Summertime decor ideas


It's that time again, starting to think about how to change up the decor around the house & welcome in all things that seem to scream SuMMER! 
 {I don't decorate for the 4th of July quite yet, Summer needs to be celebrated & the birthday month comes first!}

When I was thinking of decorating for Summertime three words come to mind- COLOR, FUN & PLAYFUL. I have really enjoyed decorating for this special time of year in our home over the past few years.  It is just so much FuN, no stress just want ever goes- if it's colorful & there's lots of it, it will work.  Trust me!  Plus, you can leave it up ALL SUMMER LONG!
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I wanted to share a few places around the house that make me happy & I'll give some helpful decorating tips along the way too. My first tip- *never put up decor the same way year after year. Mix it around, have some fun, change it up! 
{You might see me use a few same things in a space but it's NEVER identical to what's been done before. Makes for refreshing decor}

This time around I began the whole Summertime decorating process with the TaDa Home Decor's "Signs of Summer" collection.  It was a great place to start!  All these great things come together in one box. Makes decorating a snap. 

You can set it up exactly as it is or as I'm going to show you, use piece by piece & incorporate into decor you already have.
{You can order one for yourself too, comes shipped right to your door. Go HERE to purchase.} 

 I wanted to break up the collection & spread the sunshine all throughout our house instead of having it all up in one spot.  So fun, to put a few things here & there, mix it in & tie into other decor items you already have.  

- I mean, how HaPPY is this?!-
The mantel is always my go to spot to decorate first, probably because it takes up the most space.  This mustard mantel as the backdrop was just begging for pops of red, splashes of turquoises & the rest of the rainbow to come out & play.  When I got everything put into place & stepped back to see it all I think I might have squealed. 
{Oh, who am I kidding I totally did!} 

Just look at all that fun rolled up into one display.  Baseball, Tennis, sunshine, pictures of vacations & outdoor BBQ's, a ferris wheel & smores what up there doesn't say SuMMER.  So FuN!! 
-Tennis anyone?  You can find lots of sports equipment at antique stores & flea markets.  Instant charm & whimsy to any decor. 
Another decorating tip- *be open to inspiration, you never know when it might hit. Play around with the size & scale, move things around, add height until everything fits just right!

Garlands, garlands & more garlands.  I always say, the more the better!  Things always look better in 3's so use that as your guideline for using garlands & banners. One garland just never is enough, two looks too sparse but 3, wah-lah!  The perfect amount.  These all go well together because they are all made from different things but color is what ties them all together.  I LoVE!!  I dare you not to be smiling as you look at this, just so happy & cheerful. 
*decorating tip use scotch tape to hang up lightweight garlands & keep them in place.  

-Somewhere over the rainbow!! Smitten with all the color that's up on the mantel this month-
Don't forget to check out many more inspiring decorated mantels as well as share off your own by searching the hashtag #newmonthnewmantel 

The kitchen always gets a splash of decor when the seasons change to.  It was perfect to put the lemonade sign, from the TaDa box, up in the kitchen along with the cute ball jar sign that was also included in the collection.  

I grabbed some vintage glass canning jars, {this probably won't surprise you but I have a collection of these} a thermos {I collect those too } & some retro colored drinking glasses I bought this Spring at an antique shop to put up with the signs.  All I need now is some fresh lemons to squeeze, sugar & sunshine to sit outside in & enjoy the summer days & nights.  
-Simply cheerful & delicious to look at!-
Again, garlands can go anywhere in the house.  
There's always a reason to put up a garland. - Melissa Quigley 
Even the thought of sipping lemonade is reason to celebrate.  

This little camper sign that came in the TaDa box is just the cutest thing ever.  At first I didn't know what to do with it but then I glanced over & saw my vintage red truck & a light bulb went off inside my head.  

I simply "hitched" it up behind the truck & it's ready to hit the open road.  It looked so cute that I decided to fill up the back with some postcards we've collected on our travels during the Summer months in the past.  Good memories of favorite vacation spots & a charming display & conversation piece too.  Love when decor does that.  

Hope these have given you lots of ideas as you consider decorating your home for the Summer months ahead.  I like to think "outside the box" when I decorate & try to put new spins on displays & set up.  Makes it so much more enjoyable that way & spontaneous- make it your own & work with what you have.  The only thing I bought was the TaDa Summer Collection. Well worth the money to get all those great pieces {7 signs & 2 garlands to be exact} from amazing talented artisans.  

Bring on Summer- we're ready in this house! 



