I came across this lovely picture today as I was looking at one of my FaVORITE blogs- stylemepretty.com 
{I've told you about it before} 

I just love the fun, vibrant colors & of coarse her mustard shoes {I have a thing for those did you know?} not to mention the old books & vintage globes lying around.  
Ahhh- colorful inspiration! 

You can see the entire cute, colorful library inspired wedding {Here& you can also see a peek at the garland inspiration I will be making for this round of the 365 Swap
{See if you can spot what I'm talking about- it's in "plane" sight. Wink, wink. Better get crafting!!} 



Don't forget.....

8. 25. 11- 
 Just a quick reminder that 
for the 1st time EVER- Hollyhocks &Honeybees 
 very popular & most often requested # sets are for- 

right here on this blog! {YiPPee} It's super simple to do- just click the Buy Now button & your good to go. 

All you have to do is go {here} to order a #31 to set up for a Spooky decor & to add a bit of whimsy to your shelf or mantle & even festive a #25 to have out during the Holidays.  So many fun ways to accesorize & use these around your home. 

You only have until Monday the 29th at MiDNiGHT to place your order.  All the details you need to know are right {here

Please let me know if you have any ?'s about ordering. 
Thanks & happy shopping!
See you at the H&H show 9.29.11-9.30-11 


A couple more cute pics from my girls Back to School photo shoot that I ADoRE!

-Reminds me of the Dr. Suess book- One APple up on ToP- 

-Typical Teenager face - or at least from my terrific teen- 

-One cute 4th grader-
-If you would like to order a complete set of wooden #'s 1-9 {
as featured above} email me to place an order- honeybee58@gmail.com

-Jumping for joy for School to Start- 

-Another cute 4th grader ready to go-

Thanks for letting me share & for being "spotted" today. Hope you come back often to see what's happening on my blog- {M}
-for more info. about Haley's photography go {here}-


Hello.... NeW School year 2011-2012


  Well all the Quigley girls ate the traditional 1st day of School breakfast  {Whole-Wheat Blueberry pancakes, O.J. Bacon & sausage}, are out the door, on the bus & on their way to another school year. 
{Hello.... Schedule, how I have missed you!} 

Although I know going back to school means busy after school activities running here & there, homework & more homework I love the feeling of getting back on a schedule & welcoming all new things- new teachers, packs of crayons, notebooks, pens & pencils {that actually have erasers on top} all sharpened & ready to go.  
I wanted to share with you some darling pics of my girls that were taken by my friend & fellow Cultivate girl- Haley.  This is just a peek of the pics she took. 
{I am currently trying to decide which 5 I want her to edit out of 220+ pics that she took- not an easy task ;) }

I thought they turned out GR8 & my girls {as always} had a blast posing for Haley & going to get their pictures taken. 
-The Quigley girls ready for the 2011-2012 school year- 

-Miss Mace ready for the 8th grade- crazy to think she is that old already- 

-Love how she writes her name- she definitely has potential to be a star someday- 

-Em- I loved her curly cute hair- 

-My 3 little bookworms- ready to learn!!- 

Ok.. now for a couple of things that I am loving for the school year ahead. 

First up- this fabulous little keepsake journal for school {grades K-12} I have a different version of this book for my girls & it is so great to have. There is page to fill in info. like- favorite subject, friends, what you want to be when you grow up etc. not to mention a great little pocket {for each grade} perfect for putting report cards, school & class pictures, lunch card you name it. Also a place for the teacher to sign & write a little note to your child. 
{I HiGHLY recommend this- if you're like me & love to journal}
-available from  Chasing Fireflies 

-Cute school themed centerpiece I saw on Pinterest. Looks like a great thing to do for Teacher Appreciation week {since I am the PTSO Pres. for another year} 

-Are these the seetest?  Just makes me want to dip in & grab a BiG handful.  A great Back to School party idea from One Charming Party

-How charming are these?  I {heart} Vintage inspired stuff & these are so great.  I saw these on Pinterest to {if you aren't pinning you really SHouLD be} I think I'm going to order me a set of these for my girls to play school with.  They are from artist  Paul Thulby-

Thanks for letting me share a lot of pictures in this post.  Can't wait to go print off my girls pictures, put them up in my terrific window pane/frame & get them into some H&H frames to welcome Fall around the house with.
Happy New School Year everyone- hope it's a great one!


H&H products for sale - HeRE!

**Thanks to everyone who placed an order- I appreciate it!! 
  This is something BiG & exciting for all my 
Hollyhocks & Honeybees clients out there & for me too. 
{it's always exhilarating & a bit scary to try something different, isn't it?  But here I go} 

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me about pre-ordering 
{the very popular & festive} set of #31's from me. 
{if I emailed you back you are on the list. but I need you to do the next step for me......} 

I thought it would be nice if I could have all my clients be able to pre-purchase one if they would like that aren't on my current mailing list.  It would also give me a better idea so that I have enough on hand during the 
H&H Fall Show.
{9.29.11 & 9.30.11}

So here you go----- Drum roll please-. - .
Just click on the button to pre-order & pay for your #31 right here using Paypal!  Then all you have to do is come to the H&H Fall show on 
Thurs. Sept. 29th & Fri. Sept. 30th to pick out which one you would like to take home. 
{Sorry, but I'm not able to ship these right now}

As you can see NO two things I ever make look alike- 

That is one of my business policies- everything is one of a kind & unique 
{so don't worry- your friend, sister, neighbor can all get one & nobody's will look the same- love that! } 

You can come pick out the one set that you like the best- don't worry I'll make sure there are lots to choose from BUT plan to come early for the best selection.

