The No. of the day!


  I really like numbers & finding a little connection 
to them in our lives like :

- our 1st home telephone # was 779-0384 
{I'll never forget it} 
-My parents home # which has been the same my whole life- ***-2507 
{I'll leave out the 1st numbers so you don't call them up ;) } 
- The number 7  
{which I think is alot of peoples favorite number}
it has a lot of significant meaning in our family. My Schmoopy & I were married on 7-7, Miss Mace was born in the 7th month & A&E's birthday is on the 7th. 
Must be our LuCKY Number!!
- I also like the number 58 because it was our old homes address & is the lot # of our current home, not to mention it's part of my email address 
{I wanted to pay tribute to the 2 special places in my life} 
This is still one of my FaVORITE all-time posts- if you want to learn more about me go {Here} 

So I was excited to learn about a number that I haven't ever really thought too much about & it's significance right now--- Number 62

-It's how many followers I have on this blog & also following me on Pinterest  today!  
{Funny, huh?}  

I'm enjoying this number right now but hopefully they both continue to change & get bigger & BiGGER as the days go by.  
{hint, hint- wink, wink;) }

Just something fun & silly to share for the day. 
By the way-do you have a favorite number??



Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

34 which was my basketball number, 8 which was my softball number and of course 7 as well, for my birthday, the turtles birthday and now sharing it with miss Layla.

You are kicking my butt at Pinterst, but maybe that is because I never pin anything. :)

P.S. how is Macey's HP reading going?

Anonymous said...

I love the numbers cant wait for mine ;)

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Honeybee said...

Well that didn't last long.... Thanks Kendra for being my 63rd follower on Pinterest! :)

music notes said...

You know how I like numbers too, huh? So of course I like this post.

I saw your sisters up at Park City on Saturday. :)