Did you know.....


  That H&H will ship products to you wherever you are! 
{Yes, that's right near or far, far away!} 
If you email me & place an order I will simply send a Paypal invoice to you & wah-lah, it will be on your doorstep before you know it!  It's as simple as that- no more waiting for a show to come around. If you see something on my blog that catches your eye just let me know.  
{P.S. You can get my email address on the sidebar} 

Got this sweet comment on my blog yesterday from my newest client in Virginia.  
{p.s. I really love comments!

-Got my adorable H&H frames today & my mantle is now ready for the 4th in all it's Patriotic Glory. I took a picture which I hope to send to you once I figure out how to upload them to our new computer. Trust me when I say your frames are perfect!- 
{ahhh... that made my day! Can't wait to see the pictures} 

Thanks so much, {A}  Happy decorating with all your new Hollyhocks & Honeybees goods.  
I'm so glad you emailed me & we got in touch. 

 I wonder who I will be my next new friend of H&H & where I'll be shipping goods to soon- maybe you're home state! 


-This is what is left of the 4th of July stuff- if anyone is interested in anything let me know.
Markdowns- July board- $18 {2 other styles available}
July frame- $8 
4x6 star patterened paper frame- $16 
USA letters- $14


Red, white & blue!


Decided it was time to put some festive decorations up for the 4th of July.  
{Seriously.. with all I've had this month I can't believe it is next week. WOW!} 
I love the 4th {maybe a little too much}  it is right up there with Christmas for me.  I grew up in a fabulous little town of Lewiston, Utah.
{I always tell people if you have seen Neapolian Dynamite, well you have seen where I grew up.  Even walked to the drive-in from Middle School to grab a shake now & then} 

I love going home to celebrate the day with my family, friends & neighbors that I lived by & grew up with.  It's always great to line up on Main Street to watch the parade go by & then back to my parents house for a amazing Red, White & Blue party thrown by my Mom.  
{She is a little over the top when it comes to the 4th- so FuN!} 

So I thought with it less than a week away I better get in gear, change the mantle & put some splashes of red, white & blue up around here.  

-My July 2012 mantle, got to document it because I'm sure it won't look the same next year- always have to mix things up- 
I have had these vintage wagon wheels for years {haven't found the perfect project for them yet} but right now I'm enjoying using them as a stand for flags.

I've started to collect flags & keep my eyes open for any at junk sales or consignment shops that I can snag that might look a little well used. 
-love this stripe-y H&H frame, perfect for the mantle this time of year-
Once again my stair ledge is a perfect spot to decorate.  I liked using some of my pop bottle collection to stick sparkly things in this year.  Thought it looked a bit like fireworks - exploding! 

-One of my favorite pictures. Miss Mace holding a bouquet of pinwheels with my Mom in 2001- 

I love my mustard mantle downstairs- it's always the perfect  backdrop for any decorating especially bright reds.  

last but not least the vintage bullentin board case- chuck full of this & that to celebrate the 4th.  I like all the different colors & elements that I can stuff into here.  I'm sure I'll come across some other little somethings to stick in there  too before the month is over.  

Yeah, our house is feeling the 4th of July spirit!  
{Is your house ready too?} 


Too stinkin' cute!


  Just wanted to share my favorite cupcake topper from the SuRPRiSE party.  

I think it was this one.... 
-Get it?....The Queen Bee- love it!- 
No wait it was this one.... 

-Loved the mustaches, thanks again {M}

Oh, what the heck I loved them all!!  How can you choose.
-Each & every one of them was a little darling gift surrounded in cake & frosting- is there anything better?- 
Yes, I saved one of each & are going to put them in my journal so I can always remember the fun evening I had on Saturday.  Glad we only had 7 left over from the 350 that was ordered for the party- I didn't want to have to eat them all ;) 
{Still feels a bit like a dream- thanks again everyone!} 



a few Swap & party pictures!


  So right after I posted my last post I got a text & a message from my friends {who carry their cameras with them where ever they go} saying that some pictures would soon be on their way of the events I was involved with last week- HooRaY!
{thanks friends for not making me wait too long!} 

 Right this way... for a few quick peeks at the fabulous stuff that I was able to be a part of. 

-The curtains are drawn waiting for 5:00 SHaRP to open up the Swap. Believe me there are a lot of anxious excited Swappers behind these curtains!- 

-See I told you, Ta-Dah!!  Welcome to the Summertime 365 Swap. Let the fun begin!!- 
 Here is just a teaser of what went on at the 365 Swap.  Such a colorful, festive & fun atmosphere!  Hope everyone that came had a wonderful time & went home with a new treasure or 2. 

-Oh, my amazing talented friend Becky- made this bean bag toss & super cute banner!-

-Our vintage inspired drink station- lots of yummy lemonades to choose from in an array of colorful coolers-

LoTS more pics of the Swap to come over on the Cultivate blog SooN!!  I'll link you over when they go up, don't worry. Also a great big thanks to my friend, Rachel for taking all the Swap pictures that evening. 

