These shoes were made for......


  A quick re-cap of my Monday shopping/lunch trip with my friend Erika.
{Happy Birthday today E!} 

She is one of those friends who you just KNOW was meant to be a dear friend of yours. Love her to death!  She is a beautiful person inside & out, is always willing to help & give service to anyone & can throw one heck of a party!! 
We always joke that it is amazing we are even friends because she grew up a Mustang & I a Bobcat
{all of my Cache Valley friends & followers will know what I mean} 

We started off by stopping by Kneaders for a quick lunch, which was delicous & fresh like always. 
{love that they have the good crunchy ice for my water} 

Then we hit the mother ship- Anthropolgie w/ our 
15% off Birthday cards.  
{Oh, how I adore this store} 
REMEMBER you can also get one of these cards sent to you during your B-day month just by asking to sign up for an Anthro Card in the store
{painless & super duper easy!!} 

As we were approaching the store we saw the words SALE in the windows {even better} We loaded up & got some GREAT deals.  When I checked out the cashier even said to me, "All of this stuff--- you did good!"

I walked out with these amazing shoes for $29- {org. $110.00}
-Erika's new shoes on the left & mine on the right- 
A fun lampshade for Miss Mace's room $19- {org. $95.00}

a much needed "Mouse" pad for the Mac $7.95 -{org. $19.00}
-it actually doubles as a note pad too- genius!- 
and this fun mustard eyelet accent scarf for $19- {org. $39.95}
{Mustard must have been the color of the day!}  
+ my 15% off  everything.... Ka-Ching!! 

P.S. We did leave alot of shoes still on the shelves & other great stuff on the sale tables if you want to head down there & check it out. 
{lots of 6, 7, &8, size shoes} 

What a fun day- I came home to find these 3 enjoying the summer sun & swimming in the front yard. They stayed out  until about 8:00 just splashing away. 

A great day start to finish- 


Getting excited ....

  Only 7 more days until the 4th of July! {Holla}
It may just be my FaVORiTE Holiday of the year spent with my family up in my great little hometown of Lewiston.  
I love waking up early, putting on our Red, White & Blue outfits for the day & driving up to Lewiston to meet up with the rest of my extended family in front of the Post Office on Main Street to watch the Parade. I love being with my cousins, cheering on family members that are in the parade & watching all the kids scrabble to grab loads of candy. 
{I'm not a fan of Salt Water Taffy- just sayin'}

Here are a few things that are inspiring me & getting me in the mood for the 4th.  
-These may just be the most ADORABLE 4th of July treat goodie bags I have ever seen!  So Sweet!!  From Martha of coarse- when I turned the page in her July magazine & saw these I fell in  LOVE!!
-An update to our mantle for the month- lots of Americana.  Red, blues & of coarse a book on Honest Abe & a well worn  baseball- America's pastime. 

-2 Laterns- my tribute to the Revolutionary War {did you know I was a History major?}  This is in honor of the Old North Church in Boston where the signal was given to the Colonists on how the British were coming. They would look to the church steeple & see how many lanterns were lit - One if by land Two if by sea. 

-Check out this  blog for alot of Summertime inspiration!!
Her new blog layout for the month makes my soul happy :) 

-Saw this on Pinterest & am totally going to make these for my girls, sistas, Mom & niece for the 4th- 

Hope something has inspired you for the week ahead.
oh- hop on over to my friend Leila Birds Blog for a Giveaway she is having. {Hurry, it ends tonight}

I'm off to run kiddos here & there & then off to play with my friend E down at the Gateway in SLC for lunch & shopping at Anthropologie!
I get to go spend my 15% off total purchase B-day gift. YiPPEE!! 



The No. of the day!


