One of my favorite ways to decorate


  If you know me well at all you probably know that I love two things: family pictures & frames.  They are easily two of my favorite things to decorate our home with.   Sometimes I think that maybe I have too many family pictures up around our home but when guests come in they love to look at the pictures we have up all around the house. 
{They're a great conversation starter} 

I posted this pic last week on Instagram & everyone loved it.  We had these pictures taken way back in 2005.  My photographer printed out these great sizes for me. I've held onto them forever waiting to find the perfect way to display them.  I finally found this chippy, old window pane up at Swiss Days this year.  Patience paid off!  I was thrilled that it had 5 panes & was the perfect size too. 

Using old window panes is such an easy way to add charm to the photos you are displaying.  It is really easy to do to.  I throughly clean the panes of glass as well as wash the pane itself.  But... I adore the chipped paint, scuff marks & little imperfections that are on the panes so....I don't scrub too hard ;)  
{I use double stick tape to attach the photos to the front of the glass.}  
- This is up in our bedroom, in the distance you can see the rest of our gallery wall. I told you I like to decorate with photos-

This red window pane hangs down in our family room.  It's the pane that started it all for me.  With this one I actually put the picture in between 2 panes of glass.  I used double stick tape again to secure the picture between the panes. Trust me it works! 
{The first time I hung this up I just put the picture between the 2 panes of glass, thinking it would hold the photo in place. It did for about a week & then slipped one day- augh!  I had to re do the whole thing but the double stick tape has held it in place for more than 10 years. KNoCK on wood!}  
-This was taken in 2003- 
To hang it up I had my hubby attach some brackets to the back of the pane. It's been a great piece that we've had for a long time. 
-Close up, not the best with the reflection but I loved the side view of the pane- 

This cool 8 paned window came out of an old dairy shed in my hometown of Lewiston. A friend of mine gave it to me. When she asked if I'd be interested of coarse I said, "Yes!" I can't turn down anything old, rusty, paint peeling & falling apart.
{it's just who I am ;)} 

I taped up some 8x10 {to the front of the glass} of our latest family pictures {2010} at the base of the stairs in our basement.  It fits perfectly in the space & it's fun to look at everyday since it's a high traffic area. 

I think I've shown this one before but it hangs up above our study nook off the kitchen.  I change this one out quite regularly.  I have fall pictures & wintertime photos  of the girls that I change with the seasons.  Again, I just use tape to hold them in place. With this pane I don't use double stick tape though because I change it so much.  Just good ol' scotch tape, rolled up, works for this.  

Hope this has inspired you to put pictures up in a bit different way in your home.  There are so many wonderful old window panes out there, keep an eye out for unique ones to incorporate into your home. 

Have a great day! Happy Monday. 



Shoo fly don't bother me


  Is anyone else sick of those pesky little things flying around?  AUgH... they drive me nuts.  Last night, while in the kitchen, Mace & I couldn't take it any longer so where do we turn for inspiration, advice & HeLP.  You guessed it, Pinterest.  
{If you go to Pinterest & type in Fruit Flies, lots of posts will come up to look at} 

We found a few different sites,  did what they said & Wa-LaH!! The little flies are all trapped & not bugging us this morning.  {Hallelujah!} 

All you need to make your own fruit fly catcher is: 
-apple cider vinegar 
-dish soap 
-piece of paper 
-mason jar 
-small piece of fruit  

Pour 1/3 C. Apple Cider Vinegar into a mason jar.  Cut a small piece of banana & place in the bottom of the jar & add a drop or two of dish soap.  
Then take a piece of paper & fold it into a cone shape, with a small point at the bottom & stick into the mason jar.  The point is the fruit flies go into the jar but are not able to find their way out again.  

Hope this helps you & your sanity this fall in the kitchen.  Such a great time of year to enjoy such great fruit & veggies.  



The {Fall} Hive was "BuZZ-ing"


  Was cleaning out photos on my iphone today & came across these & wanted to share them.  They made me smile when I remember a fantastic Hive, happy customers & friends. 

I had Miss Mace sneak outside before the doors opened to get this shot.  This is the moment that my heart starts pounding & all the hard work & prep pays off.  Thanks for everyone who loves coming up so much that they arrive 30 minutes early to stand in line.  
I really appreciate it! 

All that line up makes for a busy, bustling Hive once I open the doors.  Love feeling the energy & excitement that fills my home when everyone comes in.  
-Love that in this pic you can see the clock above the fireplace- 6:02 & everyone is excited to be in The Hive- 

I spy.... some of my favorite friends & clients in these pictures.  Thank you all for coming! 

