The "Bird" & the bees....

  Whew... I'm beat!  I have been Decking the Halls {lobby actually}up at the gorgeous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Park City all day with a bunch of amazing, creative & FUN friends.  What a way to spend the day! But before I call it a night {& rest my aching feet} I wanted to post about the next vendor who will be at The {Holiday} Hive this Friday & Saturday.

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Okay, did I get your attention with that post title? haha, the next vendor who will be at The Hive is Leila Bird {Nicole McConkie}  I have the pleasure of living next door to this creative bird & am so grateful I get to each & every day.  All of her creations are a true reflection of her & what she loves.  Such an amazing style, charming fabrics & patterns all put together with a vintage flare.  You're such to see something you just have to have from Leila Bird- necklaces, brooches, hair clips & head bands & one of a kind platters & candy jars just in time for your Holiday entertaining.

Adorable beaded necklaces with fabric flowers- DARLING!!
- Little clips served up on one of Leila Birds platters

-cute flower headbands-
Be sure to stop by The {Holiday} Hive this week to pick up something for you, a loved one or a friend.
p.s.- Be sure to bring all your friends along with you too!!



The Hive proudly presents.....


The Hive is proud to present the following busy bees who will be coming to The {Holiday} Hive this week

 First up- Tori Andersen {the face behind Apostrophy Designs}
Tori's designs have been at The Hive since the beginning & is always a favorite with customers.  She has such a whimsy, fun way to turn something ordinary {ZIPPERS} into something fashionable & extraordinary. 
I am happy to have her designs grace The Hive once again.  Perfect for all girls you have on your Christmas list you are sure to find something to please them from Apostrophy Designs!

-adorable Zipper rings-

-I'm definitely going to have to have one of these! *Bling-Bling*-

-Always popular Zipper headbands in a variety of colors-

Be sure to "ZiP" on over to The {Holiday} Hive this Friday & Saturday.
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{all the details in the post below}

Keep on "Buzzing"  you have until Wednesday night at Midnight
More sneak peeks tomorrow so check back- I'm off to the Rockettes!!



CReaTe a "BuZZ" & win- round 2!


 Okay, it's that time again- The {Holiday} Hive will soon be here, next Friday & Saturday to be exact & I need your help creating a "BuZZ" about this {Sweet little Boutique} coming to town!
All you have to do is post "the Hive Ticket" to your blog, facebook page or email it to your friends & family.
Please link it to
for upcoming info. & sneak peeks.
The drawing  goes until Wendsday night at Midnight- the winner will be announced on Thursday- GooD LuCK!!

Be sure to leave me a comment telling me how you "Buzzed" about The Hive to be entered to win a $25.00 gift certificate to spend next week at 
The {Holiday} Hive. 
It's that simple! 

Are you in?  Hope so! 
Everyone could use some extra spending $$$ around the holidays. 
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Thanks again for all your help & happy "BuZZing"! -can't wait to hear from you all-
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Day 25- HaPPy THaNKSGiViNG!

HOpe you all had a wonderful day with Family & lots of yummy tasty food.  Oh, how I look forward to THanksgiving every single year.

So today, as a BIG finish  to writing 3 thngs each day, I decided to write 10 things I'm grateful for -

1- Turkey
2- Skype- we got to chat & see the B family in Oregon- love you guys!
3- Chocolate Cream Pie- Delish!
4-Nieces & Nephews
5- My Mother in Laws terrific homemade rolls
6- watching past BYU/Utah games on TV- Gooo COUGARS!
7- Macey feeling better
8- My in laws home
9- Happy Helpers- I had my 3 cute nieces helping me on a project today
10-  The opportunity to list things I have been grateful for for the past 24 days.



Day 24- 3 things & a Happy Home

Well today has been quite a day already!  I have put away ALL the Fall decorations in preparation for putting up Christmas this weekend-yeah!  I love having a clean slate to work with.  All the shelves, mantles & book cases have been cleaned off, dusted & ready to be decked for the Holidays!  We also rearranged our furniture last night in preparation for putting up the Christmas tree in the family room.

