Back to School mantel


It's that time of year again!  Time to sharpen the pencils, pack the back packs & get new shoes.  This year has been a little different in our house this year.  2 headed off to their 1st year of high school & 1 headed off to her 1st year of college.  Not going to lie, it's been a little tough for this Momma this year.  Hard to see your kids growing up but at the same time, very exciting too.   So as I thought about the theme/message I wanted them to take with them into this new school year it came to me one day while I was listening to music.  

Thank you Lin Manuel Miranda & the Hamilton soundtrack.  Please tell me you've heard it.  If not, get it, you won't regret it! {The link is to the clean version, that's what I ordered. It takes out a few of swear words}  I especially love it with my History major back ground but you don't have to love history to appreciate the music & the story of the life of Alexander Hamilton.  Listen to it, it will change your life for the better!  

We got the soundtrack a few months ago & have been listening to it Non-Stop {a song actually in Act. 1}  & I love that the girls find themselves singing the songs through the day as they are in class, not just in History I might add, that they hear a word & it triggers their brain & they start thinking of the lyrics to the songs of Hamilton.  So fun to know the impact that music can have.  

Back to my Back to School theme- it came to me when I was listening to, My Shot {If I had to pick one song, & that's tough, that I love the best it would be this one}  it encompassed everything I wanted my girls to take with them as they venture into new horizons this school year.  New schools, new friends to make & new opportunities to seize.  

If you haven't heard Hamilton, here is a you tube link to the 1st thing I ever saw/heard about this phenomenon called Hamilton.  It was from when the cast was invited to the White House to preform.  I love watching it & seeing each performers personality & how passionate they are about what they are singing. Especially Lin Manuel Miranda, ALexander Hamilton,  I can't imagine the thrill of singing something you wrote & being surrounded by a cast singing the words you wrote.  Amazing!  Such a powerful song, with a great message.  

Fun to look around my house & see what would fall into the Hamilton theme I had going on.  Of coarse I love to use old books in my decor anytime.  They are great to stack, create levels & add visual interest.  This book cover stood out to me because it reminded me of a song in Hamilton where George Washington is sining to Hamilton & saying, "History has it's eyes on you."  The eyes of the world was certainly on our nation during that time.  Liked how it tied in. 
 A book about American Government certainly ties into the theme too.  Liked the navy blue color, very revolutionary.  I like to look for books that have great color, spines & art work.  The thing about books is that they are usually relatively inexpensive to buy.  I think all of these I've featured on the mantel have been bought for just a few dollars each. 

-Another great book, The what ever child should know Library, titled, Heroes.  Thought the founding fathers certainly fell under that category.- 
 Books just add such great color & interest to any kind of display. Give them a try next time you decorate, I think you'll be hooked.  

If you read my blog, follow my Instagram {@hollyhocksandhoneybees} You know I am pretty smitten with anything that is vintage & that means trophies.  So I thought it would be fun to throw these into the mix of this mantel.  Goes with the theme of working hard, achieving goals, being a part of a team.  I grabbed all the ones that I've bought over the years as well as a few that my hubby & I earned in our younger years.  If you have old trophies, get them out, show them off be proud of what they represent. 

-Brought back fun memories of serving on the student council in my Jr. High. Trying out for that, which was scary at the time, but glad I didn't throw away my shot to be involved in the school.-  
-Hubby earned this at a summer basketball camp, I guess that's where my girls get their great shooting skills from.-
 The underlining theme in the song, My Shot, is to rise up.  Rise up when things get hard, rise up when it's time to take a stand & inspire others around you to do the same.  Fun that this is written on a lit up light box {@mycinemalightbox} because it creates a great glow in the evening & early morning hours when we are all in our family room.  Makes it stand out in a special way.  Not to mention catching a sparkle off of all the gold trophies surrounding the sign.

 -You can never have too many trophies around right?  I don't think so, the more the better.-   

Hope this mantel & home decor has inspired you to decorate your home for this special time of year.  Certainly something to celebrate & enjoy seeing motivating, inspiring & powerful sayings around as your students are coming & going every day.  

Hope everyone in your home has a great school year!!