Something to think about


  Came across this today on Pinterest & loved it! Just what I needed to hear.  I get such a good vibe from this saying. Makes me feel energized & thinking I can do anything & causing myself to really think.... 
what else can I do to go BiG

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

It also reminded me of this sweet little marquee frame I made a while back - 
-I love that it was totally taken in the moment & the essence of my craft room, the papers, paint bottles, paint smudged on the work table.  Love that you can see the "process" of creating- Dream Big!-
So that's what I'm going to do. Look out world!  
-oh, by the way this just might be one of my favorite Pinterest boards- love positive thinking. It is such a powerful thing! 



Today & later


  ToDAY I'm looking forward to doing nothing but catching up on some H&H orders & cleaning my home a bit. No running around, no errands to do or places to go just be HoME!  
{Ahhh.... do you ever have those days when you are just happy to be in one place?} 

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
{saw this on Pinterest & loved it! Motto for the day}

Ever since the girls have been back in school I have been busy with something each day- I haven't even been able to sit home, enjoy the peace & quiet & a free day to myself. 
Well ToDAY is that Day.  
{Yippee! I guess that is until 3:30 when it's off to birthday parties, comp soccer practice & voice lessons for the girls}

I'm also looking forward to Thursday night- one of my favorite things to do each Fall.  BYU Football Games!!
{it's that time of year again & I can't wait!} 
I even went to get my hair done last week & my friend, Texie, helped get me ready for the season by putting some blue in my hair.  {Thanks Tex!}  Yep, I'm a true blue fan! 
{Go Cougars!!}

Then bright & early Friday morning- another Fall favorite I look forward to, SWiSS DaYS!  Oh, the fun of walking around fun, inspiring, creative booths, shopping & eating my traditional Ham & Swiss for lunch with friends.  I love it! 
{I enjoy running into so many of you!  It's always fun to chat. If you see me be sure to say hi!}

Honeybee wants to know?- Would you like to see H&H at Swiss Days one day & if so would you come shop at the booth??  
{Just curious- I've had lots of people telling me I should do it. It's got me thinking a bit. One friend told me, maybe it should be on my bucket list of things to do- we'll see.} 

The thought of doing it kind of scares me a bit- it's ALOT of work but a part of me thinks, why not??  

Make it Happen!
{Oh, & by the way H&H's FaceBook page only needs 2 more "likes" to reach a BiG #. Maybe YoU can make that happen- thanks!} 



  I'm sitting here- feeling a project coming on.  
Maybe I'll get around to it this weekend. I've had an idea in my head for awhile now. 

Pictures of the finished project as well as MORE H&H 
{Pre}-order frames & other goodies to come next week.  
{don't forget The Hive- Fall edition is coming in October!!} 

Have a fabulous & productive weekend. 
{That's what I'm planning to do!} 



The Hive - {Pre} Sale!!


  Oh, I am having so much fun in my craft room lately- dreaming up fabulous creations to make & sell at 
The Hive- Fall edition.
It really is my FaVORiTE show of the year. 
{it's going to be Spook-tacular!!}

Here's just a little tease of what I'm working on. 
{Something NeW to the H&H collection!!}
I simply adore all the Halloween colors. 

But... in the mean time I wanted to post up some Pre-Sale items to order so you are GUARANTEED to get your hands on them & take them home with you during The Hive 
{October 11, 12 & 13th}
**IF you would like them shipped to you- PLeaSE email me your order so I can send you an PayPal invoice. For some reason PayPal would not let me choose a drop down menu to put on a blog- FRustrating!  I'd be happy to ship them to you, thanks! ** 

-Happy {Pre} Shopping!!- 
{orders need to be placed by Thursday the 30th} 

The ever popular {& they always seem to go FaST!} H&H Halloween # set.  They are festive, fun & charming!  Perfect to place upon the shelf, mantle or in the bookcase.  As you can see each number set is unique & different.  NO 2 will look alike! 
{That's H&H's policy!}  
So tell your friends, sisters & neighbors to order a set because you'll each have a different style & look. 
{after about pulling my hair out & yelling a bit- I FiNALLY got PayPal up & running.  Just click the link below each picture to place an order- THaNKS!} 

Since it will be here before we know it.... Christmas # set is available for pre-sale too.  Like the Halloween #31's each set will be unique & one of a kind.  All done up in Traditional Christmas colors {red, green, white}. If you would like specific colors please specify or email me. 

