Too stinkin' cute!


  Just wanted to share my favorite cupcake topper from the SuRPRiSE party.  

I think it was this one.... 
-Get it?....The Queen Bee- love it!- 
No wait it was this one.... 

-Loved the mustaches, thanks again {M}

Oh, what the heck I loved them all!!  How can you choose.
-Each & every one of them was a little darling gift surrounded in cake & frosting- is there anything better?- 
Yes, I saved one of each & are going to put them in my journal so I can always remember the fun evening I had on Saturday.  Glad we only had 7 left over from the 350 that was ordered for the party- I didn't want to have to eat them all ;) 
{Still feels a bit like a dream- thanks again everyone!} 


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