, with me as the oldest...3 kiddos. I now have 3 in my family...husband, son and little ole me. Maybe I am crazy but I have 3 Yakking Yorkies. They fill my day with laughter. I am right on the edge of being a 3 year breast cancer survivor. Whew! Love to thrift, junk and repurpose...that's 3 times the fun!! Haha...and ha! 3

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

My number is 5 because there are 5 in my family! I love those numbers and the story of how you found them is fantastic!

SherRee Jacklin said...

My favorite number is 25! 25 is my eternal age. Many life changes happened during my 25 year of life. My favorite holiday is Christmas which happens to be the 25. 25 just makes me smile! I love your numbers all of them. I love your story about them also.

Nettie said...

My favorite numbers are 1983; the year I married my wonderful husband.
Your story was great and I love those wooden numbers too.
Happy Holidays!

Jann Olson said...

I have a number fetish as well. Just can't get enough of them. lol! My fav is #7. Seven members in our family and My birthday just happens to be in July. I also love 5 for my 5 children and for some reason 5 is always such a cute shape! Thanks for offering this! Have a very Merry Christmas.

Victoria Weiler said...

I love the #2 !! I have always thought it was a fun number , if there's 2 you're never alone..
Merry Christmas

Millie6 said...

i love the number six. for years i wasn't sure why until one day when i realized that it represented a whole family to me. my dad left when i was 6 years old. we had always been a family of six with our parents and four children and when he left we became a family of five. i don't live uneven numbers and our family became uneven. i loved my family very much, but it seemed something was always missing. when i married and we began having children the husband wanted 3 and i wanted 4. can you guess who won? you're right - it was me. many years later my favorite number is the whole number of 6. Ü