It's just about time.....


 Call up your girlfriends, load up a car & come on over to a charming, unique market of goods that you're sure to love. 
Hope you will join me & some fabulous other vendors
{roll call of vendors to be announced next week} 
at this 3 day event. 

Thursday Oct. 11th {opening night} 5:30-8:00 p.m
Friday Oct. 12th from 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. 
Saturday Oct. 13th from 10:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. 
up in beautiful {oh, my gosh this time of year it's gorgeous!} 
Mountain Green at 4011 Lilac Lane.  
{don't worry- there will be signs pointing the way}

The {Fall} Hive will be full of jewelry, home decor, adorable children's clothing, hair accessories, women's clothing, note cards, banners, frames, sweet treats & much, much MoRE! 
{Just wait til' you see- sneak peeks to start appearing on the blog next week- Not to mention some sort of GiVEAWAY too!}  

Have a wonderful day & I hope to see you soon!



The answer......


  Miss Mace & I to the Bun Basket in Fruit Heights or as she likes to call it the "cookie store"  She's been calling it that since she was about 2 years old.  It was a special little day date for us when she was little.  I liked to go walk around the Rock Loft & then we would always go pick out a cookie for her & I & get one to take to her Dad at work.  

-check out the detail on that owl cookie, adorable!- 
Maybe that's where she got her love for baking & decorating from.  Their cookies are the cutest!! 
{& might I just say the yummiest too}  
If you've never been there plan a trip to go for lunch, 
-oh, I love me some sprouts on a sandwich, yum!-
 I always get their made to order sandwiches or a soup 
{they are so good!} & grab a cookie or a dozen to go! 

The last couple of years I have stopped by the Bun Basket & picked up a dozen of their cookies to take down to the McQuigley pumpkin patch for Harvest Day of giant pumpkins.  My husband grows these pumpkins with his friend. Miss Mace loves to go down to the patch with her Dad to give a big bear hug to The One every night. 
{it's such a fun day- usually the local TV cameras are there to capture all the excitement!} 
-Umm.... how much do you think she weighs?  Any guesses??- 
This Saturday is the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers weigh-off at Thanksgiving Point & hopefully this will be "the one" that day.  Crossing my fingers & toes!  
-Good Luck Ty!- 


Where in the world- Wednesday!


  Where in the world did I go to this weekend?  Do you know where this picture was taken?  If so leave a comment, when someone guesses it right I'll share a post about it with you.  
{It's been a favorite place for Miss Mace & I since she was teeny tiny!} 

Hope you play along.  



Face lift {to the craft room!}

  Happy Monday everyone!! 
I wanted to show you what I did in my craft room last week.  I've been wanting to do some kind of change to the space for awhile now & I found the perfect little accessory for a honeybee's home. 

I heard about these fun mirror tiles from my sister that were at Ikea.  Thought they would make the perfect little addition to my craft room. So I made a quick trip down there 
{stopped by Smashburger for some smash fries & a burger for lunch- so good!} 
bought a pack of the honeycomb shaped tiles & brought them home to put up in the shop.  
{By the way it was a pack of 10 mirrors for 14.99} 
-The Before-
I thought they would look so cute framing the corners of my vintage Honey sign that I have up on my wall.  They were so fun {& easy} to put up that it makes me kind of want to do the entire wall.  
-The After-
I love that they reflect the shelves {filled with H&H products} that line the other side of the wall.  Those shelves are filling up fast with lots of great things for 
The {Fall} Hive that is coming up!
-October 11, 12 & 13th to be exact- 

So happy when I walk in that room now- love a new change. 

Have a fabulous day!! 


R-r-r-r-ing, Last call!


  Calling all H&H friends- you have until tomorrow night {the 21st} to pre-order any of the H&H products I've featured on the blog.  
Just wanted to give you one last call for all orders!! 

-How adorable is this phone!- 
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Why do I do this... you might be asking. 
Well it's simply because I don't make up dozens of each item to have on hand at The Hive. 
{so if you want one you better order it here} 
 I like to hear from you before hand so I make sure I have enough of the items available for all who want one & you're not disappointed when they are sold out, at the show, or you have to place an order & wait.    
{Do you know it's just little me who paints, stains, sands & creates all the H&H products? No elves around here!} 

So if you have been thinking for awhile about getting any thing you have seen- be sure to order soon. 
You can see all of the pre-order products {Here}
& simply click on the orange  PayPal link below each product picture to order. 