Homemade brownies- recipe


Sharing a family favorite recipe today.  I'm so glad I married into such a wonderful family for many, many reasons but having this recipe & getting to enjoy it at almost every family get together is another reason why I'm happy to be a Quigley.

These not only are the yummiest, cakeiest {is that even a word?} brownies but they are also the easiest to make & bake.  Maybe that's why they are made so often in our family & around our house.  They are the go to, quick dessert, take along & share sweet treat.  

I think the thing that sends them over the top is the dusting of powdered sugar that the brownies get as a finishing touch. 

Homemade Chocolate Brownies 

2 cubes butter{melt in pot on the stove, once melted add remaining ingredients in & mix until smooth} 
2 cups Sugar 
2 tsp. Vanilla 
3 TBSP Cocoa 

Remove from heat stir often, let mixture cool.  Then add: 
4 eggs, one at a time 
1 1/2 cup Flour 

Grease and four pan {9x13}  Bake at 350 degress for 35-40 minutes.  When brownies are completely cool dust them with powdered sugar, cut & serve.  Mmmmmmm!! 

These are great to munch on as is but they make great brownies for ice cream sundaes too. 
Hope you try & hope you like. 



National Chocolate Chip Day!


Happy Day! It's not everyday that it's a day to celebrate chocolate chips so I thought I'd bring back a post from a year ago to share with you on this special day! These recipes have a little EXTRA stuff thrown into the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.  A vintage H&H post that deserves to be shared again.  

This is one of those recipes that is so good, you just might end up eating all of the dough before it even makes it to the oven.  In fact, I've made this recipe before & just taken the dough {in containers}  to the neighbors for them to enjoy by the spoonful.  It really is that good! Sometimes the dough is better than the cookie but in this case both are just as tasty. 

I have a long history with this cookie recipe.  I made up a batch of these when I was in the 4th grade & taking 4-H cooking classes in the summer.  I won a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair & then a Red Ribbon at the Utah State Fair with this recipe.  The name New Jersey Cookies comes from my Mom growing up in New Jersey.  She entered this recipe {of her Mom's} into a contest & needed a cute name to go along with them. Doesn't it sound much better than just saying Oatmeal Choc. Chip Cookies?  
New Jersey sounds much more exiting don't you think ;) 
-Notice on the recipe card I have my Mom wrote, Don't Triple!  That's because my little brother & his friends got the bright idea to triple this recipe one day.  I'm pretty sure they ate most of them by themselves before the rest of the family got home. Teenagers!- 
New Jersey Cookies 
1 C. Butter {softened} 
1 C. Sugar 
1 C.  Brown Sugar 
2 Eggs 
1 1/2 C. Flour 
1 tsp. Vanilla 
1tsp. Soda 
1tsp. Salt 
3 C. Oatmeal 
1 pkg. Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 

   Cream butter & sugars together then add eggs. Add soda, salt, flour, oatmeal & vanilla to the sugar mixture and mix together well. Add chocolate chips in at the end & give it a good mix. When everything is combined set in the fridge to chill for 1 hour. {Hard to wait, I know but it will be worth it!} 
 Drop rounded dough balls onto a un- greased cookie sheet & bake for 8 minutes in 350 degree oven.
* Don't skip the chill in the fridge part, I think that is the key.  Try not to eat all the dough either!

So, so good!  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  If you're looking for something a little gluten free try these FLOURLESS Choc. Chip, PB, Oatmeal Cookies they are de.lish!  You can get the recipe for them HERE
Bake up a batch, pin them if you want & bring some smiles to your kids, neighbors & friends today.  I love baking & sharing.  Makes my heart happy! 
*Don't be shy, I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment & let's become friends. 



My Favorite Insta Shops


Ok, I've recently discovered a new obsession- shopping on Instagram.  I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not a big online shopper, I just don't like it.  I've loaded up one or more shopping carts & then just couldn't push the checkout button, or I walk away & completely forget about it, or wait too long to buy & the item is gone.  Yep, that's my shopping online life.  But....... for some reason shopping on Instagram is so EASY & fabulous that I am buying things right & left. 

 I thought it would be fun to share with you a few favorite shops that I've been frequenting lately.  
{Hopefully I don't regret telling you all about my favorite vintage shops & you buy everything before me, please don't buy it all,  ok?} 
All these shops are great to just window shop, scroll through their feed & be inspired along the way.  Not to mention they'll all have you saying, "I remember that....or Oh, my gosh we totally had one of those!" I've caught myself saying that a time or two.   