1-  Our Home-  Today Studio 5 aired a segment on a tour I gave one of their producers of a few of my favorite little unique spots in our home.  One thing I forgot to mention & show in the segment is having a outlet right in the middle of the floor in our family room.  PERFECT for putting the Christmas tree right in the center of the room- great idea!
-You can watch the segment- HERE-
2- Laughter- I enjoy hearing my kids laugh as they play around our home.  It makes me happy!

3- Sprite & Advil- I'm grateful to have these things to give to my daughter who is feeling a little under the weather right today.  Hope she feels better for Thanksgiving tomorrow
  Tis' the Season for colds, I guess-but yuck, no fun!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


** Be sure to check back on Saturday for your chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate to spend at The {Holiday} Hive just by creating a "BuZZ"about it.  So Easy & simple to do to win.  
-all the details on how to enter will be given on Saturday-

Day 23-


Wow, I guess the Holidays are approaching or at least the preparations for the Holidays because I don't seen to have enough time in the day to get all the things done that I need to in the day.
So here are my thankful things for the 23rd-

1- My Mom {Happy Birthday to her!}
2- My kids artwork  I love to watch them rip open their packpacks everyday after school to unload the treasure they have made that day.  It makes me happy to see them excited to share what they have made during the day.I love having a giant magnet board in our mudroom to display all their art work.
-Em's Thankful Turkey-
3- Suviving the "BLiZZard" of 2010- okay, just kidding!  All the hype & not really anything that major but I was grateful to have all of my family safe & sound in our home when the wind was holwing & the snow was blowing all around.



Day 22-


  1- Duke Basketball- Wa-hoo, Basketball season is here! I love watching my Blue Devils play.  I love to see the royal blue jerseys, Coach K on the sideline & my favorite player- Singler back on the basketball court this season. I need to get back to No. Carolina soon to see them play in Cameron Indoor.  Mace & I cheered & watched them play Marquette tonight.  I'm happy my girls like to watch them play.

2- Our Home- Especially on this cold, windy, snowy {about a foot in Mt. Green} today,  I'm grateful to have a home to live in.  I'm grateful for a furnace to keep us all warm too.
**{FYI- Tune into Studio 5 on Wednesday to see more of my home in the Happy Home segment}

3- My Community- I was able to go to the gym this morning for Zumba, with many friends & neighbors that live in Mt. Green. It was a great way to start the snowy, cold day off with a bang. I also went to volunteer in the girls class today at school.  I love seeing & interacting with so many wonderful people who live in Mt. Green.  It is a great area to belong too, I love living here!

Bundle up everyone- Winter is here!


A little late {Sorry} Day 20 & Day 21

Sorry I'm late in posting my 3 grateful things from yesterday but I had a busy, delightful, crazy, loooong day!
I took Hollyhocks & Honeybees on it's 1st  road trip up to beautiful {chilly, snowy} Cache Valley- Lewiston to be exact!  The GReaTeST little town, if you ask me!  I had a wonderful day talking to so many old friends, family & people I have known my whole life.  So many terrific memories of growing up there.

So this is who I got to spend my day with:

My Mt. Green friends who took the trip along with me. {Thanks to Janet for roping us all into this!} 
Liz {cute hairbows} Janet {darling this & that stuff, created by herself & 2 other Mt. Green friends} Nicole {Leila Bird cuteness} & I
-Can you believe I get to live by all these talented & creative women!
Nicole & I had our booth by each other so we got to chat all day- fun times!
-She also followed me up to Lewiston today {her 1st trip up North} I'm sure at times she was wondering where the heck we were going & when we were going to get there! 

- Some Hollyhocks & Honeybees creations-

- I got to see so many of my family there, it was great! Lots of my cousins, my cousins' wives & these lovely ladies. My Aunts {who all live in Lewiston} & who I got to see almost everyday of my life growing up - LuCKY me!!
I missed getting a picture with my Aunt Diane & also my Mom, Vanessa & Mace- who were BIG helpers to me. It made setting up & taking down go so easy- thanks!!
So I'm grateful for -

1- Lewiston, Utah
2- Friends {Old & New}
3- Aunts!

