Day {5} & {6}


  Okay, I'm realizing that the weekends are hard to find time to sit down & post on the blog. So I hope it's ok with everyone 
{if anyone out there is really paying attention} that I just post the weekend on Sundays.  I love Sunday afternoons that it is a time to reflect, be grateful & just enjoy the wonderful day of rest we are given.  I hope you find Sundays relaxing & rejuvenating too as much as I do. 
{I look forward to it all week} 

Day {5} Saturday- 
I was grateful for- 
1- Super Saturdays {I enjoy getting together & crafting with all the wonderful ladies in my ward & community.  I took Miss Mace along with me to help craft & listen to the Rhodes' roll demo & dream of yummy things we are going to make for the Holidays} 
2- Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream {Yum! This is my hubby's favorite flavor BUT it has to be shaved chocolate chips not chunks.  It's always fun to dish up a bowl full at night & eat it  together} 
3- This little guy {Made my daughter Audrey the happiest little girl.  She has been wanting, begging, saving her pennies & wishing for a puppy of her own & today she finally got him. Thanks to her Dad! He is the cutest little guy!}

Day {6} Sunday- 

1- Going to church {I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints} 
2- Sweaters {Wore my long grey sweater over my dress today to keep me warm on a chilly day!}
3- My husband {Love him so much! He is a wonderful husband, father & friend.  He is the best Dad to my 3 girls. I love to see him make them happy. He is always supporting me with whatever project I have going on & more importantly always asking how he can help me. My favorite thing on Sundays is when I first see him at church in the hallway. He always looks so nice in his suit &  pocket square. Love you Ty!

Hope you all had a weekend to be grateful for. 
Gearing up for The Hive, can't wait!! 



Jan said...

I was just writing in my gratitude journal (yes, I'm doing it along with you) how grateful i am for Sundays and how much I love peaceful and relaxing. Then I read your post and it made me smile. Thanks for the gratitude challenge

Honeybee said...

Glad you are on this journey with me Jan. My middle name is Jan & so is my little girls :) Something else we have in common besides our gratitude journals. Thanks!