Day {9}- 3 things + a WiNNer!

  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Create a "BuZz" & WiN Giveaway. I appreciate you helping me get the word out & get excited for a sweet little boutique coming your way! 
{this Thursday & Friday to be exact} 
-All the names of everyone who entered the "BuZz" giveaway in my favorite 
Leila Bird candy jar-just waiting to get picked!  
It's especially going to be FuN for someone to come spend $25.00 at The Hive & that LuCKY person is........ 

-drumroll............ the WiNNer is  - 

{Congratulations & thanks for playing!} 
-You can pick up your gift certificate at The Hive either Thursday night or Friday- happy shopping!-

3 things for today
1-a Good night sleep {our new little puppy, Olly, hardly barked at all- hallelujah!} 
2- Bananas {sliced on my bowl of shredded wheat this morning} 
3- Running water {I love listening to our water fountain running outside, it's mostly covered with ice now- CHiLLy!}

Off to start decorating & setting up for The Hive tomorrow- lots to do! So excited to see it all come together & for the other creative vendors to get here & bring their goods. 
-Have a great day!- 


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Music Notes said...

Congrats to the winner!

See ya soon. (love the music one, but you probably already knew that, huh)