Special Delivery!!


Look what was delivered to our home this morning- bright beautiful Poinsettia plants 
{20 to be exact} 
Lots more colorful things to brighten up our home for the Holidays, it makes me so happy!

This is turning into a tradition around our house thanks to my husband & his connection to the "plant lady" at his office building.  For the last couple of years he has ordered a bunch of these festive flowers to decorate our home with & give away to friends & family during the month of December.  They sure do brighten up a space!  I used to think that my Grandma Hall was the only person I knew that could keep a poinsettia plant alive into April or May but Ty has one still growing in his office at the church from last year- 
Way to go babe! 

Then... look what came to my door yesterday as a sweet gift from a fabulous friend.  
{I just about died when I saw the packaging- I almost didn't want to open & see what was inside- it was so pretty!} 

-An old sewing pattern & a turquoise velvet ribbon- LoVE!

I love having a friend who knows that I love & appreciate a pretty package.  It was so fun to receive, the package itself was a treat!  I opened it very carefully & saved the bow- it's up in my craft room now. 

-Here's to pretty packages & fun deliveries- 
{hope you have received some lately!} 



My Colorful {Black Friday Free} Weekend!

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving & weekend all my Blog friends!  I ate lots of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy & the tastiest Coconut Creme Pie-yum! 
{Happy to say that I only ate 1 piece of pie on Thanksgiving Day.}

I have to say that I am not a big fan of Black Friday
{anyone else out there?}
A little too crazy & out of control for me.  
{I guess I just like my sleep, I've never been that much of a night owl anyway} 
So instead of spending the wee hours of the morning out running around shopping I was home making Cinnamon Rolls with my girls, cleaning, hauling up lots of totes from the basement, getting ready for all the Christmas decor to go up & off to chop down our Christmas tree. 
{oh...P.S enjoy my new updated playlist with some of my favorite Holiday songs}

-A clean blank space- just ready to deck the halls-
 This year we decided to travel just 3 miles away to get our Christmas tree at Robinson's Tree Farm in our own beautiful city of Mountain Green.  
{even though it's a tree farm I love that you still get to "Chop" down the tree}
-The girls & I by the Colorado Blue Spruce we choose to take home- 
 TiiiiiiimberrrrrrRR! ...........

-My chance to take a turn at cutting down the tree. What is with my girls & photos- they LOVE to pull funny faces!- 

-Our 1st Mt .Green grown Christmas Tree. All packed & ready to head home & decorate - Holla!-  
-The tree taking it's place in the center of our great room. So glad we put a plug in the floor right in the middle of the room for occasions just like this- 

Then let the decorating begin!  
Audrey helped put up the Nativity Scene in the entry way.  

Little Olly was there to get into EVERYTHING & see what was going on. 
-I was really inspired for all our decor by the colorful Christmas tree skirt we have- 
Ty & Em ready to light up the tree with colored lights.  As we were putting up all the decor, lights & ornaments I realized that it is a really colorful scheme in our home for the holidays.  Lots of turquoise, reds & greens around here- so bright, festive & fun! 

 My collection of Vintage & new {with an old charm look to them} ornaments displayed in my old chicken feeder trough.  I like to get at least 1 unique, vintage, sparkly ornament a year. One of these days I'll be able to decorate the whole tree with these. I found an adorable dainty little striped one in No. Carolina this year at an antique store. 

 The girls loved climbing the ladder to decorate the 12 ft. Christmas tree.
 Em & I putting on the finishing touches to the tree

Wah-lah!  The Quigley's is decked & ready for the Holidays.  
I loved getting the tree, putting it up, decorating it & the house all in one day this year {usually it takes a couple of days}  Glad all the boxes & totes are put away too.  Ahhhh... such a great feeling to accomplish so much in one day- loved it! 

-I love to hang snowflakes off of our chandelier during the Holidays. They are up until February & are so sparkly & shiny. I love the colorful glass ball garland I found this year at HomeGoods too-  
 Then Sunday afternoon the girls I are were feeling a bit crafty.  {I just had to take a picture of all the color that was going on on the island}  
We created some cute things!  Em, Audrey & I were making wreaths with all sorts of this & that, they turned out fabulous. Can't wait to get them all up & in place. 