Ok, that's all for now.  Just wanted to get busy making up some of the most popular items so I know I will have plenty on hand for the show.  

-I'll be back soon to show some H&H frames that will be for SaLE to at the show that you can Pre-Order too- 
Stay Tuned!- 



Say Cheese- winner!!


  Oh, my goodness!  I have been anxiously awaiting this day to draw out the lucky winner for the amazing GiVEAWAY from Captures Photography & Haley. 
{Seriously... such an amazing gift.  Thanks Haley!} 

I tallied up all the "likes", comments, followers, linkers & Hive shoppers & put them all into a bright colorful container.  All 90 + of you! 
{thanks for entering!} 
-Pick Me, Pick Me- PiCK Me!!- 
Glad I still had a cute assistant home to help me before school starts this week. Thanks Miss Mace! 
Shaking them all up- mixing & mingling!! 

She's going in!  Digging deep for one LuCKY person.......

Looking away {just to keep it all fair!}............

Oh, my Gosh... Who is it going to be..... Who will start worrying about what colors to wear for their photo shoot.... ;) Haha! 

And... the Winner is...... 

Congratulations- Staci Potter!! 
{Yippee, how exciting for you & your cute little family!}  

Thanks everyone for entering!  Wish you all could win.  I hope you all had a chance to take a peek at Haley's website.  She does amazing work! Staci, be sure to get a hold of Haley ASAP because she books up FaST this time of year 
{Don't wait to get in touch with her} 
Even if you didn't win I'm sure Haley would still love to take your pictures so give her a call & set up a time to get them taken.  You won't be sorry- TRuST me! 

That was fun!  Can't wait to do another GiVEAWAY again sometime soon.  Be back to share something fun we did last night {a NeW family tradition I think} & I'll be posting some Pre-Sale items for the upcoming Hive in October.  
{Mark your calendars- Oct. 11,12 & 13th!} 





Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Just a reminder that time is ticking away to enter the GiVEAWAY from Captures Photography.  I don't think you would want to miss out on this chance. Haley is giving away a $45.00 sitting fee + a dry mounted 16x24 picture.  
{You can use this towards family pictures, new born shots, pictures of your little ones, teenagers or just a picture of you & your sweetie!}

You have until Monday night at Midnight!
{just like Cinderella at the ball} 
All the details on how to enter are {Here

Winner will be drawn & announced on Tuesday- Good Luck, everyone! 


*Thanks to everyone who came & shopped @ The Hive {on location} yesterday. If you weren't able to make it & saw something in the sneak peeks that you loved & wanted.  Send me an email to see if it's still available or to place an order.


The Hive {Sneak Peek}


  Back to show a quick peek at a few of the goods H&H I will be bringing to The Hive {on location} 
TOMORROW from Noon-4:00 at Kent Smith Park in 
Mountain Green. 
{I posted directions to the event on the sidebar} 

-Popular Hello boards & up cycled vintage clipboards- just in time for school!- 

-Lots of famous H&H blocks! Perfect to put, tug or place into any size of space.  Look cute all stacked together in a group or just one by itself- 

- If you love to scrapbook or journal- BOY, do I have some fun stuff for you.  Little do-dads, cards, labels & stickers perfect for card making, journal writing, gift gifting or scrap booking.  TONS of possibilities!- 
-These word stickers & labels are AWESOME!  So many uses for these. LoVE!- 

-An array of Hello & Back to School signs perfect to put up by the back door or on the mantle.  Bright, fun colors on each board-

You may remember seeing this on a segment I did for Studio 5 in May. I love to mix textures & elements in decorating & this is the perfect way to combine soft & hard, rough & smooth. I'm very happy to announce that I'll be selling these tomorrow at The Hive! 
-Size of wood & number of bottles in each plank will vary.  Also the size, color & labeling of the bottles in each wood table runner will vary too- 
It's my favorite thing to have out on the island or on my table this time of year- I enjoy cutting flowers from our yard to display in such a unique way. 

