Savor-ing the moment!


  A snapshot of what I got to "Savor" this weekend.  Dressing up & just having some fun with my girls & sister.  Such a great spur of the moment silly session
{Why don't I be more care-free more often?}  
Thanks to my girls for teaching me to relax & have fun & to Em for coming up with the game to play . 
I guess you're never too old to play dress-up! 
{lesson learned} 

-My sista V, Audji, Me, Miss Mace & Em- 
Hope you have something silly to smile about today. 



What's in store for 2012 {Yippee!}


  Just a quick sneak peek at what I've been playing around with in the H&H studio this week. {soFuN!
Super excited for all the possibilities this brings to H&H- in 2012.  I can't wait to show you all!  I've been dreaming up how to add the H&H touch to these new "Flourish" style frames- I'm giddy about them, can you tell? 
-Tell me what you think about them?- 

So excited about the new dimension, shapes & sizes this adds to the H&H frame line- a modern, hip, fresh twist for sure!  These will be for SaLE at the SPRiNGTiME edition of The Hive coming in March!
{more info. of times, date & vendors coming soon!} 
Have a happy! 

*Don't forget what is for sale NoW in the H&H store.  
{just click on the sale logo to be taken right where 
you need to go}


Packed & ready to go


  So excited to be headed off to the Post Office today to drop these in the mail & on their way to arrive at some one's doorstep soon 
{H&H's 1st time ever sending all the way to California} 
& to deliver some custom made stripe-y's too! 

Thanks to those who has ordered frames so far. 
{don't worry there is still time you can get one for you too. 
Go HERE to place an order!} 
This is something new for me to try {selling on my blog} & it's interesting to see the response.  I am a bit sad that I'm not hosting a H&H show around Valentine's this year 
{you know me I love having a reason to hang up a garland or 2}  
I just didn't know if I could do the online sales & host a show since I've never tried both at the same time before.  
It's always good to learn new lessons. 
{FYI- SPRiNGTiME Hive coming in March- yippee!} 

-I'm in LoVE with the navy &white striped 8x10 with the red frame.  Makes me wish Summertime was here & fireworks flying in the night sky.- 

-Just a quick thank you to go along with it- 
Happy running errand day! 



Healthy lifestyle

-Change is in the air in my Home- 
 {in a good way, wa-hoo!} 
I start most of mornings here & a couple of weeks ago attended an eye opening class, Whole Foods for Life.   

The class is taught by Miss Foodie herself, Suzy 
{who is darling person by the way} & lives up by me.  I'm so happy that I get to live around so many wonderful people who inspire & teach me everyday.  I live in a terrific community full of caring, health minded & generous people- Lucky!

She has a blog called, Foodie Gone Healthy. I've loved attending her class on how to eat more healthy & add better things into your everyday diet.  HeLLO.... I have my family eating {by the spoonful} fish oil for heaven sakes!  
{It's a super yummy flavorful kind- Barlean's}  

She shared a fruit salad with us during class of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries & pineapple that she just drizzled the flavored fish oil {mango/peach} & flax oil on & that was it- so delicious!  My friends {who were visiting from out of town}  & I were so inspired that we rushed right down to Good Earth & bought us each a bottle. Since then my family has been putting it in smoothies, yogurt, drizzling it on fruit & pouring it onto a spoon & taking it straight down. 
{Just like a spoonful of sugar ;)} 
-The flavored Fish Oils are in the refrigerated section of the store. So many falvors to choose from, next on my list the coconut pineapple one, sounds yummy!- 
Tonight I made a soup that she shared the recipe of in class, Vegetable Soup w/ sprouted Wheat.  

-Picture of the soup from Foodie Gone Healthy- 
It was my 1st time ever attempting to sprout wheat.  Sounds a bit scary but it is really simple to do & much better for you. {Who knew.. I usually use wheat berries to grow wheat grass for Easter decor. Shows you how much I know ;) }

The soup was so hearty, warm & delicious.  
Thanks Suzy, for sharing all your knowledge, awesome recipes & love for food with me. You are an inspiration! Can't wait for class this week.  Check out her blog for more fantastic recipes to try! 

My {Get Healthy} Shopping List 
Fish Oil- CHeCK!
Flax Seed Oil- CHeCK!
Wheat Berries- CheCK!
Coconut Oil- 
Canola Oil- 
Flax Seeds
{Better get back to the Health Food Store} 

Just wanted to share some inspiration that has come into my life that I'm embracing & loving!  


*Disclaimer- I just remembered that I shared the Marshmallow Popcorn recipe earlier this week & although it is scrumptious it's probably not on the healthy list.  But it's ok because National Popcorn Day only comes around once a year right?  Maybe I should have drizzled some flax oil in it ;) Haha! Change can't happen all at once. 