Does this all make sense?  
1- Click the button to buy & order your set of #31's 
{even those of you who have already emailed me} 
2- Be sure to print out your order confirmation to bring with you to pick up your number set. 
3- Plan to pick it up at the H&H show Sept. 29th & 30th @ my home in Mt. Green.
{direction, times & more info. to come soon}

Also... as a bonus you can also pre-order your #25's for the Christmas season - all ready for the season in a variety of Christmasy colors. 
{These will also be available to pick up at the Fall show}

Just click here to order your #25 set- today.
{just follow steps 1-2-3 as explained above but for #25- thanks!}

YiPPee- It's finally out there!  All orders need to be placed by MONDAY, AUGUST 29TH at Midnight.
This may not seem like a lot to all of you out there but it's a big thing for me to do- it feels great to continue to stretch & grow my business. 
{even if it is by baby steps sometimes ;)} 
Thanks for your continued support & interest in this blog & my business- hope to see you all in September. 
{crossing my fingers that this all works!}

Have a great day everyone!


A reason to make CooKieS!!


  Whoo..WHoo... just bought a vintage cookie jar-- Me!! 

Saw this chubby little guy peeking out of a glass display case last week at The General Store in Layton.  

I didn't get him then but have been thinking about him ever since.  I was nervous to go into the store today to even see if he was still in the case hanging out. 
{If he wouldn't have been I would have been very, very sad} 
-A picture from my phone that I took last week of him in the display case- I sent it to my Hubby as a hint of an early Christmas gift to get but I just couldn't wait or risk having someone else grab him - 

So lucky for me there he was perched in the case, just waiting for me to come back, so I snagged him right up! 
-& it's my first real McCoy too- even better. I feel like a real antique-r now!- 
Isn't he the cutest?? I love having an owl collection.  Each one I add is special & unique.  I can't wait to mix up some Gingersnap Cookies {my Grandma Hall's recipe- the BeST!} & fill his tummy chuck full today. {Hope he likes them- haha!}

Wish I could share some cookies with all of you today but at least here is the recipe- Enjoy! Bake up a batch today for your kiddos or to give away & share. 
{this recipe is a bit old-school but I thought it was perfect to go along with a vintage cookie jar} 

Old-Fashioned Gingersnap Cookies

1 1/4 C. Shortening 
1 1/2 C. Sugar 
2 Eggs 
3/8 C. Molasses 
3 C. Flour 
2 tsp. Ginger 
2 1/4 tsp. Soda 
1 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon 
3/4 tsp. Salt 

Mix shortening & sugar together, add eggs & mix well. Then add in Molasses & then the dry ingredients.  Form into balls & roll into sugar, place on a cookie sheet & bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. 

Happy Baking! {& eating or sharing cookies with a friend}  Have you gotten anything fun lately that makes you just want to jump for JoY?  If so, I'd love to hear about it. 



Antique shopping & a Yard SaLE!!

  Back really quick before the weekend to show you what I got today while antique shopping. I have really had the urge lately to hit some antique & consignment shops & do some SHoPPiNG! 

 I walked into the store next to Re-Creations in Roy {Sorry, I don't know the exact name} & about fell over when I saw this stack of trunks right inside the door. 
Made my day-  I got the 2nd from the top with the latches all around it.  I think it will make a nice little end table between our 2 leather chairs.  
{p.s. there were still 3 there when I left this morning- only $30-35.00 each!}
-How cute are all those vintage poker chips? I bought me a whole bunch!- 
Then I hit one of my FaVORITE stores- the General Store in Layton.  They have always had an old bread baking tin in there {used to display items} that I eye ball every time I go in there {hoping} that it will be for sale one day.  So I was REALLY excited when I saw STaCKS of them piled up & these great 3 mesh tins, that were also used for baking. It was hard to decide but I went with the 3 mesh tin. Can't wait to use it to fill it up & display whatever in it. 
{I am giddy!!}
P double S- there were still stacks of them in there when I left today for only $28.50 each
{Maybe I should go back & get some more ;) }

YaRD SaLE Tomorrow starting at 8:00 a.m. 
up by my home in Mt. Green.  It is being put together by our 13 yr. old friend for his Eagle Project.  He is sending ALL the proceeds, from the yard sale,  to purchase medical supplies for an Orphanage in China.  
{I love fun things that are for a GOOD cause!} 

So if you have had the urge to do some antiquing, rummaging & yard sale shopping come up & check it out. 
-On the corner of Day Lily Drive & Old Hwy. Road in Mt. Green- 

Happy Shopping!
Maybe I'll see you bright & early in the morning



A sure sign of Summer......

