Perfect Memorial Day treat!


 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Giving you a tasty recipe to take to any family get together, BBQ or treat night.  Simple & sweet, the best kind of dessert!

This is a very easy recipe to make & always puts a smile on everyone face that eats it.  It is the perfect dessert to serve anytime during the summer.  Nothing better than cherries to let you know that Summer is in full swing.  

-Do you spy the heart shaped dough in the cookie?- 
Growing up this was a recipe my Mom would always make when feeding a big crowd, going to a pot luck or family party. I recently baked it for a get together with friends in our backyard. It was a hit! Everyone liked it, including Martha. 
I believe my Mom got the recipe from a friend of hers & we've been baking it up ever since.  If cherries aren't your thing you can substitute them for apples or blueberry filling as well.  It takes just as good. 

Cherry Bar Cookie
1 3/4 Cup Sugar 
1 Cup Butter 
4 Eggs 
1 t. Vanilla 
3 Cups Flour 
1 1/2 t. baking powder 
1/2 t. Salt 
1 can cherry pie filling 

  Mix sugar & butter together well.  Add in the eggs & vanilla. Once all combined add in the dry ingredients until blended well. Spread half of the dough onto a big cookie sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Spread pie filling over the dough.  With the remaining dough drop spoonfuls over the pie filling.  Bake for 35 minutes in a 350 degree oven. When cool drizzle with glaze over the top. Perfect to cut up into squares & eat or serve with ice cream. 

Yum, Yum, YUM!  This is a super sweet summertime treat.  It's like a cookie, pie & bar all rolled up into one.  Love a good recipe that is scrumptious but takes no time at all to make.  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  Bake up the Cherry Bar & tell me what you think. 
  I love to hear from you. Have a great day. 




BuZZ- BUzz! Early bee shopping event details!


 Excited to announce that tickets are now available to purchase for The Summer Hive early bee shopping event.  This will take place on Friday night, June 24th from 7-9 p.m.  You must have a ticket to get in.  Proceeds from the event will go to Alex's Lemonade Foundation a charity that is close to my heart.  Shoppers will enjoy early shopping, sweets & sipping on lemonade.  Going to be a fun Summer evening!  If you'd like to join in on the fun, go HERE to purchase your ticket.

My girls & I first learned about Alex's Lemonade Foundation 4 years ago.  My girls always enjoyed putting together little lemonade stands every summer so we thought we might as well give to a good cause & make memories at the same time. To celebrate our summer birthdays {June-July}  we thought we'd give back by organizing a lemonade stand & giving all the funds to Alex's Lemonade Foundation.  You can read more about this incredible organization & sign up to host a lemonade sale of your own this summer.

-The Quigley Girls Care lemonade stand from 2013-

-Such a sweet way to give to a deserving cause.-
If you can't make it to the Early Bee Shopping Event on June 24th, I hope to still see you at The Summer Hive on Saturday, June 25th from 10-4.  Going to be a fabulous show!  Really excited about the vendors coming.  Remember... you can hold & host a lemonade stand of your own this summer & give to Alex's Lemonade Foundation

Hope to see you soon! 



In the works & around the corner

Hello..... just so you know! This is coming in June & it's going to be fantastic.  You won't want to miss it. 

The 1st ever Summer Hive Saturday June 25th 10-4 with a SPeCiaL Early Bee shopping event the night before, more details to come soon. Thrilled with the vendor line up that is coming, you won't want to miss it.  

Happy Wednesday! 


May flowers


Lately it seems like I'm been embracing simplicity.  I love to decorate & change things up around our home but with so much else going on around here lately it seems at times too overwhelming to even think about. 

I've discovered the easiest thing to do that really packs a powerful punch of color & cuteness to your home decor in just around 5 minutes flat!  

All you need is:
-Bunch of store bought flowers  
{I recommend the white daisy's. Cheap & hearty flowers. They'll last for week's so WiN-WiN} 
-Fresh cut flowers from the yard for a splash of color
{Tulip season- hooray!} 
-Vintage glass pop bottles 
{Really, anything that you have, that is similiar, that can go together to make a large grouping. } 
-Cut flowers & trim leaves. I always do this when I buy from the store, I think it helps they stay fresh much longer.  Always cut in varying lengths too. 
-Fill bottles or containers up 1/2 way with water. 
-Place flower/s into each bottle or container 
-Set up where ever you'd like- a mantel, shelf, on your island or down the center of the table.  
-Step back & enjoy! 

Such a charming instant decor that will last for awhile.  The tulips won't last as long as the daisy's will but just keep picking fresh flowers & changing them often. A great way to celebrate the season, all the colors & beauty that the outside has to offer. 

Have a wonderful week & remember.... Keep It Simple.