  I really like numbers & finding a little connection 
to them in our lives like :

- our 1st home telephone # was 779-0384 
{I'll never forget it} 
-My parents home # which has been the same my whole life- ***-2507 
{I'll leave out the 1st numbers so you don't call them up ;) } 
- The number 7  
{which I think is alot of peoples favorite number}
it has a lot of significant meaning in our family. My Schmoopy & I were married on 7-7, Miss Mace was born in the 7th month & A&E's birthday is on the 7th. 
Must be our LuCKY Number!!
- I also like the number 58 because it was our old homes address & is the lot # of our current home, not to mention it's part of my email address 
{I wanted to pay tribute to the 2 special places in my life} 
This is still one of my FaVORITE all-time posts- if you want to learn more about me go {Here} 

So I was excited to learn about a number that I haven't ever really thought too much about & it's significance right now--- Number 62

-It's how many followers I have on this blog & also following me on Pinterest  today!  
{Funny, huh?}  

I'm enjoying this number right now but hopefully they both continue to change & get bigger & BiGGER as the days go by.  
{hint, hint- wink, wink;) }

Just something fun & silly to share for the day. 
By the way-do you have a favorite number??



My FaVoRiTE Summer Salad


If you are looking for something to make for dinner or to take to your next BBQ look no further- I'm going to share my most absolute Favorite Summertime salad with you. We have a neighborhood party tonight & have been assigned to bring a salad & I'm making it! 
{even though we just had it for Father's Day on Sunday} 
The reason I adore this salad is it is so fresh & goes well with grilled chicken, steaks or just burgers & hot dogs. 
{It's a Quigley family favorite!} 

Spinach-Mushroom Salad
1 bunch Spinach {washed, spun dry & torn into bite sized pieces} 
1 head of Red Leaf Lettuce {Wash, dry & tear up also}

3/4 lb. sliced Mushrooms 

3/4 lb. grated Swiss Cheese 

1 lb. container of Cottage Cheese {drained, & added to salad right before dressing.  I usually dump into a colander & rinse with cold water & then set aside} 

3/4 lb. Bacon {crisp & crumbled up} 
--Toss all Salad ingredients into a pretty bowl to serve & set aside.  This does make a good sized salad so make sure you put it in a big enough bowl. 

 {*I like to make this a bit ahead of time so all the ingredients can sit together & the flavors can really develop} 
1 Tbsp. Poppy Seeds 
1/3 C. White Vinegar 
1/3 C. Sugar
3/4 C. Vegetable Oil 
1 Red Onion {thinly sliced & cut into half moon shapes}
1/2 tsp. Salt 
1/2 tsp. Dry Mustard 

Prepare dressing & pour over salad right before serving.  Toss well & Enjoy! 

I'll love to hear from you if you try it & like it.
Have a wonderful night!!


*thanks to all the SWeeT TooTHs that cast a vote for my candy order- I'll let you know who the winners are soon. 


SWeeT TooTHS needed!

6.20.11- gosh!  
I saw this picture on Pinterest awhile back & it totally inspired me for a candy display at my next 
Hollyhocks & Honeybees 
{coming sometime either the end of Sept or the 1st of October} 

-photo courtesy of 
Isn't that picture the cutest?? 
Hello.. I already have the vintage cash register- perfect!
If you haven't been to the last couple of HiVES you have been MISSING out of some really yummy stuff- I'm telling you! 
{Did you know that I am an importer of gourmet candy?? This stuff is the REAL deal & it's so yummy!} 

So believe it or not,  it is time for me to place an order for Fall & Holiday candies so that I can get them in time.  
But... I can't decide on what to get & I NEED your help.  
I've decided to order in a couple more selections to choose from. The last couple of shows all the candy has SOLD OUT-  which is a good thing but I thought it would be fun to have some more variety to choose from so... 
please help me decide!

Here is what I'm ordering in for Halloween:
1- Halloween Select Mix
{a good mix of a bit of everything} 
2- Fall caramels
{how delicious do those sound? Milk, dark & white choc. & pumpkin spice--- me likey!}
Choice #3- What do you think? 
{choose one from below} 

This is what I'm thinking of ordering in for the Holidays
1- Christmas Select Mix
2- Peppermint Bark Shortbread
{these are similar to the Lemon Blueberry ones I had at the last Hive - that SOLD OUT the 1st night!} 
Choice #3-  What would you like to see me order in to sink your teeth into?  Holland mints, Candy Cane Caramels or White Chocolate Gingerbread??
Choice #4- Oh, what the Heck- give me another choice for Christmas candy- 
there is just too much to choose from + a little bag of them would be fun stocking stuffers!

