Day {22, 23 & ToDaY!}


  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with giving thanks, counting blessings & being with family & loved ones.  
I hope you have enjoyed reading & following my own journey of Gratitude this past month.  I know that I really have grown to appreciate things a lot more when you have to stop & think about all the little things in your daily life that there is to be grateful for. 

Day {22

1- Visitors from the North/West {Boise that is, loved that these 5 girls came, ate lunch, built a snowman, laughed, met Olly & Golden Boy & visited with us. It's always a BLaST when they stop by} 
-The cute Q & H girls with their snowman friend- 

2- Snow & Sunshine {I'm grateful for a bit of snow on the ground for kids to play in but Sunshine in the sky so it's not too cold to play outside} 
3- Home & Visiting Teachers {I was fortunate enough to get a double dose today & listen to 2 wonderful messages. 

Day {23}
1- My Mom {Happy Birthday to my Mom today! Grateful for all the love & lessons she has given me in my life}
2- Pies {a pumpkin, berry lattice top & an apple with a blackbird baked right in} 
-The famous pie crust recipe. Mace did a great job making the crusts this year with Aunt Reta. You can tell from the looks of it that it is a well used {& loved} recipe- 
3- Family {It's a Quigley Family tradition to make pies the day before Thanksgiving.  My girls love to go to Grandma's house each year & roll out dough for pie cookies, make filling, eat pie & play with cousins- missed you B family!}
-Getting a lesson from Grandma on how to roll out the crust- 

-Audrey's ready to roll- 

-Cute cousins making lots of little pie cookies to eat- 

-Em & Grandpa making the filling for the pour through apple pie- it's the best pie! 

-Mace with our APple pie with the blackbird coming out the top- 

-Mace & Grandpa Q showing off their lattice top berry pie- YuM!- 

Day {24
I know it's a bit early to document today but here are some things I'm anticipating about the day already. 

1- The Sunrise {It was so pretty this morning, I just had to go out on my back porch & take a picture}

2- Today {What a beautiful day!  Looking forward to seeing my Aunts, Uncles & Cousins, playing BB in the church gym & playing "Pounce" after our Thanksgiving Feast & laughing & laughing}

3- My Grandma Hall's stuffing {YUM- I can't wait to gobble up some today & spend time with her & the Hall side of my family} 

Happy {Turkey} Day everyone.  Hope you all have a wonderful day & weekend ahead.  Say this on Studio 5 last week & loved the idea.  I'm going to make one for our home next year. Loved it! 



Honeybee said...
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Honeybee said...

I love the haws girls! baking pies is so much fun, glad I got to make all the crust :)
{M}iss mace

Jan said...

I loved all your gratitude posts this past month. Makes me realize how blessed and grateful I am for even the simple, little things in my life that give me joy and pleasure. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.