 While A, E& I were making wreaths Miss Mace was making this colorful salad creation for our dinner. Watch out Cafe Rio!  This was a tasty salad with the BEST ranch cilantro dressing.  I really think I have a culinary genius on my hands- she is so talented!  
{I even had the leftovers for lunch today- Lucky me!} 

?Honeybee wants to know- what colors do you use in your Christmas decor? 
{are you a traditionalist or more modern in your decor} 
Speaking of color I simply just *adore* this idea I saw on Pinterest & might have to make a Snow {globe}man for my Holiday decor.  LoVE the whole color scheme too- delightful!

I'll be back soon to post more pictures of all the decor in my home 
{top, bottom & everywhere in between}

Have a happy day- thanks for stopping by!



Day {22, 23 & ToDaY!}


  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with giving thanks, counting blessings & being with family & loved ones.  
I hope you have enjoyed reading & following my own journey of Gratitude this past month.  I know that I really have grown to appreciate things a lot more when you have to stop & think about all the little things in your daily life that there is to be grateful for. 

Day {22

1- Visitors from the North/West {Boise that is, loved that these 5 girls came, ate lunch, built a snowman, laughed, met Olly & Golden Boy & visited with us. It's always a BLaST when they stop by} 
-The cute Q & H girls with their snowman friend- 

2- Snow & Sunshine {I'm grateful for a bit of snow on the ground for kids to play in but Sunshine in the sky so it's not too cold to play outside} 
3- Home & Visiting Teachers {I was fortunate enough to get a double dose today & listen to 2 wonderful messages. 

Day {23}
1- My Mom {Happy Birthday to my Mom today! Grateful for all the love & lessons she has given me in my life}
2- Pies {a pumpkin, berry lattice top & an apple with a blackbird baked right in} 
-The famous pie crust recipe. Mace did a great job making the crusts this year with Aunt Reta. You can tell from the looks of it that it is a well used {& loved} recipe- 
3- Family {It's a Quigley Family tradition to make pies the day before Thanksgiving.  My girls love to go to Grandma's house each year & roll out dough for pie cookies, make filling, eat pie & play with cousins- missed you B family!}
-Getting a lesson from Grandma on how to roll out the crust- 

-Audrey's ready to roll- 

-Cute cousins making lots of little pie cookies to eat- 

-Em & Grandpa making the filling for the pour through apple pie- it's the best pie! 

-Mace with our APple pie with the blackbird coming out the top- 

-Mace & Grandpa Q showing off their lattice top berry pie- YuM!- 

Day {24
I know it's a bit early to document today but here are some things I'm anticipating about the day already. 

1- The Sunrise {It was so pretty this morning, I just had to go out on my back porch & take a picture}

2- Today {What a beautiful day!  Looking forward to seeing my Aunts, Uncles & Cousins, playing BB in the church gym & playing "Pounce" after our Thanksgiving Feast & laughing & laughing}

3- My Grandma Hall's stuffing {YUM- I can't wait to gobble up some today & spend time with her & the Hall side of my family} 

Happy {Turkey} Day everyone.  Hope you all have a wonderful day & weekend ahead.  Say this on Studio 5 last week & loved the idea.  I'm going to make one for our home next year. Loved it! 



Day {21}


  Today I'm grateful for many things, but these top the list- 

1- Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes {Made my Miss Mace herself, I mean just look at those!  She has such a talent for baking & decorating. I love having a little Chef in the house- they were delicious, thanks Mace! } 

2- Little Notes- {Got this from Em tonight, she has really enjoyed learning cursive & wants to only write that way from now on.  Audrey also put together a little activity at dinner tonight where we each drew a family members name & had to say out loud 3 things we loved about them- Thanks A&E for making my night!} 

3-  Pink Sponge curlers- {I got to put these in my girls hair tonight & it reminded me of all the times my Mom would put them in my hair. Grateful that it will be an easy hair day in the morning to get the girls off to school :)} 

I also got to spend the day with some of my lovely friends decking the halls at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Park City.  Who knew that decorating a 25 ft. Christmas tree could be so much fun! It's always a joy spending time with 
"the Crew" 
-Just a quick pic of the tree taken with my phone- it doesn't do it justice. It was gorgeous! 
? Honeybee wants to know- Do you have Christmas up already in your home or do you wait until after Thanksgiving to deck your halls? 
{please leave a comment- I want to know if I'm the only one who waits anymore}



