Can I just tell you how much I love 
{& look forward to one Monday a month} 
it's the day that I get to go out to lunch with 5 other amazing, creative & inspiring women who always uplift me, make me giggle & smile. 
{Such a JoY! I hope you all are blessed with wonderful friends to}

It's the Cultivate girls that I'm talking about 
{the girls who put on THiS each year}

Today we discovered the Beehive Tea Room in Salt Lake City.  We were in awe when we walked in- so inspired!  We like to look for somewhere to met each month that has decor & surroundings that will inspire us as well as have something yummy to eat. 
{that's always good} 
Right when we walked in & I saw this I knew that this was a place for me- a cake on a cake stand & a pink sugar cookie- delightful! 

We got to sit in the big open area room with vintage chairs & couches- so fun! We loved all the mismatch decor & how the whole cafe was set up.  

I ordered the Spinach Artichoke sandwich on multi grain bread & a salad- so fresh & light, it was yummy! 

We sat around a painted coffee table & shared questions that we answered about us & our life & then exchanged our One Little Word for the year with each other. 
My soul was filled & inspired today- Thanks Becky, Sheryl, Nicole, Haley & Erin. 
{love you guys}

So excited to see how we all learn to Adapt, Accept, Encourage, Strengthen, Savor & Let go & Let God this year as Cultivate friends.  I'm already looking forward to our next month get together. 


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sheryl said...

Melissa, We couldnt do it without you organizing us and keeping us on track...your amazing :)