Thanks for reading & stopping by my blog-  & if you choose to help me out {by leaving a comment or 2} I will draw out 
2 lucky people to receive a sampling of some of the sweet stuff I order in- one will receive some Halloween treats & the other some Holiday sweets. 
{I will wait to send them as it gets closer, of coarse} 

THaNKS, I can't wait to read what you would like me to get. I've already been creating & making some fun stuff for the Fall- 
can't wait for the next H&H show. 

Hope you are having a SWeeT day!


Take me out to the ballgame


  If you know me well you know I LOVE to collect things & appreciate anything old, dinged up, dented & basically falling apart. 
This unique collection of mine just might be the most talked about one I own.

Yes, that's right old, well used {and hit, grounded & thrown} baseballs.  I set them out every Summer in an old chicken feed tray that I snagged years ago at a yard sale. The baseballs I got from my Dad who is an athletic director at a High School.  I told him to keep an eye out for any old sports stuff lying around or that was being thrown out. He {of coarse} thought I was crazy for wanting that kind of stuff but he got them for me anyway. 
{they are always a conversation stater when anyone enters our home}  

People just can't help themselves from picking them up, rolling them around in their hands & admiring them. 
{I do have to keep my eyes on a few younger neighbor boys to make sure they don't chuck one through the window} 

Since it's Father's Day I wanted to thank my Dad not only for my great vintage baseball collection but for all the times he played catch with me in the yard, cheered me on at softball games & for giving me my first baseball glove for my birthday when I was 10. 
{Love you Dad!!} 

-My Dad & I, Father's Day-  June 19th 2011- 
My Dad LOVES the game of Baseball & played it for many, many years & coached several HS teams. In fact he just came home today from a trip to Chicago where he saw the Cubs play 2 games at Wrigley Field

**I'm curious- if you collect things & display them in your home what is the most talked about collection that you have? 
{Psst... I'd love to see a picture of your collection if you want to email it to me- my email address is on the sidebar}

Hope to hear from you soon- Happy Sunday!  

*I also have had a lot of people asking me lately about helping them w/ something that has really got me thinking hmmm...
- stay tuned! 


Sweet stitches

  Saw this today on Ruffled & quickly "Pinned" it to my Entertaining pinboard
Sometimes the best ideas are those that are simple & just plain sweet. 

Wish I was going to be sitting at this table for lunch today but - INSTEAD I get to go clean my fridge!
{We've been gone all week & it needs a cleaning out}



A Happy Day!

  What a great day to turn one year older on- 
 The sun was shinning, not a cloud in the bright blue sky & I was able to wear shoes that showed my tootsie toes- Finally! 
{The weather has been so wet & cold lately that it was NiCE to see the sun & blue skies} 

I got to go out to  lunch with 3 of my favorite girls & eat one of my favorite things . 

-photo courtesy of  the one daughter not in the photo. AJQ- 
{The Jimmy John's #4 - Turkey + tomatoes + sprouts + lettuce 
+ thick wheat Bread= tasty & healthy!} 

 Got to go on a dinner date with this guy to Ruth's Chris at the Hotel Park City. 
{I love Park City in the summer- it's so fresh, green & gorgeous!}

Such a great place to go to dinner- greeted as Mr. & Mrs. Quigley, I was wished Happy Birthday at the door & even got a Birthday Card when we were seated at the table- classy!

Here's what we got to enjoy for dinner- 

Appetizer of BBQ Southern Shrimp & sourdough bread
{the sauce was heavenly to dip the bread in}

Oh, we also got freshly squeezed Pomegranate Lemonade's.  They were soooo good!  I wasn't going to get one but one sip of Ty's & I had to get my own! 

Next up- salads. I had the Harvest Salad & Ty got the Cesar.

{the Harvest was yummy- pecans, corn, fried red onions, goat cheese, bacon & a white vinaigrette dressing- so good!} 

Where's the Beef?  At Ruth's Chris' you can hear it coming because it is served to you on a 500 degree plate -
just sizzling away.

{we both got the filet} 

Last but not least dessert- yummy! 