-There will be lots of Blooms to choose from, since it's the Wildflower Pedalfest that The Hive is on location at.  Little  cheerful frames too to brighten up any spot in your home- 

-Since it's Back to School time bundles of vintage books for sale.  To use to decorate with like I did {Here} or just to sit on a comfy chair & read.  I'll also have some adorable printed paper memory card games for sale & some old fabric patterns for sale too-

There will also be H&H frames there for sale as well not to mention Leila Bird & Vintage Fern will be in the booth with me.  So come & I'm sure you'll find something to take home with you.  GooD LuCK to all the ladies participating in the 1st ever Pedalfest!  I'm sure it will be a beautiful ride through this lovely place I get to call home.



Treasures from the Coast!

Home Sweet Home!  

Back from a glorious family vacation in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Our families 1st time to the Oregon Coast.  It is gorgeous, green, chilly & breezy but a delightful place to spend a week.  
We explored tide pools, went crabbing, clamming, agate hunting, sea glass collecting & of coarse we made time to do some antiquing.  The girls even got into it this time & loved going to the little shops with us.  

Looking at the stash we came home with I would say that glass was the theme.  The girls wanted to find a glass bottle for each of them to put their treasures from the sea in. 
{sand, shells, glass & rocks}  
It was fun to go store to store until they found the perfect bottle they wanted to bring home with them.  My Hubby & I were on a hunt for the perfect glass jar too- a vacation tradition for us. 
{I'll explain a bit later} 
-I was thrilled to find a  little velvet jewelry box to officially start a collection of them. I already had one at home so 2 makes it an official collection!- 
-I love finding treasures & thinking of ways to add them to collections I already have or dream up new possibilities & uses for them.  I LOVE antiquing! - 
 We went into this one antique store & it was like walking into a SPooKY back in the day Pharmacy or a Mad Scientists office.  It had bottles of every shape, color  & size lining the shelves.  Most bottles even were filled with pills & liquids still. 
{I thought that was probably a bit unsafe so I steered clear of packing any of those home with me} 

 This was the first bottle that caught my eye- WiTCH HaZEL.  Maybe it's just the excitement of Halloween approaching but I immediately grabbed it & held on to it because I thought it would be a fun little SPooKY accent to some kind of Halloween decor.  The green bottle I liked because it reminded me of... Have another drink, my dark-eyed beauty. Have another drink of GReeN Elixir.
I just had to have that little bottle for my display  
{I was dreaming up} in honor of Elphaba!
-You never know when inspiration is going to hit you. Even in a weird antique shop by the sea-  
 These bottles were the next to intrigue me for my display 
{I think I will set on a  cake stand} for Halloween. 
Poison & a prescription bottle from 1942. Seriously, this was a fun antique shop find but a bit on the creepy side too.  

I found a few more treasures at a different shop - this sweet little ceramic lamb 
{not sure what I'll do with him but I just couldn't leave him in the store} 
an antique green flower frog & an old cheese grater.  
?Honeybee wants to know- Do you know what a flower frog is used for?  Hmmm....?  Leave a comment or a guess & I'll let you know if you're right.  
The old grater is to add to a grater collection I have.  Why you might ask- come back in October & I'll do a post to show you how I use them.  
{One of my favorite unexpected decorating ideas- LOVE!} 

-Baaa, BAaa, BaAa- isn't he the cutest?- 
Back to the reason for finding glass bottles. My husband & I started a sand collection on our honeymoon to San Diego 17 years ago.  We grab a bottle or plastic bag full of sand to bring home & label it to display in his office.  We have sand from all around the world in glass jars.  It is a fun keepsake to have and it makes an interesting display & conversation piece. We try to go to antique stores wherever we are & find a bottle to pack up & take home with us to hold our sand & treasures.  
{Our tradition has worn off on our girls too} 
-The newest bottle to our collection on the far right filled with agates, sand, shells & sea glass from Lincoln City, Oregon. 