 Can I just tell you how much I love 
{& look forward to one Monday a month} 
it's the day that I get to go out to lunch with 5 other amazing, creative & inspiring women who always uplift me, make me giggle & smile. 
{Such a JoY! I hope you all are blessed with wonderful friends to}

It's the Cultivate girls that I'm talking about 
{the girls who put on THiS each year}

Today we discovered the Beehive Tea Room in Salt Lake City.  We were in awe when we walked in- so inspired!  We like to look for somewhere to met each month that has decor & surroundings that will inspire us as well as have something yummy to eat. 
{that's always good} 
Right when we walked in & I saw this I knew that this was a place for me- a cake on a cake stand & a pink sugar cookie- delightful! 

We got to sit in the big open area room with vintage chairs & couches- so fun! We loved all the mismatch decor & how the whole cafe was set up.  

I ordered the Spinach Artichoke sandwich on multi grain bread & a salad- so fresh & light, it was yummy! 

We sat around a painted coffee table & shared questions that we answered about us & our life & then exchanged our One Little Word for the year with each other. 
My soul was filled & inspired today- Thanks Becky, Sheryl, Nicole, Haley & Erin. 
{love you guys}

So excited to see how we all learn to Adapt, Accept, Encourage, Strengthen, Savor & Let go & Let God this year as Cultivate friends.  I'm already looking forward to our next month get together. 



What's for SaLE from the H&H shop!

I'm very excited to announce H&H SweeT Stripey Frames for purchase HERE......{sweet!} 
If you live out of state or simply want to order a frame. 
{you can either pre-order to picked up at my home {save shipping} or have them shipped directly to you- either way!} 

The NeW {& very popular} H&H SWeeT Stripey Frames perfectly paired in Valentine inspired colors.  Choose from either the Sassy red stripe frame or the Blissful soft pink stripe frame or better yet one of each. { wink..wink..}

-close up view of the frames- 
Each frame is for a 5x7 picture & includes the glass 
{The outside measurements of the frame are 12x14}
*Be sure to select the right code from the drop down menu. 
{either pick up or shipped right to you- to anywhere in U.S.only} 

H&H Stripey frames

They make the perfect charming spot to display a picture of your loved ones this Valentines Day & add to your decor.  
*H&H prides itself on making unique one of a kind products so please note that each outer frame may be a bit different of a shape or style than the example shown. 

Thanks for stopping by- happy shopping! 
{to receive in time for Valentine's day orders must be placed by Feb. 9th} 


*P.S.- This is your only opportunity to get these frames HERE, I won't be hosting a show before Valentines Day. 
Watch for more info. coming about The Hive in March- yippee! 


Ooey- Gooey- GoodNess!

We LoVE popcorn around our house- it's one of our main food groups. We even have a popcorn drawer in our kitchen that stores the packs of buttery goodness & a bin solely dedicated to it in our pantry- funny, but so necessary! :) 
{don't believe me... here is proof!} 

We probably have popcorn almost every single day, the girls love to have it as a snack after school, when we watch a Basketball game on TV or just while watching a movie.  Our favorite everyday kind is good old fashioned 
butter & salt.

But when it's a special night this is our favorite treat to make. It is really quite easy & simple to make. 
This recipe has been a Hall family favorite {thanks Mom} for a long time. It's been fun to share the recipe with college roommates, in-laws, friends & neighbors over the years & everyone loves it! 

Marshmallow Popcorn 
1 Gallon of popped popcorn  
1 C. brown sugar 
1 C. butter {2 sticks}
1 bag BIG marshmallows or 4 Cups of small 

-all the goodness in the pot just ready to mix & mingle all together- 
 Melt butter and brown sugar over medium heat. Stir in marshmallows until melted. Pour 1/2 of popped popcorn in a large bowl & pour 1/2 of the marshmallow mixture in & stir well together. Then add remaining popcorn & marshmallow- it's easier to mix that way. 
{trust me you will- I'm not even that big of a marshmallow fan but I am when it comes to this- Yum-E!}
It's better to eat when it's warm & gooey but if you can't get to it for awhile or want to leave some for the next day just be sure to cover with plastic wrap.

  Well I better keep "pop"-ing & get things done around here. My 3 girls are back in school so I have the days all by myself now & have quite a to-do list to tackle. 



What I wore {& what I'm wondering} Wednesday


  Oh, so many things have been going through my head for the past couple of weeks. More recently since about 4:30 this morning.   
{bright & early!}
Augh- it's stressful, time consuming, exciting, overwhelming & scary when you are trying to think outside the box a bit.  I'm nervous to think about actually taking that 1st step & see what it all holds. 
{kind of scary- I'll explain} 

-A quick pic of what I'm wearing today. Got my brown cardigan at DownEast last week for 40% off the Clearance price- Cha-ChiNG!  $11 bucks- love it! -
I put the question out there last week on the 
 {thanks to everyone who commented by the way} 
& from those who responded it was unanimous on what I should do.  But taking that step means alot more planning on my part, figuring things out, setting up & in general just some big growing pains.  
{so much to think about- just figuring out the shipping alone, makes me dizzy!} 

