Healthy lifestyle

-Change is in the air in my Home- 
 {in a good way, wa-hoo!} 
I start most of mornings here & a couple of weeks ago attended an eye opening class, Whole Foods for Life.   

The class is taught by Miss Foodie herself, Suzy 
{who is darling person by the way} & lives up by me.  I'm so happy that I get to live around so many wonderful people who inspire & teach me everyday.  I live in a terrific community full of caring, health minded & generous people- Lucky!

She has a blog called, Foodie Gone Healthy. I've loved attending her class on how to eat more healthy & add better things into your everyday diet.  HeLLO.... I have my family eating {by the spoonful} fish oil for heaven sakes!  
{It's a super yummy flavorful kind- Barlean's}  

She shared a fruit salad with us during class of blueberries, strawberries, blackberries & pineapple that she just drizzled the flavored fish oil {mango/peach} & flax oil on & that was it- so delicious!  My friends {who were visiting from out of town}  & I were so inspired that we rushed right down to Good Earth & bought us each a bottle. Since then my family has been putting it in smoothies, yogurt, drizzling it on fruit & pouring it onto a spoon & taking it straight down. 
{Just like a spoonful of sugar ;)} 
-The flavored Fish Oils are in the refrigerated section of the store. So many falvors to choose from, next on my list the coconut pineapple one, sounds yummy!- 
Tonight I made a soup that she shared the recipe of in class, Vegetable Soup w/ sprouted Wheat.  

-Picture of the soup from Foodie Gone Healthy- 
It was my 1st time ever attempting to sprout wheat.  Sounds a bit scary but it is really simple to do & much better for you. {Who knew.. I usually use wheat berries to grow wheat grass for Easter decor. Shows you how much I know ;) }

The soup was so hearty, warm & delicious.  
Thanks Suzy, for sharing all your knowledge, awesome recipes & love for food with me. You are an inspiration! Can't wait for class this week.  Check out her blog for more fantastic recipes to try! 

My {Get Healthy} Shopping List 
Fish Oil- CHeCK!
Flax Seed Oil- CHeCK!
Wheat Berries- CheCK!
Coconut Oil- 
Canola Oil- 
Flax Seeds
{Better get back to the Health Food Store} 

Just wanted to share some inspiration that has come into my life that I'm embracing & loving!  


*Disclaimer- I just remembered that I shared the Marshmallow Popcorn recipe earlier this week & although it is scrumptious it's probably not on the healthy list.  But it's ok because National Popcorn Day only comes around once a year right?  Maybe I should have drizzled some flax oil in it ;) Haha! Change can't happen all at once. 


Honeybee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE flavored fish oil!! it is so dang good in smoothies!! love ya mom!!!
Miss Mace

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

The soup was super yummy, thanks for making us some.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Great ideas and so many ways to use healthy fish oil. It sounds really good. I was at good earth last night. Next time I go I will get some fish oil.