First up, although in no particular order, the adorable vintage shop of BackAroundVintage.  If you are looking for amazing vintage books this is your shop, although the owner Sherri, sells much more than that.  Old books are one of my FAVORITE ways to decorate.  They can add charm, height & color to any space.  Love old books! 
{Psst... that's where I got the cute from in the pic above. I mean hello... What every child should know Library?  I just had to have!} 
 The next shop on the list is the shop of my cute friend, Heidi from just the next state over from me, Colorado.  I have bought SO MUCH STUFF from her from this delightful shop.  From letters, books to vintage hexagon pie tin
{Oh, yes, I did! I'll have to take a picture of it & post sometime}
Anxiously awaiting my latest purchase from Heidi to use in creating stuff for The Fall Hive. I can't wait! Fun shop, great stuff go check it out & tell her hi from me. 

Ok, I guess you can thank me now!  Giving you all a heads up on her next sale that's coming up this week.  
{Please don't buy it all before me!}  
 Crazy good stuff, all the time.  Don't miss out on her sale. 

 This shop is liking walking into your Grandma's house or garage.  Oh, the memories of my childhood get brought back to mind when I check out Andrea's shop.  Wonderful, happy, dreamy memories & simply stuff I have to have! 
So vintage & incredible. Happy Shopping!

There are many more shops than these but since I adore vintage goods, I'm pretty smitten with these shops.  Great stuff, always pleased with what I get from any of these owners.  Go check them out, look around & maybe you'll even buy a thing or two. Tell them the honeybee sent you......

& while we're talking about Insta shops of coarse I better give a little shout out to my shop, @hollyhocksandhoneybees 
getting ready to post some cute happy items for sale tomorrow.  Don't miss out!  

Teacher Gifts galore!


Just stocked the shelves in the online shop 
{Boy, I've enjoyed having that store to stock from time to time.}  with lots of great stuff for teacher gifts.  Can you believe the end of the school is almost here?  Crazy, how fast the time goes.  Go over & take a peek.  
Had such a great time creating all this fun stuff with teachers in mind. They deserve bright, fun useful stuff! 
{I was once one you know, secondary ed., love teachers!!} 



New Month New Mantel


Oh, I adore a new month & changing up the decor in my house to match the month that has arrived.  I started a fun new hashtag on Instagram called, #newmonthnewmantel where everyone can share pics of their space that they've changed up for the brand new month ahead.  It's been fabulous!  I've loved seeing all the different styles of decor that have been shared.  If you're in a rut & need some inspiration- head there! 

This is our downstairs mantel this month.  I wanted something bright, pastely {so spring right now} & cheerful. I don't usually have a lot of purple around but it's so nice to see pops of it on the mantel. There is just something about changing up your space often.  I hope you do it!  I know I've mentioned it on here more than once but to keep things fresh, on trend & new really has an affect on us, our families & our homes.    
 This collaboration was literally thrown together in a few minutes.  I wanted to tell you how I did it.  The best place to always start is to have a theme.  I was going for, Spring here so I just looked around, pulled items together that I had, that was either the perfect colors or reminded me of Spring as well as items I've made & bought. 
-An adorable Aimee Ferre flag, Popcorn Popping tied in beautifully with the flower I painted & assembled from years ago as well as a paper tree art piece I did.  Liked all the colors in the back ground & thought they just seemed Springy-
This amazing painted lilac picture I got at a thrift store.  Didn't really like the frame so I just popped it out, used the frame for something else & stuck it up on the mantel. Love the color & loved these flowers.  Our bushes in the yard are just about to bloom & I can't wait.  One of my favorite flowers!  Paired it with a few birdies I found around.  The one on the pedestal I made a few years ago, like his button eye & happy print papers & the little green one I had gotten just because I thought he was cute.  Don't forget to add levels to your display, it really does make a difference.  That a great thing to invest in is little chairs {like below} books, benches, candlesticks & boxes.  They are great & handy to have around. 

Now that I've shown you one of my spaces in our home...........

Take a pic of any space in your home {doesn't have to necessarily be a mantel} that you have changed up to welcome in the month of May, post it & share it to the hashtag #newmonthnewmantel.  I'd love to take a peek & be inspired by YOU! 

Need help pulling something together?  No, problem.  Have you checked out TaDa Home Decor yet?  If not you should.  Charming collections put together for you & shipped right to your door for instant decor.  Not to early to start thinking ahead to what to put on the mantel for June.  Take a look, it's darling.  To order visit their website 
-Could be left up all summertime long if you want.  Adorable!-
Happy Monday!