Guest Post- What I wore {last } Wednesday- Part 2

6-2-11 {5.25.11}

  Hello:) I am Miss Mace {the queen bees daughter :)} and I'm going to talk about the day I had with my Dad last week! I decided not to go to LaGoOn, for the day,  with my school but instead hang out with my Dad all day. We had a really fun day. I went to his office & helped him at work.  I got to put sticky things on folders {p.s they where really sticky } this is a picture of me sitting in his secretaries really comfy chair at his office!!!

My Dad wanted to take a picture with me!! 
p.s.s cuz I am so cute ;D

Then he decided to be a little weird  but... I decided to be weird back :)

I had to do a thousand of these!! I am not even exaggerating..... I had my Dad do the math!!

SoRrY this picture is fuzzy!! My Pappa took this pic. on his cell phone! (so glad we have technology :) Because I was such a good worker, he took me to lunch at his favorite restaurant,  Pad Thai in Layton- yummy! My Dad goes there so often that the waitress just brings him out his food, he doesn't even need to order.  Cool, Huh?  I guess he eats there alot! 

Then we went to the driving range after we did a little more work!!
{what a great day to wear sandals.. huh?)

I was SUPER windy! Me taken a swing- my farthest hit went 150 yards!!! {wa-hoo!!}

My Daddy taking a swing (he looks more professional huh?)
then we went home!!

When I got home and my mom said "Mace, Ryann has the same shirt on as you and wants to get a picture with you.''
So I ran over and got a picture with this cute girly who is my back door neighbor.

 So I guess I am done, I had a great day spending time with my Dad! I would honestly rather spend time with him then go to LaGoOn!!!
Thanks- this was fun!!!

    {M}iss Mace


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Love you Miss Mace! I'm going to get you on Wicked if it kills me. Trust me it's fun!

Honeybee said...

Mace, thanks for being the 1st guest post on the H&H blog. You did a great job! I'll have to let you take over the blog again sometime soon. P.S.S. I'm glad you like to use {brackets} as much as I do! ;) Love, Mom

Honeybee said...

Thanks!!! and I do love to use {brackets}:)and Becca I do want to go on Wicked but i am to scared!!!!! any-whoo thanks for reading it !!!
love you all!!
{M}iss Mace

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Macey, I loved your post. It sounds like you had a fun time with your Dad. I think you are such a unique, special girl. How awesome are you for skipping Lagoon day to hang with you Dad. He is pretty awesome too. I am so happy I get to be your neighbor!
P.S. I always think you look super cute in that shirt, you are to cool for words!!

Honeybee said...

awww!!!! Thanks Nicole

Mailbox Moments said...

I think she should be a regular!

Well done Macey. I'd take spending time with my own Dad any day also :)


Kendra said...

Sounds like an awesome day with dad! :) Love daddy-daughter dates!

Rachel Penrod said...

Miss Mace-what a fun day...that golf swing-Corey would be impressed! It was fun to hear about your day. Btw-the enchiladas you
Axe were awesome! You are definitely a great guest blogger. You do so many fun things that I know you are only scratching the surface. Would love to see more-rach