Take me out to the ballgame


  If you know me well you know I LOVE to collect things & appreciate anything old, dinged up, dented & basically falling apart. 
This unique collection of mine just might be the most talked about one I own.

Yes, that's right old, well used {and hit, grounded & thrown} baseballs.  I set them out every Summer in an old chicken feed tray that I snagged years ago at a yard sale. The baseballs I got from my Dad who is an athletic director at a High School.  I told him to keep an eye out for any old sports stuff lying around or that was being thrown out. He {of coarse} thought I was crazy for wanting that kind of stuff but he got them for me anyway. 
{they are always a conversation stater when anyone enters our home}  

People just can't help themselves from picking them up, rolling them around in their hands & admiring them. 
{I do have to keep my eyes on a few younger neighbor boys to make sure they don't chuck one through the window} 

Since it's Father's Day I wanted to thank my Dad not only for my great vintage baseball collection but for all the times he played catch with me in the yard, cheered me on at softball games & for giving me my first baseball glove for my birthday when I was 10. 
{Love you Dad!!} 

-My Dad & I, Father's Day-  June 19th 2011- 
My Dad LOVES the game of Baseball & played it for many, many years & coached several HS teams. In fact he just came home today from a trip to Chicago where he saw the Cubs play 2 games at Wrigley Field

**I'm curious- if you collect things & display them in your home what is the most talked about collection that you have? 
{Psst... I'd love to see a picture of your collection if you want to email it to me- my email address is on the sidebar}

Hope to hear from you soon- Happy Sunday!  

*I also have had a lot of people asking me lately about helping them w/ something that has really got me thinking hmmm...
- stay tuned! 


Lesa said...

Did you have dinner while he was there? I was expecting wonderful pictures of a dinner.... :)

Yesterday I found a new (open one month) antique store in Logan. You need to stop there on your way is a fun one.

The only thing I've collected over a number of years is calendars. At one point I had them all hanging in my laundry room.

I love your apron!! And the picture is cute with your Dad.

Great post!!

Honeybee said...

Thanks Lesa! I guess you & I are the only collectors out there ;)
I LOVE my apron- isn't it the cutest!! I got that for my birthday from my friend Terra. It is for hosting/entertaining only- it's too pretty to get dirty!

Sally said...

That is a really great picture of you and your dad.

Honeybee said...

Thanks Sally! I sure do love my Dad & have learned so much from him over the years. He's been a wonderful Dad for sure!