Playing Catch-up Day {17-20}


  What a couple of fun filled days I've had that have kept me away from my computer so I couldn't blog but I kept track of 3 things each day that I was grateful for.  I had the chance to go spend a few days with my husband in one of my favorite states, North Carolina,  in beautiful Asheville & spent 2 nights at the charming Grove Park Inn tucked up in the hills- it was amazing.  
-Ty & I at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C. 2011
Isn't the roof unique?- 
Day {17} 
1- Airplanes- {I'm grateful for the modern technology & the ability we have to travel so easy from one place to another. I'm also grateful that I conquered one of my fears of flying alone, Ty was already there on meetings, Yeah- for me!} 
2- Conversations {I'm grateful to a nice man from Atlanta that sat next to me & talked to me for a good hour or so about something I love- Sports!  It definitely helped keep me calm during the flight.  I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him about my Blue Devils} 
3- Prayer {I'm grateful that I can talk to my Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere & know that he hears and answers my prayers, I'm grateful for 3 prayers from little girls said on my behalf today & the opportunity to gather as friends & co-workers of Ty's in Asheville that night to say a prayer over the food.  What a blessing prayer is in my life!}

Day {18}
1- Regis {Today I sat in my hotel room, 2 hours earlier than home, & watched Regis for the last time & cried a little too.  I've grown up watching, laughing & listening to his stories. I even planned my early morning college courses around host chat so I wouldn't miss it.  Thanks Reege!} 
-My favorite thing to watch every morning- won't be the same!- 
2- North Carolina {Oh, what a beautiful state! It's amazing how much I have learned to love & appreciate it. I never thought I would ever have the connections I do to this incredible place- My love for Duke University, Ty's job & now friends that live here. I simply enjoy & look forward to every visit here} 
-A picture of the GPI & the state flag of No. Carolina flapping in the breeze- it was CHiLLY!-
3- Brick sidewalks {The sound  of walking on an uneven brick sidewalk- I love it! I appreciate the little details that make you know you are somewhere special & N.C. is full of them. From brick sidewalks, stacked stone fences & lush trees I enjoy spending time here}
-love the moss growing in between the bricks, had to take a picture of this on our way to Breakfast @ the Corner Kitchen- 

Day {19}
1- Trees {I'm surrounded by them, everywhere. So many different kinds that what I am used to seeing at home. I love driving down roads in Asheville & being surrounded by trees on ether side- beautiful}
-A few looking out from the Inn windows- 

2-Gingerbread Houses {The Grove Pine Inn is home to the National Gingerbread Competition, I think it is because the outside of the Inn actually looks like it could be a gingerbread house. Wish my girls were here to see them- such creativity.}

-Yes, that is all Gingerbread, can you believe that!- 

-SImple & Sweet youth entry- classic Gingerbread Village- 

-One of my favorites- I can't believe all the skill & time that went into constructing this house-
 Ok, this entry just stole my heart!! I adored all the colors & the whole whimsy theme of this entry.  If I saw this coming down my street I would for sure run out for a cup of hot cocoa & a ginger snap.  Simply delightful to look at.  
What an amazing Teen that put this together! 

-Loved the ribbon detail around the entry too- presentation is everything!- 
-Look at all those colorful details- so charming!- 

-Run, Run as fast as you can... so stinkin cute!!- 
3-Smells {The whole smell of Gingerbread at the Inn really got me excited for the Holidays that will soon be here. I love that smell. I was also grateful to receive 2 aprons from Grandma GG's house that the girls picked out. When I went to put them away this morning I smelled them & tears came to my eyes because they smelled just like Grandma GG & her home.  It made me miss her all over again but grateful for the wonderful memories I have & that I get to make baked eggs, sugar cookies & her famous "scrabble" {a salty mix of nuts, pretzels & Chex cereals} while wearing aprons from her home this Holiday Season}

Day {20}
1- Opportunities {Today I had the opportunity to fast with my family & our ward family} 
2- Childrens' voices {Nothing is better than hearing little children bear their testimony through word or song. It always touches my heart}
3- Lessons {I'm grateful for lessons I learn each & every day.  Lessons that remind me of things I already know, lessons that teach me something new or lessons that inspire me to do better}

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Can't believe that next week at this time our halls will be decked
{I just can't put up anything Christmasy before Thanksgiving} 

-Just hanging out with one of my buddies at the Grove Park Inn-  what a great time. Thanks Ty!- 


