Rethinking & rearranging


I love old windows & have several hanging up here & there around our home.  They aren't used in the traditional way though & I thought you might like to take a peek at them too.
One thing I enjoy is finding a purpose or a reuse for something different than what it was intended to be used for.

Old window panes + dry erase markers + this & that=
Memo board

-Mine hanging in my closet! I love the little letters the girls & Ty leave for me. I love looking at it every morning to start the day & every night-  

-My hubby has one hanging up on his side of the closet too-

-Miss Mace's in her newly decorated room {more pics to come sometime soon} LOVE the color we painted it!!

Family pictures + old window pane= unique picture frames

-This pane was given to me by a wonderful family friend who rescued it out of an old barn in good old Lewiston. It fits 8x10's perfectly in each pane-

-The perfect pane to display cute pictures of my 3 girls. I can hang it either vertically or horizontally depending on the photos-

Also while in my closet, taking pics of my memo boards, I decided to rearrange my closet by color. Thanks to a suggestion from a sweet friend & now looking at my closet I can tell I am fully in the winter mode- too many dark clothes!  {it's good to step back & take a look at things}

So I need to go shopping & bring in some more color!  It's always good to have an excuse to go shopping, right? 

-Some of you may have noticed that I took off The Hive button off from the side- it's because I am "re-thinking" the dates.  I have a lot of things coming up in April so I'm trying to figure it all out- I'll keep you posted on what I decide {I'm thinking maybe May}


{A}nnie said...

OH! ok, loving the old windows to write on!!
cutest ever!

Lesa said...

very cute!