Thanks for stopping by! 
{Please leave a message at the beep..... BeeP}



What I wore Wednesday


 Apparently the color of the day was Gray!  

Some people might think that gray is a sad color. But I don't think of gray as a gloomy or blah color at all.  I love it! 
 Which leads me to ask the question- 
What color do you love to wear? 
Have you gotten out all the sweaters & cardigans to wear yet?

I don't know just something about today I wanted to be warm & comfy.  Maybe it was going to Zumba at 6 a.m.
{which is getting harder to do now that the weather is a bit chilly in the mornings... brr!} 
but the long sleeve shirt & sweater were just calling my name today. Love the Fall & getting to wear cozy, warm things!



My weekend...


  Hi everyone!  Thanks for checking out the Deal of the Day yesterday, that was fun!  Thanks to those who placed an order now it's time to get busy, BUSY!!  The {Fall} Hive is less than a month away. 

-*Mark Your Calenders*
Thurs.{Opening Night} Oct. 11th 6-8:30 
Friday Oct. 12th 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Saturday Oct. 13th 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. 
-4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green- 

Wanted to share how my weekend started
{don't ask me how Sat. night ended & Sunday morning began- I don't want to talk about it. So close, dang it! Moving on ;)} 
I attended the most delightful evening at a blogging event at Gardner Village.  Have you been there? I hope you have, if not you have to put it on your calender to go sometime during the next couple of months.
{I have to just share that Archibald Gardner, who founded the mill,is my Hubby's Great, Great, Great, Grandfather} 

The night started with lots of other bloggers, mingling & eating yummy appetizers of fried avocado & fried green tomatoes {delish!
Then we got to go around to each & every delightful little shop around the Village & got a gift/coupon/treat, whatever at each shop. How cool is that!  I came home with a bag full of goodies- it was awesome!! 
{Thanks so much My Craft Channel & Gardner Village!} 

I don't know why I didn't bring my camera to snap pictures but I did take a few with my camera phone.  Things that I saw there that I just loved! 

Ok, seriously!  Where were these when my kids were little & always grabbing at my necklaces.  They are TEETH-iNG necklaces!  How smart{cute & practical}are they?! All you Mommy's out there with little ones you better go get these at Sassy Babies @ G.Village. 

Saw these in the candy shop & thought they were funny!  Little did I know that I would have woofed down 2 of these bars Saturday night {oh, don't remind me!}  Love that it's for immediate relief of: interceptions, turnovers, fumbles, penalty flags.... oh, the pain of loving sports & watching football.  

This spooky looking wire chandelier with assorted glass bottles dangling from the ceiling at Country Furniture & Gifts caught my eye.  Thought it was so unique & charming! 

After we went to every shop everyone met back up for a drawing & look who won....... ME!!  I couldn't believe it, I never win anything.  I had just mentioned to my friend, in the Quilt Shop, that I needed to get some new bedding & look what came true.  So excited!  Thank you Village Quilt Shop.  I will be back to use my $100 coupon to purchase some more bedding soon! 

-By the way I took the best Sunday nap with this on Sunday afternoon... ahhh!-

Gardner Village is so delightful this time of year.  Be sure to take your family down to see all the witches & be sure to grab a goodie to eat from the Naborhood Bakery.
It's the perfect place to celebrate Fall!



One day SaLE!

Sorry, but Deal of the Day has come & gone!  Thanks to all those who ordered.  

For today only Monday Sept. 17th
{until Midnight!} 
The fabulously {is that even a word?} adorable 
H&H Jekyl & Hyde frames are 20% off! 
{regularly $36.00}

You heard me right... 
The Elphie or All Hallows Eve 5x7 frames are just $28.80 today ONLY!
{choose one or what the heck get them BoTH!} 
-The Elphie, is green striped with black polkas & All Hallows Eve is orange striped with black star print- 
These are seriously too spooky cute to miss out on.  I will only be making up a couple to sell at The {Fall} Hive & they will be regular priced at $36.00 so if you want one- 
{everyone loves a great deal, right?} 

Take advantage of this great opportunity & place your order ToDAY!!  
{Time is ticking. Go-Go-GO!}   

Do you love a SaLE? If so give me some love & leave a comment. It will help me decide if I should ever do a one day SaLE again. 


