A rustic, woodsie hot cocoa bar, recipe & FREE printable!


So excited to share with you something I did in our back yard last week. I embraced the unseasonably nice winter weather we're having & set up a hot cocoa bar outside for my daughters & a few of their friends.  

I looked around the house, grabbed what I could & headed outside to create a woodsie space outside under the pine tree. The perfect spot to set up the hot cocoa station with all the fixings.  Of coarse it all comes down to the details.  Finding the perfect accessories to go along with the theme.  So anything & everything that symbolized winter, outdoors or hot chocolate got pulled from the house & taken outdoors.   This bench was the perfect thing to start with & then just build on top of that.  Stacking a unique piece on top & adding touches here & there made it so inviting.  
-Homemade cinnamon dough balls tucked into an vintage bread pan make the perfect accompaniment to the hot cocoa- 
Loved being able to put to use my vintage thermos collection. {yes, a thermos collection}  Glad all these things that I'm drawn to & have oodles of, comes in handy quite often.  That's the best part of collections, they aren't just for show USE them.  Find ways too, sometimes it's hard but it can be done.  
{Just look at that green thermos with the word holiday on it, perfect for so many things!} 
These giant wooden snowflakes got nestled into the branches of the pine tree creating the perfect backdrop for the hot cocoa bar.  Making some seating areas around the bar was fun too.  Plaid blankets set out to sit on & vintage folding chairs with a wood stump end table made for a fabulous spot to sit, sip & chat!  We're always heard to bring the outdoors in when we decorate but I'm loving bringing the indoors & out & creating party spaces, extended rooms outside to enjoy. Such a fun spin on a party idea.  Try it, I think you'll like it.  

Use elements you have in your home decor & bring them outside too. I used some chalkboards & frames to create some space to the hot cocoa party.  I love both of these things in my home, so why not bring them outside.  

Framed the lyrics to a fun children's winter song that our family likes.  Have you ever heard it before?  We love to sing it whenever anyone is mixing up a hot cup of cocoa.  Thought the words were so sweet & perfect to display at the party.  You can print this out for yourself  to frame, stick on the fridge or display on the magnet board during the winter months.  Better yet print it out & give it to a friend or neighbor this holiday season with a jar of the french hot cocoa. 

Get the FREE printable  HERE 

Now that the stage is set it's time for the good stuff.  Wanted this hot cocoa bar to not be the typical hot chocolate party.  I wanted the girls & their friends to have the chance to experiment, create & enjoy the time it takes to make a good cup of hot chocolate.  So I made up a batch of French Hot Cocoa for them to enjoy.  My friend gave me this recipe years ago & we have made it every winter since.  The only key to this recipe is a little bit of time, you'll see why below but that's what makes it unique & special. 

-These make such a great neighbor gift for the Holidays- 

Frozen French Hot Chocolate recipe 
1 c. water 
2 2/3 c. sugar 
1/4 tsp. salt 
6 sq. of unsweetened chocolate 
2 C. whipping cream {whipped} 
1 tsp. vanilla 
1 tsp. almond extract 

Bring water, sugar & salt to a boil.  Boil for exactly 5 minutes, take off burner & cool completely.  Melt the unsweetened chocolate over a double boiler & when smooth & melted, combine into cooled sugar mixture.  Mix together well. Whip whipping cream, vanilla & almond extract together. Fold into the chocolate/sugar mixture.  Once incorporated well, store in an air tight container & keep in the freezer for up to 3 months. Hot cocoa will be ready to serve after a few hours in the freezer or over night.  To serve warm up some milk, pour into a mug & get a heaping spoonful {or two} of the french hot cocoa & mix. {Be sure to use milk, it won't work with water}   Enjoy! 
Create some fun by giving lots of options for mixing & experimenting in the mug of hot cocoa. Think outside the box a little on what you bring to the party.  More to come on this tomorrow!  
{yummy, recipes & more prinatables!} 

Such a great simple party to throw together & enjoy this time of year.  Nothing better than hot cocoa on a chilly day.  Glad we got to sit outside & enjoy it a little more than what we would have on a typical December day in Utah.  Such a fabulous day! 

Come back again tomorrow.  Sharing lots more tips, tricks & a few recipes on how to pull this whole party idea together.  

Have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by.



Cami Fairbanks said...

This recipe sounds so great! Do you know how many ounces of chocolate the 6 squares equal out to be?

Shirlyn Jones said...

I loved your idea and was excited to make and share this amazing looking hot chocolate variation! I am wondering how many ounces 6 squares of chocolate is? Mine was not very chocolatey and I'm wondering if it was my amount? Thanks again for sharing this, you are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to be able to download the printable to change it at all? I love it since every one of my 6th graders have sung that song, but my current 6th grader is having a cow since they sang:
Make it in a mug!
Pour it in a cup!
Serve it on a saucer and warm me up...

I would love to display it for next Christmas, so if this is possible, that would be awesome!