A sampling of the treasures that Miss Mace found at the beach one day to save & put into her keepsake jar.  
It's always fun to go away & explore somewhere new but it's always good to come home.  
-So grateful we got to experience the beauty of Oregon with our family- 


*Oh, have you entered the Giveaway?  
I hope so- there is always a reason to get pictures


1-2-3-, SMiLE! {Giveaway!}

-This GiVEAWAY is now Closed! Thanks to everyone who entered here or on FaceBook-

 I think that reaching over 100,000 blog views & typing up 500 posts is reason to celebrate & thank all of you for help making it all possible. 
I thought long & hard about what I LoVE & that would be a fun thing to GiVE.  I called up one of my dear friends & asked her if she would help me thank all of you & she said she would be happy too.  
{She is the bestest!} 

So time to spill all the beans about the 
BiGGeST H&H Blog GiVEAWAY ever!! 

ONE lucky {& I mean super lucky!} person will receive a photo session with Haley Miller of Captures Photography 
The GiVEAWAY includes a $45.00 sitting fee 
{to be applied to any shoot regardless of the amount of people}
& a dry mounted 16x 24 print.  
{Holy Cow- how awesome is that? The GiVEAWAY is valued at $215.00

*The photo session has to be done by the end of 2012 so you will have a few months to plan ahead, get in touch with Haley & schedule your photography session.  

Here are ways you can enter:
--"Like" H&H on FaceBook & while you're there Leave a comment telling me what you would have your pictures taken of.  
-Become a Follower of the H&H blog or if you already are leave a comment on this post.  
-Come to The Hive {on location} this Saturday at Kent Smith Park in Mt. Green from Noon to 3:30 & receive an entry with your purchase. 
{lots of ways to enter & many chances to do so} 

May I just say- Haley is A.MAZ.iNG!  She has taken pictures of my girls & our family for the past 8 years & I have simply adored everything she has done.  She is so easy to work with & will capture all the little things in your photos that will be a treasure for you to have for years to come.  She is so creative- it will blow your mind!  
{If you don't believe take a peek at her work & see for yourself}
-Captures photography Blog- 

My kids totally love it when they get to have their pictures taken by her.  Believe me once you have the chance to work with her you'll feel like you have met a long lost friend & you'll make a new one for sure! 
p.s. Haley's business is located in Syracuse, Utah. If you're an out of stater coming to Utah anytime soon- please enter, you won't regret it. 
-The talented Haley Miller, herself!- 
As you can tell from my Getting Schooled post I love to decorate with photos throughout my home.  
{the pictures were all pretty much taken by Haley} 
They add such a personal touch to any type of decor. I'm thrilled that one of you is going to receive this fantastic gift package.  Plus, I think the Fall is the perfect time for taking pictures & thinking about Christmas cards to send out.  
Oh, this GiVEAWAY is the best! 
THaNK YoU so much, Haley!!  
{P.S. you should probably hop on over & tell her thanks for the opportunity to win either at her Blog or FB Page}

GooD LuCK you have until next Monday {the 20th} at Midnight to enter.  WiNNER will be announced on Tuesday the 21st. So excited to see who gets to have their pictures taken. Such an amazing gift!!    



Last one Vintage H&H #4


  Since School is starting right around the corner I thought I better at least share a post about School & some of my favorite School Supplies.  Don't you just love going into a store & walking down the school supply aisles this time of year.  I do!  Boxes of unsharpened pencils just ready to get to work, all the colorful array of markers, crayons & pencils not to mention the adorable printed notebooks, folder & binders.  Sometimes my heart aches to be back in school this time of year & teaching! 

Here is a post from May of this year that sums up a wonderful experience I was able to be a part of in school involving some of my new favorite school supplies- Post It Notes.  
{Still thinking about it makes me tear up- so awesome!} 

Okay- this is officially H&H's 500th blog post!!
{Wa-Hoo, Yippee, Hooray!!} 
That means that the time has come to announce something FaBULOUS!  I'll be back next week to share all the BiG news with you all. So excited to finally share. 

Don't forget The Hive {on location} for the 1st time ever!
Next Saturday from 12:30-3:30 @ Kent Smith Park in Mt. Green.  Hope to see you there!