I love my little business & have enjoyed watching it grow over the past 12 years.  It is exciting & exhilarating to be able to look back over the years & see all the changes that has happened.  I want to keep up with the times & for H&H to be able to reach as many people as I can. Keeping in mind that it is just me doing everything {not an easy task} sometimes I wish I had a marketing director, advertising specialist & just in general a personal assistant to do all the little things I don't like to do.  
{Not to mention being a Wife & Mom on top of all that}

I'm not saying this to make myself sound busier than anyone else out there but just so that you know why H&H might not be as big or as assessable as other businesses selling products.  I love that my products are each unique & one of a kind.  I use a variety of techniques, materials, papers, colors & do- dads to finish off each product.  That's the way I enjoy making things- each with their own personality & style, I don't want to mass produce things in 10's or 20's.  
{That's just not how I roll! ;)} 
 Which makes it a bit harder when I think about going online & selling them because alot of things would have to be sold as one of a kind. 
{sorry... to be rambling on & on. Is anyone still reading this?} 

Anyway so long story short I'm trying to decide if I want to sell more products online or just continue having the shows in my home. I do LOVE opening up my home to all my wonderful H&H clients, friends & neighbors a couple times a year & enjoy getting to see you all. It's never a stressful thing for me {which people can't believe} to do I only worry right before each show that no one will show up.  But have never been disappointed, thanks to all of you! 

So I would like to ask all my H&H peeps out there a couple of ?'s to help me figure out what to do.  
I would very much appreciate your feedback. I am grateful for all the support you have been to me over the years & couldn't do it all without you. 

1- Would you like to see more H&H products sold on my blog through PayPal or on ETSY? 
2- Have you ever been to an H&H open house at my home? 
3- If not, why? Was it too far, did you feel uncomfortable coming into some one's home, were the times or days just bad?
4- Would you rather buy my products in person or online? 

Just a couple of things I'm wondering & pondering today.  Thanks for letting me get it all off my chest.  
Who knows what will happen or even if I'll change anything at all. We'll just have to see what 2012 brings for H&H.  




Is it ok if I just brag for a bit, please? Thanks! 
  How talented & cute is my 13 yr. old? 
She was down in her room this morning making & creating this headband.  Can you believe it?  

-Such a great color combo- Navy, white & yellow.  Good job Mace! 
-Looks so cute with her wavy hair- 
Wish I was doing something fun like her today but instead I have loads of laundry to do & busy taking care of a sick little girl :(  No fun.  It broke my heart when she said to me, 
"This is not how I was planning on spending my Monday." 
Hopefully she will be better tomorrow & off to school & riding around on her roller blades after school. 
{Hopefully none of the rest of us get it too} 

I had a fabulous fun filled past 4 days with some of my girlfriends who came in from out of town.  
-Nicolle, LaRae & I . Forever neighbors & friends-
So glad they were able to come visit & spend a few days- lots of new memories made & laughs too. I'll have to share more about all our adventures later. 
{Zumba won't be the same without you 2- Cowbell ;)} 



Trying {something different} Tuesday

  Today I'm feeling a change..... 
in what I wear, make-up & even doing my hair!
{I have been in the pony tail wearing mode lately way too much!} 

So thanks to having a very fashionable teenager around my house I decided to try a new hairstyle today to go to my PTSO meeting. I saw Miss Mace playing around with this hair do last night & thought I would give it a go. 
-All I did was put a headband around my head & then just simply grabbed pieces of my hair & tucked them up & over the headband & just kept doing that all the way around- 
-A view from the back, a little bit more sophisticated than the pony tail & just as {if not more} easy to do too!- 
Something new & different in the picture too is I'm wearing a striped shirt!  {What?!}  Those who know we well know that I usually just wear plain colored things.
{I'm not much into patterns & such} I found this green/white striped shirt at Macy's over the Holidays & fell in love with it.  So far I've liked it- it kind of feels good to try something new & different every once in awhile {a bit scary sometimes too} I've also trying to wear lip stick a little more than just grabbing my lip gloss all the time.  
-Sorry, for the blurry pic but something else different today is my Nikon is a bit under the weather :( so I had to use the cell phone.  Have to blog when you're inspired to say something, right?-
?Honeybee wants to know- Are you trying something different lately- If so what? 

Here's too stepping out of the box a bit today-



Something new.....for 2012


  Hollyhocks & Honeybees now has an "official" page on FaceBook- Hooray
So for those of you out there who would like to follow along & "like" the H&H page 
{& I really think you should ;)}  
Go {Here} to be linked over or just log into your FB account & search for Hollyhocks & Honeybees.  

Maybe I'll even have to have a GiVEAWAY soon to commemorate the FB page going live in 2012.  
{Oh... be sure to spread the word to all of your friends, family & neighbors too who have seen something H&H you have & wonder where you got it from- THaNKS! I would really appreciate your help- I couldn't do it without great clients & followers} 

I never thought I would say this- but I'm happy to see snow on the ground & falling from the skies today in my yard.  It's been a strange winter without snow so far.  Bring on WiNTER