I always wish I had more pictures but at least I get a few shots in before the chaos begins.  
{Don't worry.... we have a few ideas up our sleeves to make The {Holiday} Hive checkout move more quickly & smoothly} 
There is always a little traffic jam all at once when all these happy customers are ready to check out with their armfuls of goods. 

I need to remember to take pictures on Friday & Saturday too when it is less crowded & crazy.  Please don't worry that if you don't get here on Opening Night that nothing is left.  There is always LoTS of things that get overlooked the first night & the vendors bring in new goods each day.  Friday was actually the busiest day it's ever been- so a BiG thank you!  That was so exciting to see.  The word is getting out about The Hive I think.  A truly one of a kind, unique charming boutique.  Fun seeing so many new faces this time around & meeting you all. 

-Grateful to have this friend {& fabulous vendor, Leila Bird}  at The Hive this time around.  Well.... she always comes & supports The Hive weather she's a vendor or not.  Glad we got a pic taken before the doors opened- 

Already starting to think about the upcoming {Holiday} Hive & I'm asking a question over on the H&H FaceBook page that I need your help with. 
Calling all SWeeT TooTHS!!
Hop over to the FB page & help me out, please.  
I need your input- thanks! 

- Can't believe 30 lbs. of this stuff was gone by the middle of the 2nd day.  I think there are alot of people out there who LoVE chocolate & carmel.  Great combo!- 

Have a fabulous day. 


What's for dinner?

Got the chance to enjoy a great Summer Evening earlier this week. 
{just in the nick of time too because I think Fall has officially hit- it's a bit chilly outside this morning} 
A night filled with good friends, yummy fresh food & a   charming atmosphere.  

-The theme for this dinner was Farmers Market so everything was veggies & FReSH!  So tasty!- 
 I snapped this picture before our dinner. I was in love with how we all were seated.  The cute table 
{made out of palletes, how clever is that?}  
& the bales of hay with the feed sacks tied across them- so delightful!  Makes me happy to walk into a space that totally inspires & delights me.  
{Thanks  S & B for the fabulous night start to finish!} 

More pictures will be coming soon about this fun night along with the recipes soon, you'll want them- so yummy! But while you are waiting to see those you can now see all the pictures & get the recipes for yourself from the Gourmet Dinner I hosted with my friend Nicole this summer. 

I gave away some extra copies of these on Instagram but no everyone can get the recipes for themselves.  Head over to the Delish my Dish blog for lots of amazing recipes & pictures of each Gourmet Club Dinner night.  

May I recommend the: 
Leek & Bacon Pizza {unique & super easy to make} 
Grilled Corn & Chipotle Pesto Pizza {spicy & good} 
Basil Pesto Chicken Pizza {fresh from the garden- yum!} 
Spinach Crust Pizza {something different} 

Any of these would be great for dinner tonight or this weekend as maybe sit around & watch a football game or two. 
{Go Cougs!} 



Who knew?


  Do you ever have a moment when inspiration hits you in an unexpected way?  I love it when that happens to me. 

While antiquing in Maine this summer I came across these little screened round things sitting in a big bowl at the back of a antique shop. I immediately was drawn to them because I'd never seen anything like that before.  I was completely enamored & started thinking of ways I could incorporate them into my creations for H&H. 

-Charming things aren't they?- 
I picked out about 7 of them & kept looking around the store. As I was walking around, playing with them in my fingers,  I couldn't stop thinking about them so I went back & got a few more.  I took them up to the checkout & the lady was pleased that I wanted to buy them.  I asked her what they were & she told me they {her & her husband} had came across them at an old dairy barn in Maine.
-How perfect is this glass milk bottle?  I got it years ago from somewhere around here, because I adored it & not in N.H. - 
  They had found boxes of them lying in the barn & figured out that they were used to place on the top of old glass milk bottles to keep those pesky flies out of the milk.  
 She asked me what I was going to do with them & I told her about my business & was thinking I would use them as the letter "o" in some of the things I spell out on boards & my frames.  I told her that I just loved them & had to get some. She told me to go grab a bunch more to take home with me. So I quickly went back & grabbed some more.

