May flowers


Lately it seems like I'm been embracing simplicity.  I love to decorate & change things up around our home but with so much else going on around here lately it seems at times too overwhelming to even think about. 

I've discovered the easiest thing to do that really packs a powerful punch of color & cuteness to your home decor in just around 5 minutes flat!  

All you need is:
-Bunch of store bought flowers  
{I recommend the white daisy's. Cheap & hearty flowers. They'll last for week's so WiN-WiN} 
-Fresh cut flowers from the yard for a splash of color
{Tulip season- hooray!} 
-Vintage glass pop bottles 
{Really, anything that you have, that is similiar, that can go together to make a large grouping. } 
-Cut flowers & trim leaves. I always do this when I buy from the store, I think it helps they stay fresh much longer.  Always cut in varying lengths too. 
-Fill bottles or containers up 1/2 way with water. 
-Place flower/s into each bottle or container 
-Set up where ever you'd like- a mantel, shelf, on your island or down the center of the table.  
-Step back & enjoy! 

Such a charming instant decor that will last for awhile.  The tulips won't last as long as the daisy's will but just keep picking fresh flowers & changing them often. A great way to celebrate the season, all the colors & beauty that the outside has to offer. 

Have a wonderful week & remember.... Keep It Simple.


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