My super talented friend, Michelle, 
{the brains behind the logos & invites for my surprise party} 
shares a little peek into what actually goes into planning/throwing such a birthday bash over on her blog.  
{WOW, it makes my head spin when I think of all the time & effort that went into it- THANK YOU!!} 
-One of her designs blown up into a cute keepsake I got from the evening. 
Big ticket boards for everyone to sign- 
All the little details & touches that just made it well... just divine!  I loved driving up the street & walking into the little wonderland that was created right across the street from my house.  Everything was just charming & perfect & she was a BiG part of it.  Thank you friend!! 

You can check out her fantastic blog {Here
Seriously... she can do it all! 
-Lots of ice cold Lemon water- my favorite, love!!- 

-Are you serious?  Look how cute this crate is, it was one of the first things I noticed as I drove up. It came with 9 glass bottles. My Schmoopie found them at a local consignment shop- how perfect of a gift is this.  I am over the moon about them!!- 
I feel like I have so much to share with you all- please be patient & stay tuned.  I still haven't re-capped all the fun things that went on for A&E's 10th Birthday party & of coarse lots more to come about the Swap & the Surprise Party!! 
{Still can't believe that happened & it was all for me- I'm one lucky girl!!}   



Fabulous Week!

Where do I begin?  I had one of those weeks last week that was just one amazing thing after another. It was a busy, crazy, exciting & eventful week to say the least.  That leaves me shaking my head & asking, "did that really just happen?" 
{I can't wait to show & tell you all about it soon!} 

It started off with a delightful little trip into the woods to a family cabin for Gourmet Club Tuesday night.  
Really, so charming & fun! 
{Thanks again Cori & Ann!} 

Next... the 365 Swap on Thursday night.  Yippee!!  Another successful event put on by us Cultivate Girls.  This time it was way over "the top" the Big Top that is. So much Carnival fun packed into one Summer evening- so great. 
{love you C. Girls- Haley, Sheryl, Becky & Nicole!}

Then.... to my amazement & surprise a fantastic birthday party was thrown for me by my incredible husband & his P.P.C. {party planning committee} comprised of some of my sweet friends.  Seriously, I can't wait to show you all the little details & touches that went into this party. 
{that has been in the works for over a year- incredible!!} 
-Thanks so much Ty, Michelle, Nicole, Matt, Nicolle, Erika, Pilar, Natalie & Vanessa!- 
I had no idea & was completely blown away by everything & the amazing family & friends who turned out to came party with me to celebrate #38!! 
{This might just be my new favorite number- just sayin' :) }  

I really don't have any photos right now to share because I have such talented friends who were actually took photos at each event so I didn't even worry about that.  
{Thanks so much- Courtney, Rachel & Michelle no pressure- but I am dying to see all the photos- can't wait!} 



A colorful day!


  Oh, my goodness.  Spent the afternoon in just about the most charming {& unique} back yard you have ever seen setting up for the 365 Swap with my dear friends, Nicole, Sheryl, Becky & Haley.  
Seriously, these women constantly amaze me with all their creativity!!  They are all so talented, they are always inspiring & surprising me with their ideas.  

This is just a small sneak peek at one of my favorite decor pieces from this years Swap.  Can't wait to tell you what it actually is & show more pictures after it's over & the last item has been Swapped tomorrow night. 

-Hmmm... what is it?  Any guesses? - 
It was a joy to spend a Summer afternoon with my friends, pick fresh, ripe cherries off of Haley's tree as a snack, plus I got a pretty nice farmer's tan too ;) Not a bad day.  



My Monday... Piles & Peonies

  Happy Monday everyone, I'm starting right off with a question.... 

??Honeybee wants to know 
{This means you should leave a comment & tell me, hint, hint!} 
What do you do on Mondays'? Do you have a set routine?  Just curious, I'm sure you are up to something.  
{I always do the same thing... I'll explain in a bit} 

This morning I decided to go out & pick some of the gorgeous blooms on my peonie bushes. They just barely opened yesterday & I wanted to bring them inside. Wish they kept blooming longer into the Summer. They are some of my favorites but they are always over way to soon. 

-So sweet & smells so good on my bedside table- 
Now back to my earlier question... 

My Mondays are always filed with mounds, heaps & piles of laundry. WOW, Summer really does bring out a lot of laundry. I'll be glad when swim lessons are over this week- those swim towels take up a lot of room.
I thought that having the sweet smelling blooms close by would make the laundry load a little lighter today & the time would just fly by, we'll see.  
{wish me luck!} 

Happy week everyone!  I've got another busy, crazy week ahead {it's always something, right?}Gourmet Club tomorrow, so looking forward to that & then the 365 Swap on Thursday evening- can't wait! 

*don't forget to tell me how you're spending your Monday



You're in luck- hours extended!!