I'm glad I got the time to reflect &  think back on yesterday & what to celebrate & be grateful for.

** Funny Story- So a lady came into my booth, while I was busy with a customer, & saw one of the paper wreaths & said to Nicole, "Oh, I saw one of these hanging on a door on a TV show I was watching this week." Nicole asked, "Was is Studio 5?" & the lady said, "Yes, it was" & then Nicole told her that it was my door she had seen it on.  She couldn't believe it, so we talked for a bit.  It was a funny moment for me to hear her talking about it & that it had been on TV.  Eeee~!  Still excited from being on Studio 5!   

Now Day 21-

I'm grateful that-

1- Surprise!!- Tyler got to come home for a second to grab some dinner, before going back to the church until 9:00 tonight.  It was good to see him for a bit. Sundays are a long day when we don't get to see him much.
2- Snow- Just that my girls got to play in it & have fun with their friends today.  Other than that I'm too happy for the snow :(  but I guess it's time.
3- Macey- She was such a BIG help to me yesterday & I'm glad she was able to sit by me at chruch today so I wasn't all alone.  It was the Primay Program today {love these} so Audrey & Em were involved & Tyler had to stay on the stand.  So I guess there is one good reason that Mace is growing up so fast, that now I have a buddy to sit with on these Sundays, thanks Mace!


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Day 19- 3 things & ready to go!


THaNKS, to everyone who has stopped by & checked out my blog the last couple of days!  I appreciate you looking & I hope you like what you see & keep checking back often.  I will be posting more pictures soon of my business & what will be available at The Hive {a sweet little boutique} Dec. 3rd & 4th.

-My 3 grateful things for the day-

1- Sweat pants- its just been one of those busy, BUSY, days when I just want to be comfortable & get things done. {no special place to go today}  just busy pricing, wrapping & packing up the H&H goods.

2- Computers- I'm grateful for this for the past 2 days.  I have been able to connect with so many of you & that would have never been possible without the Internet & computers.  WOW, they really are a cool thing to have around aren't they. 

3-  Soup- Mmmmm, I made one of our favorite dinners tonight. It just might be the simplest, easiest soup to whip together but it is also very tasty.  Don't you just love having soup on a chilly, windy night.  I love it!
Ham & Hash brown Soup
4. cups of water
4 tsp. Chicken Bouillon
2- 8 oz. Cream Cheese
1 C. Celery, cut into bite size chunks
1 1/2 C.  Diced Ham
2 TB. Diced Onion
1 lb. bag of frozen hash browns
1 TB. Dill Weed
Salt & Pepper to taste
  Bring water & chicken bouillon to a boil.  Add celery & onion, cook for 3-5 minutes. Add in Cream Cheese & stir until melted.  Add the Ham, Hashbrowns & Dill Weed.  Add salt & pepper to taste.

   *Check out the Delish my Dish blog {link on the right} for more tasty & amazing recipes. 
-Magnet countdown charts, Glittered Christmas cottages & Vintage paper wreaths all ready to go-
I am TOTALLY in Love w/ the front wreath with the Santa medallion & ornament balls, if it doesn't sell I won't feel bad ;)
By the way if you would like to special order anything you see, to buy at The Hive, please email me & place an order-thanks!

Well back to packing up all my H&H goods to take up North tomorrow. 
If you are in Cache Valley tomorrow head up to Lewiston from 10:00-4:00
Lewiston Craft Show in the Community Building on Main Street.

Have a great weekend!


In case you missed it- {Studio 5}

 I'm breathing much better now! ;) I thought the segment turned out GReat!! {Thanks Courtney!}
 Here's the link to the segment  from Studio 5 on Magazine Monday today  if you missed it. 
-I had a blast Celebrating the Small Things with my friends-

Hope you all get something fun in the mail to look at today


**P.S. The Hive {a sweet little boutique} is coming to my house on Dec. 3rd & 4th.  If you would like to be invited email me to be place on the email list.
-Frames, Holiday Decor, charming candy jars, embellished tees, vintage necklaces, children's clothes & so much more will be available at The Hive-
-Sneak Peeks & Giveaway coming soon, so check back!-

Day 18 & Studio 5


 1- Here's to Today!! I have a lot of emotions running through me right now.  Going to Yoga to hopefully calm them all down & get centered- namaste. 
{Excited, nervous, anxious & anticipating seeing the Studio 5 segment today!}
Glad Ty will be home to watch it with me & a dear friend,  who invited herself over & I don't mind a bit,  to view it with me- thanks E!

