What I wore {& what I'm wondering} Wednesday


  Oh, so many things have been going through my head for the past couple of weeks. More recently since about 4:30 this morning.   
{bright & early!}
Augh- it's stressful, time consuming, exciting, overwhelming & scary when you are trying to think outside the box a bit.  I'm nervous to think about actually taking that 1st step & see what it all holds. 
{kind of scary- I'll explain} 

-A quick pic of what I'm wearing today. Got my brown cardigan at DownEast last week for 40% off the Clearance price- Cha-ChiNG!  $11 bucks- love it! -
I put the question out there last week on the 
 {thanks to everyone who commented by the way} 
& from those who responded it was unanimous on what I should do.  But taking that step means alot more planning on my part, figuring things out, setting up & in general just some big growing pains.  
{so much to think about- just figuring out the shipping alone, makes me dizzy!} 

I love my little business & have enjoyed watching it grow over the past 12 years.  It is exciting & exhilarating to be able to look back over the years & see all the changes that has happened.  I want to keep up with the times & for H&H to be able to reach as many people as I can. Keeping in mind that it is just me doing everything {not an easy task} sometimes I wish I had a marketing director, advertising specialist & just in general a personal assistant to do all the little things I don't like to do.  
{Not to mention being a Wife & Mom on top of all that}

I'm not saying this to make myself sound busier than anyone else out there but just so that you know why H&H might not be as big or as assessable as other businesses selling products.  I love that my products are each unique & one of a kind.  I use a variety of techniques, materials, papers, colors & do- dads to finish off each product.  That's the way I enjoy making things- each with their own personality & style, I don't want to mass produce things in 10's or 20's.  
{That's just not how I roll! ;)} 
 Which makes it a bit harder when I think about going online & selling them because alot of things would have to be sold as one of a kind. 
{sorry... to be rambling on & on. Is anyone still reading this?} 

Anyway so long story short I'm trying to decide if I want to sell more products online or just continue having the shows in my home. I do LOVE opening up my home to all my wonderful H&H clients, friends & neighbors a couple times a year & enjoy getting to see you all. It's never a stressful thing for me {which people can't believe} to do I only worry right before each show that no one will show up.  But have never been disappointed, thanks to all of you! 

So I would like to ask all my H&H peeps out there a couple of ?'s to help me figure out what to do.  
I would very much appreciate your feedback. I am grateful for all the support you have been to me over the years & couldn't do it all without you. 

1- Would you like to see more H&H products sold on my blog through PayPal or on ETSY? 
2- Have you ever been to an H&H open house at my home? 
3- If not, why? Was it too far, did you feel uncomfortable coming into some one's home, were the times or days just bad?
4- Would you rather buy my products in person or online? 

Just a couple of things I'm wondering & pondering today.  Thanks for letting me get it all off my chest.  
Who knows what will happen or even if I'll change anything at all. We'll just have to see what 2012 brings for H&H.  



Anonymous said...

your SO cute!!!!!


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I didn't respond on facebook, but will here for you. :)

1. I think it would be a good idea to get them to people outside of the state, but like you said this is a big investment for you to be involved in with the shipping, updating etc.
2. Yup, I usually make the trip. I don't know that I have missed one yet.
3. I wish they were on the weekend so I didn't have to hurry up there and then drive back home (not that it is way far, but have to be on the freeway during rush hour to get there and then driving home late isn't fun). I know that you did it that one time on Saturday, but no one really came.
4. I like to see them in person. I like to browse around and check everything out before making my decision. Plus how many times do you get something online and then when you get it doesn't look anything like you thought it would?

Also, I'm going to make a quilt and redo my room.....I'm going to need a black stripey frame for it. :) Can't decide if I want it all black or black stripes with a red frame, etc. I'll have to show you my fabric and help me decide.

Lindsay said...

Here's my answers:
1- I am a late night impulse buyer, especially on ETSY - so it's a yes and no. Yes, because I could easily buy things without waiting for a show, but no - because then I'd be poor.
2 - YES
3 - NA
4 - Love your stuff, I'd do either way! Bottom line, you have to do what is best for you. Good luck!!

Emily Snow said...

1) Etsy
2) I never have been to one of your open houses/I've always lived too far!
3) See above
4) I'd rather buy in person & really get to see the products, but since that's not really an option...

A friend of mine sews...she does quilts, aprons, place mats, etc. She goes to craft shows, does open houses at her home AND she has a little Etsy shop. She doesn't go crazy with this Etsy shop but she always has a dozen things for's just another way to keep her visable.

Bottom line, I think do what you feel comfortable with. I mean, yes, getting out of your comfort zone is good...but if it's stressing you out way to much, shelve it and come back to it in 6-12 months! That's just my little ol' opinion!

Honeybee said...

Thanks everyone for your input- I appreciate it! I'll let you all know what I decide on doing.

Kari said...

I completely agree with Emily's statement. I would love being able to buy your products on Etsy, since I live too far to make it to your shows. You have such fun and cute ideas. Thank you for sharing them.