Is it ok if I just brag for a bit, please? Thanks! 
  How talented & cute is my 13 yr. old? 
She was down in her room this morning making & creating this headband.  Can you believe it?  

-Such a great color combo- Navy, white & yellow.  Good job Mace! 
-Looks so cute with her wavy hair- 
Wish I was doing something fun like her today but instead I have loads of laundry to do & busy taking care of a sick little girl :(  No fun.  It broke my heart when she said to me, 
"This is not how I was planning on spending my Monday." 
Hopefully she will be better tomorrow & off to school & riding around on her roller blades after school. 
{Hopefully none of the rest of us get it too} 

I had a fabulous fun filled past 4 days with some of my girlfriends who came in from out of town.  
-Nicolle, LaRae & I . Forever neighbors & friends-
So glad they were able to come visit & spend a few days- lots of new memories made & laughs too. I'll have to share more about all our adventures later. 
{Zumba won't be the same without you 2- Cowbell ;)} 



Nicole Garner McConkie said...

I just love that miss Mace! She is so talented and cute.

Lindsay said...

Oh I know Nicolle V. I was friends with her sister Michelle. Small world..