A scoop of vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of raspberry sauce & a delightful chocolate cupcake with yummy white frosting. 
{I ate the WHOLE thing- don't judge it was my B-day!} 
*if you haven't tried Ruth's Chris & want to you should!  They have a great deal going on now. You get a salad, main course, one side & dessert all for under $49. 
{Which is a GREAT deal for there.  Just be sure to look at the back of the menu or ask about it before you order. If you don't & order everything ale cart it can be PRICEY!!

I had a wonderful day start to finish! Spent it with my family & friends & got to eat scrumptious food all the way through the day {even better} 


*oh, I also got these that I had told you about earlier. Thanks to Ty for getting all the hints ;)  
{Love them!} 


A thought for the day

"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been."
-Madeleine L'Engle

I'll never forget the birthday when some of my fabulous friends & my Schmoopy searched high & low on Ebay to find this Martha Stewart cake mold for my birthday. One of my favorite gifts I've ever received because I know the effort it took for them all to get it.  

Grateful for the 36 I have behind me + 
1 today! 



Sharing the LOVE

I just wanted to quick share a few things I am LOVING lately. 

1- I love a reason to celebrate & serve something up pretty & colorful. This was the little treat station set up for A&E's B-day lunch the other day.  They were the yummiest cupcakes!

2- I love having a little Baker in the house who was excited to make a *Surprise* B-day cake for her little sisters.  You should have seen their faces when we pulled out the first piece & they saw the lime green center.  SO fun!  Not to mention the bright colored gum balls lining the outside of the cake.

3.  This may just be the BeST gift for a Summertime birthday! 
{or for any Summertime activity actually} 
Glow in the dark chalk- Loved this! 
The kit makes 8 peices of chalk. A&E made this, with their friend, & waited about an hour for them to dry 
{packaging says 25 min. but it took longer} 
at around 10:00 p.m. Audrey, Em & Jane went outside & glowed up the night with the chalk. They wrote their names, played hopscotch & even drew colorful pictures on the trampoline. Such a fun way to end your birthday. I wish I could have taken a picture of all of their colorful designs- they were awesome! .  
{the chalk glows for about 4 hours} 
I think I'll have to get some of this for Miss Mace's B-day next month. 

{here is a clip to watch about the chalk. It really did look like that- so bright & colorful. I don't think I would do it in the house though, just to be safe} 

4.  I'm loving the sales at Fresh Market this week.  It is so nice to have a fridge full of these during the Summer to take to the pool, the lake or just have on hand for picnics in the park.  

 My kids are really liking the pizza & nacho lunchables.  They are even better when you can get 10 of them for $10 

5. Stripy red/white straws for sipping bottled pop through during the Summertime. 

6. This great new blog that was started by my friend Lesa & her daughter Kendra.  
Check it out here- they always have something fun to share. 

7.  I love when great things happen to good people. My friend Cindy just released a book she wrote, Watched, this week.  She had a book signing at Barnes & Noble this past Monday & it was a huge success.  Love this picture of Cindy signing one of her books for my friends Marci & Tiffany. 
-Good Luck with the book Cindy- can't wait to read it!- 
-Here is a link to Cindy's blog about writing & her book-

8-  STRiPeS- I went shopping last night with A&E to spend some B-day cash they got & bought myself {with my own $ not theirs}  a fabulous new big striped shirt & this fun blue & white striped skirt. 

9-  MAiL- {one of my favorite all time things!}  It is even better when it is an unexpected surprise from my S.i.L for my birthday- how nice!  I always need note cards to send to people & Yummy- a 5 grain pancake mix.  Maybe this is what I will have the fam whip up for me tomorrow- 
Thanks Reta! :) 

10- ZuMBA!!  I even added some of the Zumba songs that I love to dance & shake to at the end of my blog list.  The best part about Zumba is that I have been able to enjoy it with my girls at Mother/Daughter class- so we are usually all dancing around in the kitchen when the songs I have listed come on. Excited I get to go do this in the morning @ the gym to celebrate #37. 
{our current FaVORITE- Jennifer Lopez's,  On the Floor!

Loving so much around me today!

* one thing I'm not loving though is the commercials that keep popping up during my playlist now- sorry!  I know there is alot of you out there who turn on my blog just to listen to the music during the day.