  HeLLo.. what was I thinking just having the Summertime Show one night only!  
{it sounded like a good idea at the time}  

But after I locked the door & turned off the cash register for the night I looked around at all the fabulous stuff still out & didn't want to start putting any of it away just yet.  
I had heard from many of you saying that you couldn't come because of softball games, birthday parties, meetings etc.  So I thought what the heck- I'm going to keep "the store" open a couple of more hours.  

9:30-11:30 Today!! 
{I promised to take my kids to lunch before swimming lessons so that's why it can't go all day} 
4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green 

There is still plenty of:
-4th of July frames to choose from
-festive 4th of July & USA decor 
-colorful frames to put anywhere in your home or give as a gift. 
-Stripey frames {LOVE these!}
-Scrapbook paper & accessories 
-Charming clusters of Posies 
-Sweet flowers in frames
-Wooden boards with sayings
& much more! 
{the only thing completely SOLD OUT is the Peppermint Shortbread bites- but I'm not surprised ;) }

-My cute helper for the day, Em.  My girls are excited to be around to help me out today- 


It's just about time....


  Whew.... I think I'm just about ready & 
{thanks to having Miss Mace around to help all day-HUGE help!} 
I wanted to share some quick sneak peeks of the H&H Summertime collection with you.   

The banners are hung..... 

{p.s. you can buy a 4 1/2 ft. long fringe one in pink, lt. blue, red or blue for your own @ the H&H show tonight!} 

Sweets are bagged up... 
 {Sour old fashioned Lemon drops & back by popular demand Peppermint Shortbread bites not to mention the cutest suckers you've ever seen!} 

Frames {in a rainbow of luscious colors} are set up...... 

- This red/pink paper is one of my favorites not to mention the grey bandana print- love!- 

{Ok, this 4th of July themed one just might be my most favorite of them all- so festive!} 

-adore the red star & navy blue combo!- 
{oh, I forgot about this new style- I'm calling it the Anthro. A cheerful eclectic combination of this & that I had lying around the craft room. Would be perfect in any little girls room!}

-Vintage flashcards all bundled up & ready to use to pass the Summertime boredoms or to make a banner with or any other thing you are imagine!- 

 Word boards stacked up...

{I went a little old School & made a bunch of H&H word boards- haven't done that in a while but they were super fun to create!} 

& so much more!  

-Lots of flowers in all different styles & colors are popping up here & there- 

-Something bright & cheerful for any space in your home!- 

-You know I love a good find & something vintage!!  These Bingo games are just the ticket- not to mention sweet & charming birthday cards, bingo cards & addition & subtraction flash cards- 
- I told you that I was going to share my most favorite scrapbook paper with you & I going too.  There will be Collection packets of paper for sale, stickers & lots of little embellishment for scrapbooks, journals or card making. So cute!-
Hope to see you tonight at the H&H Summertime Show 
6:00-9:00 p.m. 
@ 4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green


*if you aren't able to come tonight & are just DYiNG over something you've seen PLeaSE email me & place an order. 
We'll work out all the details then. 

Happy to report


  Our little Quigley Girls Care lemonade stand was a fantastic success this past Saturday!!  Our goal was to raise one hundred dollars.  Thanks to many wonderful & generous friends, family & neighbors we were able to raise $197.65 to go to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to help fund Pediatric Cancer Research.

 Thanks to all who came & supported us.  I absolutely was in awe of every one's generous donations & kindness.  So many people just told the girls, "Keep the change" & Boy, did all that little change add up to something big.

- Our front yard full of cute, happy, hungry customers!- 

We can't wait to do it again next year.  If you want to host a Lemonade Stand in your neighborhood & donate the earnings. Simply go to to learn more.  
{It is super easy to sign up & they send you ALL the info. & things you need to participate. Besides, who doesn't have kids who want to have at least 1 lemonade stand in the Summer}
-I would highly recommend doing it!!- 

-The Q girls all set up & ready for business- 
It was a great day & a great feeling to help just a bit. 


Popping in to say a quick.....


-A peek at a cute new little item I'm working on for the show this Thursday Night 6-9- 
I'm so proud to say that H&H's motto is & always has been: each item is unique & one of a kind. I love this because as I was busy making up lots & LoTS of colorful poppies for the 
H&H Summertime Show 
I couldn't help from thinking this one was the cutest... 

but then I finished this one & fell in love with it... 

then this darling one popped up... 

& then I looked over the whole bunch & couldn't decide which one was the cutest! 
 Oh, there is just about 20 other fabulous color & patterned paper combos that I just simply adore.
{How, am I going to decide which ones I want to keep around my house?}   
 So which one would you choose to "pick" & take home?  Do you have a favorite? 

I love what I do & keeping it all fresh & making no two look exactly alike. It makes the whole creative process so exciting for me.  I guess that's why I've been doing H&H for 12 years now. 

Ok, back to work lots to still do! 
{Can't wait to reveal it all to you on Thursday at the Summertime Show}