-ZUCCHiNi- lining the kitchen countertops. 
  One of my favorite things about Summertime is fresh home grown ZuCChiNi from the garden. 
{& it usually keeps coming & coming all Summer long! We have already used one & given one away & look how many 
more there are still to use up} 

 There is just so many ways you can cut, slice, dice & grate Zucchini in the Summer before you start to get tired of it. But I have a couple of great recipes I love to make when the Zucchini start to come on in the garden that are fabulous & are a little bit different way to use zucchini.  
Zucchini Tacos & Chocolate Zucchini Cake.
{they are both delicious!} 
-freshly grated zucchini piled high & ready to dump into the batter- 

-All well mixed & ready to pour in the pan- 

Chocolate Zucchini Cake
2 Cups. Sugar 
1 tsp. Soda
1 tsp. Salt 
1/2 Cup Cocoa
2-1/2 Cups Flour 
1/4 tsp. Baking Powder 
Sift all together & then add:
3 Eggs 
3 tsp. Vanilla 
2 Cups Grated Zucchini
1 Cup Oil 
1/2 Cup Milk 

Bake for 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes in a pan that has been greased & floured. Cool completely. 
Frost with:  1/4 Cup Butter, 1 tsp. Vanilla, 3 oz. Cream Cheese, 2 Cups Powdered Sugar.  Mix well and spread over the cooled cake. 

 Ta-Dah!  The finished product topped with a tasty cream cheese frosting & served on one of my favorite cake stands just waiting to be devoured. 
{ReMeMBeR- everything looks better served on a cake stand. 
one of Ms. Honeybee's motto's to live by} 

Since it has Zucchini in it- it's okay to eat 
1, 2 or 3 pieces, it's 1/2 vegetable right?! 
{well at least I will tell myself that- wink,wink}  
Give it a try- I think you'll like it. I even fooled one little non- veggie eater in my house with this cake.  

I made this cake in honor of my Sweet Grandma Hall who turns 93 today.  She is an amazing lady & I have learned so much about how to be a mother, wife & business women from her example & teachings in my life. Love her so much! 



A random post

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  I love having something over & done with that you have been in charge of & worrying about- WheW! It's a good feeling. 
{Now onto the next thing- right?!?}  
That's life- there is always something you can't wait to cross of the to-do list & then you look down the list & see the next thing looking right back at you.  
Deep Breath & keep going

But I wanted to come back & share a picture of the SWeeTeST cake I've seen in a long time.  I hope to reinvent this on my Schmoopie & my 50th wedding anniversary.  
{Yummy carrot cake, my Favorite, to celebrate our friends the Kartchner's 50th wedding anniversary} 
Served on 
-Served on a rustic wood cake stand of coarse, not to mention the darling little cake topper-

-Photo courtesy of my friend- Rachel- 
Isn't it just charming, simple & sweet?
There was a quick snap shot of it shown on Studio 5 last week but I thought it deserved it's own little post on my blog. 

Speaking of taking a deep breath... this is the lastest project I'm involved in- 
The sun will come out tomorrow......ANNiE!
  I'm happy to say that my 3 girls & I are in our upcoming community theatre's production of Annie.
I stepped out of my comfort zone 
{did something I haven't done since High School} 
& auditioned for a part in the play, nothing specific. 
I was THRiLLeD to be given the part of Lily St. Regis. I'm so excited to get to sing- Easy Street, Easy Street & tap into my inner Jersey girl.
{My Mom was born in Jersey City} 

I'm also looking forward to meeting all the Swap-ettes
{those who are returning & those that will be new}
at the 365 Swap round 3. It should be great & the Cultivate girls & I are already dreaming up some new fabulous decor for #3. 
{Thanks to everyone who hurried over & grabbed a ticket on our blog & for those of you who didn't get one this time- don't worry there will always be #4 to look forward to}

Lots to look forward to-  
{and lots to keep checking off the to-do list} 


Oh, Yeah! Remember this GiVEAWAY?  I never heard from the winner 
so K if you are still out there email me your address please! ;) 


It's coming.... Swap #3 {but now it's SOLD OUT!! }

YiPPee!  It's time for round 3 of the famous  
& {the Original} 365 Swap.  
This time we are doing something a bit different & actually selling tickets to come to the Swap.  
{But you better hurry if you want to come - there are limited tickets available} 

Go to the Cultivate blog to purchase your ticket & learn more about the 365 Swap. 
You can also go {Here} & {Here} to see what it's all about. 

Maybe I'll see you at the Swap
{I already have a great pile of stuff to unload- yeah!

Looking forward to start planning & creating the Swap decor with the 5 other {Cultivate} girls. This is something I have been inspired by for my little decor to bring to the party-you can see what has inspired me {here
-come fly away- love it! I better learn how to fold paper airplanes ;)-