Happy {LuckY} Day!

  Today has been a good day-
I started off by going to my OBGYN for my yearly check-up {how lucky am I right?!?} 
I mean isn't that how everyone wants to spend their St. Patricks Day?  Anyway my Dr. made my day when he told me that I had lost 13 lbs. since my last visit!
{that was fabulous to hear}

I guess all the no caffeine, or pop in general, really watching what I eat, limited sweets & Zumba-ing has paid off! It was so great to hear now I just need to keep it up.

I almost faltered during our NY trip when my husband ordered a Dr. Pepper {it looks sooo good} & when I almost asked the flight attendant for a Sprite on the flight home but I held strong & didn't do it.
{yeah- me!} 

Here's a picture of the terrific antique store my friend Nicole & I discovered on Main Street in Palmyra.  If any of you are planning a trip back there this year you have to stop in.  It was full of so much vintage wonder!  
Dan, the owner, is a very creative person who turns an old antique into a shabby chic treasure.  

{he was very fun to talk to}
I love to met someone who is very passionate about what they like to do. 

There are actually 3 fun little places to shop along main street in Palmyra, I enjoyed shopping in each one of them. {Wish I could have gotten so much more too}

Hope you all have a Lucky day!!

Oh, & happy March Madness to- Good Luck to my Duke Blue Devils in the Tourney this year I hope they take it all!


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Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Nice work on the 13 pounds! Way to withstand the soda.

I was so happy the sun came out for a minuet on our trip. You were so nice to chat it up with Dan.