Day {2}- Rise & Shine!


I guess I'm greeting Day {2} bright & early. Too many things running through my head of stuff to do so I can't sleep. But I'm being positive & appreciating the fact that I can be up & get a few things crossed off the list this early {3:30 to be exact}

1- Stars {I love living in a place where I can see the stars so brightly at night or early in the morning. They are gorgeous!}
2- My brain {even though it's causing me to be up this early I'm grateful for my thoughts,ideas & that it allows me to do Zumba at 6 am on Wednesdays} 
3-Hands  {I cut my fingers 3 times yesterday doing various things & Ouch! It made me appreciate them a bit & all they allow me to do each day. I'm also grateful that Ty was able to see a Dr. for his wrist & is feeling better} 

-Directions to The Hive - 
{Keep an eye out for these. They will be out & about
 "pointing" the way to The Hive}

{if you're coming from Davis/Weber/Cache or anywhere down there  Counties} 
Take 1-84 towards Evanston. 
Take Exit 92 to Mt. Green. Turn left off the exit & then right at the yield sign onto Old Hwy. Road. You'll travel East for about 3 miles & then turn left onto Day Lily Drive then take your second right which is Lilac Lane.  The Hive will be on your right at 4011.  

{if you're coming from Morgan or any where up here counties}
Take 1-84 towards Ogden & take the Peterson exit. Right now it's kind of tricking with all the construction, be careful.  Off the exit take a right & then at the yield sign turn left onto Old Hwy. Road.  You'll be going West on that until you come to the Cottonwoods subdivision. Turn right onto Day Lily Drive & then your second right onto Lilac Lane.  The Hive will be on your right at 4011.  
-See you there!- 

Have a wonderful {grateful}day. 
Have you "BuZz"ed yet? 
 {I hope so if not there is plenty of time. THaNKS to everyone who has so far!} 



Music Notes said...

I've been having early mornings myself. I've heard that 'older' people (like me) get up early, but this is ridiculous.

And you aren't old, so why so early?? :)

Honeybee said...

Lesa- Too much to do & be thinking about doing I guess ;) At least I was wide awake for Zumba today- some mornings not so much. haha!