**p.S. don't forget all the other items for Pre-Order for 
The {Fall} Hive- October 11, 12 & 13th in Mt. Green. 
Click on the SaLE button on the sidebar to see them all. 
{orders need to be placed by the 21st} 


Tailgating season


  This is the kind of tailgating I've been doing the past couple of Saturdays.  The hubby's new truck has come in quite handy lately. 
{Not just for hauling GiaNT pumpkins my friends, except it will be used for that in a couple of weeks!} 
It's been fun sitting in the parking lot, putting down the tailgate, throwing out a blanket & eating a traditional pepperoni & sausage pizza with Ty & my girls before heading into the BYU football game each Saturday.    

But when I came across this picture on Pinterest the other day it made my heart skip a beat.  Isn't this the most charming picture?  I would love to spend an Fall afternoon this way. Maybe it just reminds me of my childhood & our old red station wagon but I love it. 

One of these days {mark my words} 
I'll have a fixed up old ford to drive around, put the tailgate down & enjoy a picnic in the woods, haul pumpkins in, carry our Christmas tree home in  or maybe just enjoy a pizza before a football game.  
I've always wanted one. 

- I really like this color?  Or maybe a green or red... Hmmm?-
Source: via Suzie on Pinterest

What is something you've always wanted?  Do you have a picture of it somewhere or pinned to a board?  If not you better because that's how you'll make it come true!  
{just a little honeybee word of advice ;) }

Looking forward to a fun-filled weekend starting with this tonight.  Excited to met up with some fabulous bloggers from around the state. So excited!! 

Now I need your HeLP!   
{HUH? you might ask?}
 I miss hearing from you all.  It always makes me smile. So if you have a sec., leave a comment & say hi- it would make my day!
It's so easy to do- you can do it!! ;) 

Have a wonderful weekend- & I'm thinking 
{pondering, wondering & contemplating} 
about doing something fabulous & NEVER done before on my blog so be sure to check back soon.



What I'm wearing Wednesday


Oh, I love me some cardigan wearing weather!  The chill is the air is my favorite time of year.  A big, chunky, colorful necklace is always good too.  {the more color it has the more stuff it can go with, right?} I paired it with some yellow pants from The Gap that didn't make the picture.  Sure glad my royal blue hair got in the pic though.  

-My necklace is my birthday present from Anthro, thanks to my 15% off Anthro card-
 This week is a unique one for me because it's my-
No wear red week!  
Why... you might ask well.... this is the reason why.  It's rivalry week around here.
{Calm down my Aggie friends, but you know it's true. This is the BiG one & always has been ;) }

-Let's go Boys!!  By the way the 2nd one in from the left is a family friend of ours, JD Falslev. Our Dad's both coached football together for years & I had both his parents as H.S. teachers. Go #12! He is awesome. I love getting to cheer for him & the rest of the Cougs. -

Funny Story:  Last week while watching the game from our seats in the stadium, JD was running back a punt return & started to break open.  I started yelling,  jumping up & down so much that the kid sitting next to my husband asked him, "Hey, is that her brother or something?"  He said,  "No, just a family friend" I guess that shows you how much I love to watch football! I get a little too excited at times ;)  

{I've always been this way}
I love BYU Football & when you have a connection to a player it's even more intense- so fun!! 
So in an effort to show support to my Cougs I'm refraining from wearing any red this week {head to toe}  So far 4 days down & 3 to go.  Which is kind of tough because as you learned about me a long time ago {Here}  it is a favorite of mine except during Football Season.



Good vibrations!


  Thanks to {C} for taking the time to write me an email this afternoon.  I hopped on to check my email, read it & was inspired to do something about it.  