Day {16}-


  Today I'm grateful that I have a home to clean.  Sometimes cleaning the house isn't my favorite thing to do but when I look at it as " I get to clean my house"instead of saying " I have to clean my house"  it sounds alot better. Just changing one little word {get & have} make a huge & a positive difference.  I'm grateful that I have a home to clean, a roof over our heads, peace, comfort & warmth it provides. 
-Just a cute, funny picture with our home in the background. We had a fun day playing football out in the park one evening as a family- 
1- Cleaning Supplies {my favorite is Lemon Soft Scrub & Lemon Pine sol- Ahhh.... clean!} 
2- My Car {to run Em to gymnastics today, do a bazillion errands & take Miss Mace to YW} 
3- Yoga {I couldn't go to Zumba today at 6a.m. & was bummed because I had only been to the gym once this week & then I realized that Yoga was at 9 & I could go. I'm glad I took the time to go, even though I had lots to do, sometimes we just need to take time for ourselves. So glad I did, it was great!} 

Hope you had a great day too- anyone, anyone?? ;) 

*oh, I'm also grateful that a client of mine came & bought the last 3 lbs. of C.C. Caramels from me today- she saved me eating them all myself- they are so good! - Thanks A! 


Day {15}- a long day

 Better write before the day is over- 
1- A Duke win for Coach K- #903.  {I'm grateful that I enjoy sports.  I get that from the Hall side of the family & apparently little Olly does too- he already likes to watch the Blue Devils}
-What a good dog- Go DUKE!- 

2-Homemade Brownies {I got the recipe from Ty's Mom & they are so good & easy to make- I loved watching my girls gobble them up when they came home from school. I enjoy making after school snacks for them} 
3- My Toothbrush {I'm reminded of one of my most favorite quotes of all time}
Appreciation unexpressed is not appreciation. If you can't find someone to say thank you to for something just take a look at your toothbrush and say, "Thank you for being. You are a wonderful little gadget." 
-Sister Marjorie Hinckley

Love that quote & the way I feel after I get to brush my teeth- fresh & clean, I can't imagine life without a toothbrush. 

**I'm also grateful that a certain puppy crawled into his kennel tonight all by himself ready for bed- what a good dog! 
{now if my 3 girls were that easy to put to bed..} 

Sweet Dreams everyone


Day {14}- Monday, Monday


  Oh, I love a Monday especially when it's filled with a great workout in the morning, friends for lunch & Pumpkin Choc. Chip Bread!  What a way to start the week. 

1- My Body {I'm grateful for the body that I have & that I survived PiYo this morning-whew!  I'm grateful that I can walk, run, exercise, type, play the piano, see, talk, smell, laugh, wink, sing & smile. Our bodies are amazing things!} 
2- Mondays {I really enjoy waking up on Mondays- to me it means a fresh start to a brand new week. I love to grab my pen, notebook paper on Sunday afternoons & plan out the week. Things to accomplish, places to go & things to do.  It brings me such joy to anticipate the week ahead}
3- Pumpkin Choc. Chip Bread {I met up with my Cultivate friends today for lunch & shopping, it is always a pleasure to spend the afternoon with these ladies. I admire & love each of them.  We missed you E & H, see you next time.  My sweet friend brought each of us a loaf of Pumpkin Choc. Chip Bread & it is the delightful afternoon snack- thanks S!} 

Happy Day! 


Day {13}- Sunday afternoon

The girls & I came home from church to listen to a surprise  message on our answering machine saying that we would have visitors stopping by. We were excited!  My Mom, Dad & nephew Davis stopped by on their way home from Provo to see all of us & met little Olly.  
We had a yummy impromptu lunch & visited- it was fun!  It brought back memories of getting together with all my Aunts, Uncles & Cousins at my Grandparents home each Sunday evening.  I love spending time with family on Sundays. 

So today I'm grateful for- 
1- Journals {I enjoy writing in my journal, reading over past entries & remembering things that have happened & that I've learned & grown from. The girls & I all wrote in our journals after our fun visitors left}
2- Family {my own family of 5 & all my extended family}
3- Hot Rolls  {oh, another one of my favorite things on Sundays.  The smell of rolls baking in the oven. It reminds me of my childhood & the sunday dinners we would always have. It also reminds me of my grandma's house- my Grandpa Hall loved baked rolls!! }


Take the time to enjoy the everyday!
{love this qoute from Pres. Uchtdorf} 
If you would like to read his entire talk go here, I know we're not suppose to have favorites but if we could I think he would be mine.  I simply enjoy every time he speaks I take away so many little wonderful nuggets to remember & learn from.