When I got home & was preparing for The Hive, I just wasn't finding a way to use them & was starting to get a bit frustrated when all of the sudden the inspiration hit.  Make a one of a kind garland!
{You know I adore those & you can never have too many!} 

I simply took some bakers twine, threaded a needle & stitched the bottle cap garland together.   These pics really don't do this sweet garland justice.  It is so delightful to look at. I love when you create something that makes people stop in their tracks & say... "hmmmm, what are those?"    
{I'm kicking myself now that I didn't buy the whole box of these cute round things in Maine} 

-Was the perfect little touch to the front porch for The {Fall} Hive- 

One of the things I've learned when I go antiquing is if something really grabs your attention, tugs at your heartstrings & makes you smile- GET IT!  There is a reason you are drawn to it & you'll find a way to use it later on even if you can't figure it out right at first. 
 - Be patient, the inspiration will come -   

So happy I found a way to show of these purposeful, dainty  little things at The Hive last week. I'm looking forward to  decorating for Halloween because this garland is going to be hanging up above my island the whole month long. 


A humongous thank you!


Finally getting a second to look back & remember a fabulous Fall Hive. 

-Photo courtesy of Best Impressions Photography- 
Thank you to everyone who came to The {Fall} Hive last week.  It was a fantastic show!  So many new things & amazing vendors in the house this time around.  I appreciate all the vendors hard work to get ready for the show & the creative {Unique & one of a kind} things they brought to sell. I hope you enjoyed coming & have loved the treasures you found & took home with you. 
{Thanks Leila Bird, Vintage Fern, Annie, Diane, Dana, Amanda} 

Grateful for friends who come every time & for new the friends that I just met during The {Fall} Hive.  I was touched when I would talk to you & hear where you traveled from to attend The Hive.  
{Draper, Provo, Kaysville, No. Ogden, Lewiston & even as far away as Tennessee. Yep, you heard me Tennessee, so there is no excuse to come Utah peeps! ;)} 
So sweet of you, it truly touched my heart that you all would schedule a time to come to The Hive during your week.  It was fun to see so many new faces at The Hive. Glad the word is getting out about this unique little boutique up in the mountains.  

 One of my favorite things to do after a Hive is to sit down, jot notes, write ideas down on how to improve The Hive as it continues to grow.  As with everything there are things to learn & lessons to take away.  Hopefully each Hive will  continue to grow & be the charming boutique that I  dreamed it to be. 

I loved hearing from so many of you {as you checked out}  asking about when the next Hive will be.  It made me excited to hear your anticipation!  
The {Holiday} Hive will be in November. 
{Stay Tuned- info. to come} 

Extremely grateful for this little business of mine that has brought so much joy & amazing friends 
{I call you all friends not clients because I really do think of you all that way} 
into my life.  I really count each of you as a friend & love making connections with you all through my blog & The Hive's.  Thanks for your continued support & kindness.  

Have a wonderful day!


A peek into The Hive

  Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious! 

You should see all the amazing stuff inside The {Fall}Hive right now.  Well.... in fact you can come see it all for yourself 
tonight from 6-8:30 or Friday 10-3 & then Saturday 10-2. 
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green- 

Seriously... so in awe of the amazing women that are so gosh dang creative & brilliant with what they create.  So glad they all choose to participate in The{Fall} Hive.  
Come inside & take a peek...

This is probably one of my favorite things.  Mini bunting banners in Halloween colors- how cute is that? 

Banners & garlands for all sorts of occassions! 

You can never have too many notecards & these from Vintage Fern are so charming you'll want to send one to everyone you know.  So fun! 

-The cutest little pencil holders- perfect for back to school & football paper table runners-Sure to score points with your guests at the next football party.- 

-Magnets, frames, & signs, & ghosts galore!- 

-Bundles of this & that's- 

-Oh. My Goodness!- 

-The porch all dressed up ready to welcome you all.  The trophy banner is a paper table runner that is also for sale- 
 Hello.... there witchie!  The most adorable- EVER!

Felt ball garlands in all sorts of color combos- too gosh darn cute.  Look at that candy corn inspired one, I mean come on! 
 Lots of vintage school inspired gifts, trickets & more.  The most charming glass jars too- adorable! 

-Leila Bird has done it again- so charming & unique- 

-Lots of candy glass jars too!- 

-This gal is just hanging out!- 

-Adorable tents in all different patterns with sweet stiching on the banners & ruffles on the sides of the tents- too cute!- 

-Wreaths to choose from to welcome the season in with style.  - 

-Love these cuffs & bracelets- 

These guys came to the party too- they didn't want to miss out.  One of a kind Owls, Franks & ghosts to add a bit of whimsy to your decor. 

-Too to cute!- 
 Tons of vintage goods in the house too- amazing finds!  

There you have it- just a little bit of what's in The Hive this time around.  Much, much more trust me! 

When you come for yourself post pics to #fallhive for all to see. Plus, I'm grateful because I love to see what you loved about The Hive & it always makes me smile after long hard days.  

-Thanks! Hope to see you soon-