She wrote me telling me how much she missed the music on my blog play list.  
{it hasn't worked for some time now & I've been quite frustrated}  I decided to turn it off auto a while ago & my girls & I have really missed it ever since.  I know that many of you enjoyed listening to it too.  So after reading her email I thought that I needed to try & fix it one more time & wouldn't you know it-
Abracadabra it works!! 

If you would like to listen to some of my favorite tunes while you are reading the H&H blog, doing the dishes, making dinner, crafting or just surfing the web just click on the cassette tape link on the right hand side & it will take you right to the H&H blog play list. 
{pump up the volume!} 

Music makes me so happy!  This is just what I needed today, thanks {C} you were totally inspired to email me.  
{I really needed it! }
I feel energized & ready to take on the rest of the day.  
* it just goes to show how much I love to hear from all of you- whether you leave comments here or on FB, email me or call. I have the BeST H&H clients & friends- thanks so much!!

Enjoy your day- 



The rest of the goods!


  A few more things to show you for {Pre}Order.  Believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg of what will be available at The {Fall} Hive.  I'm having some fabulous vendors join me this time around.  Did you know that Fall is my FaVORITE season? I am having a blast envisioning, designing & creating fabulous things to celebrate this time of year. 

I'm posting {Pre} Order items so that you are guaranteed to get your hands on them at The Hive.  If you want one 
{trust me} you better get it while you can.  

Here are a few more things you can add to your shopping list & pick up at 
The Hive- October 11, 12 & 13th 
To order simply click on the link below the Buy Now Button for each item you would like. 

-If you would like to place an order & live out of state email me

-H&H Stripe-y Frames-
These popular frames come in 2 sizes: 5x7 or 8x10 
Choose between either black & white stripe or orange & white w/ black center frames 
-$32 for 5x7 size & $38 for 8x10 size
{NOTE: each inside frame will be different. No 2 will look alike}  

For a 5x7 Black & White stripe-y frame 

-Just had to show off how cute the Orange & White Stripes are!-

5x7 Orange & White Stripe-y Frame

For 8x10 Black & White Stripe-y Frame

For 8x10 Orange & White Stripe-y Frame

**NeW** H&H Jekyl & Hyde Frames 
If you're looking for something fabulous & different- look no further than these!   They are brand spanking new & very festive if you ask me. Love the chunky layers & the mixing of patterns on these frames. I think your spooky little ones would look so cute displayed in one of these for set  up on the mantle for Halloween. 
Each frame opening is a 5x7 size & $36 each
choose between either {or get one of each if you want} 

Hallows Eve: Orange & White w/ star print

- The outside dimensions of the frame is 12 x14. Oh, I simply adore these frames!- 

The Elphie: Green & White stripe w/ black polka dot print

-The Elphie. A perfectly WiCKED combo of colors-green & black-

 Book Page Wreath 
{the perfect colors for Halloween} 
Each wreath is approx. 18 inches. Pages from old school library books are tucked, stuffed & put into place.  Such a fabulous wreath to welcome any guests who come to your door.  {Over 100 book pages make up a wreath}
$30.00 each 

-well worn edges adds to the character of the wreath- 
 **NeW** Home SPooKY Home
-Many of you saw & "liked" this on FaceBook last week 
{thanks by the way} 
So I figured I better have enough on hand to make everyone happy. It's an adorable little paper pieced house tucked into a charming 4x6 frame.  $14
{NOTE:  All houses & frames will be different colors & patterns.  No 2 will look alike. You choose when you pick up at 
The {Fall} Hive} 

The popular H&H number 31 set.  

-Each set will be unique & one of a kind.  Papers, colors & patterns will vary.- 

Oh, so excited to show you the rest of the Fall H&H collection at the Show!!  {a little over a month to go!} Of coarse there will be popular wood boards with sayings, ]more frames, a **NeW** haunted house collection to show you 
{you're going to want to move right into this little 
SPooKy-ville I'm sure- so charming & yet SCaRY at the same time} 

Plus, there will also be plenty of Gourmet Sweets to choose from.  Thanks to all those who have given suggestions on what they would like to see for Sale again.  
{I think I have a lot of SWeeT TooTH clients out there!} 
It really is the BeST candy, can't wait to order more in for the show.  
{just hope I don't eat it all before ;)} 

Don't you just adore Fall in the air?  I sure do!