Favorite things- Retro lights


  Kinda have a thing for these things. Whether they are turned on or not.  This vintage crush goes back to when I was a little girl.  My grandparents, where I spent every Christmas Eve, would decorate the 2 big evergreen bushes in their front yard with these.  I loved pulling into their home on Christmas Eve & being welcomed by those colorful lights.  So last year when we were going through my Grandma's home finding a box of old vintage light bulbs she saved when such a treasure!  So glad I grabbed them & now show them off during the Holidays.  They don't glow anymore but they sure do SHiNE! I display them in an old dump truck.  It was just begging for a cute load to haul around. 

-Precious cargo, some of the bulbs I got from my Grandma's house- 
-An aerial view.  I just put down a good layer of fake snow for the bulbs to rest on.  Don't want any braking on my watch!-

If you want to start a colored bulb collection, go right ahead!  Don't wait to find vintage ones, just make sure to save the ones that burn out on your strand of lights. DON't just throw them away!  You'll have a collection before you know it.  
{Each year my hubby & daughter #3 put up our lights they bring me in the burnt out ones.  Kind of fun knowing the collection spans the years & homes}

If I find a box of them at antique store or estate sale I just can't walk away & leave them behind.  They are great to put in vases to show off, all clustered together in a bowl on a coffee table or left as is in the box.  
{Example below!} 
-Would you just look at those colors & the patina on those bulbs. You can't buy them like this anymore.  They saw a lot of good Christmas' I'm sure & brought a lot of JoY!- 
So glad we use the throw back vintage colored big, bulbed lights outside our home each year.  The child in me jumps up & down every year when they get turned on for the first time or when we turn down our street & I can see their glow. I think they will always be my favorite Christmas color combo. 

Question of the day- What do you have light on your house & trees outside?  If so what kind?  Are you a vintage colored person or white lights? 



Suzzie Bradshaw said...

This year, we just have the mini lights on the garage outside and bushes and trees. They are multicolored. Inside my tree has white and I accent the mantle and other decorated spaces with garland and white lights. We downsized and moved last January so I did not put up my Coca Cola tree with its red lights. My other tree I usually put the nostalgic ornaments on is covered in red and white lights. I do love the older vintage big bulbs. We have some strands we usually put up every year, but we simplified this year. I really have enjoyed your posts so far. I'm older with 6 grown children and your love of nostalgia and your creations really hit home with me! I'm grateful I saw one of your soda pop bottle vignettes in my daughter's home and asked her where she bought it!

megitys said...

I love the big bulbs too! It changes every year. Sometimes it's classic white, sometimes they are just red and white. This year, they are red, green and white. The kids and I like it, but are itching for a little more color!

Honeybee said...

Thanks Suzzie, you are the sweetest. Glad you have enjoyed these posts- I love hearing from you. Happiest Holidays!!

Honeybee said...

I think the red, green & white combo is so charming Megan. Our neighbors just put that on their house & I like it.