My Favorite things- Record Albums

Hi, welcome back!  Excited to share with you 
Day 2 of My Favorite Things- Record Albums 

 So many great reasons why these made my favorite things list for this year.  I think the biggest reason is it reminds me of being in my living room, as a child, with the glow of the Christmas tree lights while I sat on the couch listening to Bing Crosby & The Carpenters on our record player.  Such fond memories of records playing during Christmastime in our home.  

I also love these because they are very inexpensive & can be easily found at antique stores or estate sales. If you ever see a box of old records, take a seat & dig through the box.  I'm sure you'll find a treasure or two.  Either something you remember listening to or just a great colorful cover that is just to cute to pass up for a couple of dollars.  You could even raid your parents or grandparents stash too.

I love to use these to decorate around the house.  They are a great size, take up some good space & if the pictures & colors are great, even better.  They stand on their own in any display & always seem to go great with anything you put them by.  
-Tucked into place on our stair ledge next to a picture, blocks & an old vintage chocolate candy box- 

So fun to put in your kids rooms too, if you like to decorate in there.  You can't go wrong with jolly graphics & happy colors around the holidays. 
-Even a vintage ornament box can be a charming display just set out.  No need to decorate a tree to show them off- 

These 2 go so well together {Get it?  Rudolph & 'Twas the Night before Christmas} just tucked into place on a bookshelf next to our Holiday Card Cataloging system.  I found this a few years ago at the DI, held onto to it, not knowing what I wanted to do with it & then one day my brilliant husband got an idea.  The perfect way to store all our family & friends Christmas cards we've received over the years.  So fun to look at the changes in families over the past 15 + years.  

Old records can even be a great gift to give a friend or family member.  This is a pic from 2011 when my sweet friend, Texie, showed up to a party at my home & gave this to me.  Oh, she knows me well!  Having collections is so fun & a great way to let friends & family know what you would love & appreciate. 

Question of the day:  What is your favorite Christmas song to hear & sing along to over the Holidays?



Deborah Sommerlot said...

Love these. I got a retro record player at the restore and it came with a few old Christmas albums. I love playing them at Christmas time.

Honeybee said...

Deborah, awesome! That's on my christmas wish list. Enjoy, happy singing during the holidays!

Suzzie Bradshaw said...

Love the nostalgic items of Christmas' past. As I'm older, it brings back wonderful memories of Christmas with my family who is no longer here.

Britany said...

Anything from the forgotten carols!

Rachel Berry said...

I LOVE Andrea Bocelli's rendition of The Lord's Prayer. He's pretty much awesome!

Andy and Robyn said...

Right now I'm loving "I want a Hippopatumus for Christmas" and the reason is~I LOVE listening to my kids belt it out ;)

Steph said...

Songs from Polar Express and The Grinch are some our faves to sing to. I also love O Holy Night and Mary Did You Know.