Favorite things- Baking during the Holidays

Can we all agree the baking around the Holidays is simply the Best!  It's one of my favorite things to do with around Christmastime.  As good as it is to eat the best part about baking is giving & sharing it with others. We have a few favorite recipes in our home that always seem to be made around the Holidays.  
{batches seem to be doubled A LoT!} 
They are great to have on hand when unexpected guests stop by.  The ones I'm going to share today come from two important ladies in our lives, Grandma Hall & Grandma GG.  These are two of the recipes they made that have become our families favorites. 
{Just click on the red link to get the recipes & start baking!} 

- We recently made up a big batch of Grandma GG's Scrabble, poured it into this faux bois wood tin basket & headed off into the mountains to find our Christmas tree.  The best snack to take along & munch on with family after the tree hunt.- 
The BeST Gingersnaps ever! Thanks Grandma Hall for teaching me develop a love for these early on in my life.  So happy that my family {neighbors, friends & blog readers} love them too.  I know because so many have told me & it always makes me happy to know that they are being made it so many kitchens.  

Can't think of the Holidays without having some of Grandma GG's Scrabble. It's chex mix with a little bit of a twist. This salty, nutty mix is the perfect thing to have to munch on & since I've started adding Honey Nut Cheerios to the mix it's become even that much better.  Nothing like a salty/sweet combo. YuMMy!  Great to bag, tie up with a string & give as a gift. 

Question of the day- What's your must bake recipe around the Holidays?  I'd love to hear.  

Happy Baking! 



Suzzie Bradshaw said...

My must bake is a pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese frosting which I double the recipe for extra sweetness. My Granny always made mincemeat cakes at the holidays. I loved to help and they were delicious!

Honeybee said...

That sounds yummy, Suzzie! Nothing better than pumpkin & cream cheese frosting together.