Review- A day in my kitchen


Some of my favorite things about cooking & baking are-

1- I love after a long day of cooking there is no sign that it has been a full day baking.
{ahhh... cleanness!}

-The only evidentce of a day in the kitchen is the ice cream maker & cake on display in the cake stand out on the island- bliss!-
I am a clean-up as you go kind of baker, maybe I learned that from my days in 4-H cooking classes.  Just ask my girls they will tell you
{because they hear it from me all the time as they are making something}

2- My Aprons
I told you I have quite a collection, they are all hung up nice & neat inside my pantry door along with Miss Mace, Audrey & Em's aprons too.
{Maybe I'll do a photo fashion show & tell of who made or gave me each apron}

The darling little royal blue one,on the end, was made by my Mom for me when I was a little girl.  I'm glad I still have it.

3- A Favorite Quote

- "I think every recipe should start with
Pre-Heat the oven & put on your Apron!"-

I came across this in a magazine a few years ago & loved the message. So true & so my motto in the kitchen!

4- Making something hearty & satisfying for my family for dinner, plus it's always a bonus if it looks & smells wonderful too.

5- I love having a reason to use a cake stand
A cake looks so much prettier served up high & presented in such a way, glad I have a collection of stands to choose from.
It always makes it fun!

6- Mismatched China
-Thanks to my wonderful Mother in Law for always giving me little dishes she sees & buys here & there, I love them. Also thanks to the good ol' D.I.  I can always find something there to add to the collection. 

The Basil Ice Cream was De-lish by the way, {so glad I attempted to make it} & the Pound Cake & soup were yummy too. I guess we'll have to see if they get chosen to serve at Gourmet Club in April or not.  Still lots of recipes to try & taste testing to do before we pick the menu. 

Happy{even though it's snowing again}day!


Nicole Garner McConkie said...

What a yummy dinner!!

jralphs said...

Ok, I soooo need that to make that.. Will show me how???? Ha ha ha.... I need the soup recipe... Love ya

music notes said...

I love the quote!

blog n' tell said...

Wow!! You have a darling collection of fun! That soup looks YUMMy too!
HaPpy DaY!