2- Thank you-  Can you really say this enough during the day?  I was taught from a very young age to write thank you notes to express gratitude to others {Thanks Mom} & I love it when I receive one from a thoughtful friend or family member.  I especially think this one is darling {& I don't even speak Italian}
I usually keep thank you cards like this up for a few days, it just makes me happy!

3- Toothbrushes- You may be laughing but I love my toothbrush!  It is the Colgate 360 clean. I like it because it has the little scrubby part on the back of the brush so my tongue & cheek get cleaned at the same time as my teeth.  {Don't knock it until you try it} I'm especially happy because Costco just stared to sell them in the multi-packs- so we can stock up! Oh, & my favorite toothpaste too- so refreshing!!

-Quote of the day-
{Words of wisdom from such a sweet lady}

"Thank you" is a wonderful phrase.  Use it.  It will add statue to your soul.  If you can't find someone to say thank you to for something, just take a look at your toothbrush & say, "Thank you for being, you are a wonderful little gadget."
- Marjorie Hinckley

Have a great day!
If you happen to see the Studio 5 segment today please be sure to leave me a comment. 
Until tomorrow-



Day 17- Better late than never!

Sorry, for the late post today but it's just been one of those days.  I wanted to post some Sneak Peeks of some of the things I will be taking up to the Boutique in Lewiston this Saturday from 10:00-4:00. 
They will also be available at The {Holiday} Hive next month.

1- My Business {Hollyhocks & Honeybees Est. 2000}
I'm grateful to be doing something that I love in my free time.  I enjoy designing, creating & making everything I do.  Don't get me wrong sometimes I WISHED I had a personal assistant to help me with the day to day stuff, like today for example!!  Running to the store, returning emails & phone calls, checking on orders, & just keeping me on schedule. The stuff that's not always fun to do like getting your fingers coated in paint & playing with glitter & picking hot glue strings off of everything  ;)
I love the process of creating through inspiration!  That's why everything I create is one of a kind, no 2 things look alike. I would get bored if I did more than 2 things exactly alike.
{H + H= mismatched, electic style}

So without further adieu- some of H&H's Holiday Collection 2010

A Santa with a vintage feel- perfect size to put on a shelf or tuck in a bookcase
-Love these colorful snowflake medallions-

I have loved playing around w/ tinsel this year!  Add a little *BLiNG* to a 5x7 frame

- Chunky, charming blocks to put here & there or give away as a gift-
The BIG 25- always a Holiday hit!

- My feathered friends will be traveling up to Lewiston with me
{a whole bunch to be exact} lots of Thanksgiving/Fall blocks & decor too!

2-  Home SWeeT Home- I'm looking forward to traveling up to Lewiston the Saturday. {The BeST place to have grow up, in my opinion ;) }  I hope I see lots of familiar faces at the Boutique this weekend.

3- PoPCoRN!-  We LOVE Popcorn around here.  My kids probably eat at least 1 bag of it a day. It's like a nightly ritual for us. Whenever we are watching a movie, watching a football or basketball game on TV or just playing a card game the girls {and especially Tyler} want to have some popcorn.  We even have some "official" popcorn eating bowls- We're serious!  I enjoyed some tonight with Emily as we watched Audrey play the Wii. 

Well that's the 3 things I am thankful for today! I'm glad I have been doing this for 17 days but I will say it gets a little harder each day.  I don't want to repeat the same thing twice-so it really makes me think!
Crazy to think that November is 1/2 way over already- WOW! 


**Studio 5 tomorrow @ 11:00 a.m**
{LoTS of butterflies!!}