Great News!!

  WOW, something super exciting happened around here yesterday & I feel like I should 

Hollyhocks & Honeybees passed the 
100,000 blog view mark!!  
{Thank you, THaNK You, THaNK YOU!!} 
-bring on 200,000 ;) - 

Can't believe this little blog of mine & how it has grown & changed from my 1st blog post in 2010.  
{check out the 1st H&H post ever- Here
I can't imagine why it took me so long to get it up & running but now I can't imagine not having it & being able to connect with so many of you. Thanks for reading & enjoying it.  I love hearing from you & the kind things you say about the H&H blog.  
I hope it continues to inspire you & bring me JoY! 

Oh, Remember that super terrific GiVEAWAY I told you about?  Well I'll announce all the details on it the week of the 13th. Check back & see how you can enter to WiN something Fab.u.lous

-I'll be back later to share some of the new decor I put up around 4011 to welcome in the month of August- 



JenBowles said...


Staci said...

Melissa, this is awesome. I am a stalker!!! Love everything you do. Keep it up girl.

Honeybee said...

Thanks friends!! Couldn't have accomplished it without wonderful followers & "stalkers" like you!! ;)

Marci said...

sooo cool!! YAY!!

bobmiler said...

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