Happy to report


  Our little Quigley Girls Care lemonade stand was a fantastic success this past Saturday!!  Our goal was to raise one hundred dollars.  Thanks to many wonderful & generous friends, family & neighbors we were able to raise $197.65 to go to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to help fund Pediatric Cancer Research.

 Thanks to all who came & supported us.  I absolutely was in awe of every one's generous donations & kindness.  So many people just told the girls, "Keep the change" & Boy, did all that little change add up to something big.

- Our front yard full of cute, happy, hungry customers!- 

We can't wait to do it again next year.  If you want to host a Lemonade Stand in your neighborhood & donate the earnings. Simply go to to learn more.  
{It is super easy to sign up & they send you ALL the info. & things you need to participate. Besides, who doesn't have kids who want to have at least 1 lemonade stand in the Summer}
-I would highly recommend doing it!!- 

-The Q girls all set up & ready for business- 
It was a great day & a great feeling to help just a bit. 

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