Day 17- Better late than never!

Sorry, for the late post today but it's just been one of those days.  I wanted to post some Sneak Peeks of some of the things I will be taking up to the Boutique in Lewiston this Saturday from 10:00-4:00. 
They will also be available at The {Holiday} Hive next month.

1- My Business {Hollyhocks & Honeybees Est. 2000}
I'm grateful to be doing something that I love in my free time.  I enjoy designing, creating & making everything I do.  Don't get me wrong sometimes I WISHED I had a personal assistant to help me with the day to day stuff, like today for example!!  Running to the store, returning emails & phone calls, checking on orders, & just keeping me on schedule. The stuff that's not always fun to do like getting your fingers coated in paint & playing with glitter & picking hot glue strings off of everything  ;)
I love the process of creating through inspiration!  That's why everything I create is one of a kind, no 2 things look alike. I would get bored if I did more than 2 things exactly alike.
{H + H= mismatched, electic style}

So without further adieu- some of H&H's Holiday Collection 2010

A Santa with a vintage feel- perfect size to put on a shelf or tuck in a bookcase
-Love these colorful snowflake medallions-

I have loved playing around w/ tinsel this year!  Add a little *BLiNG* to a 5x7 frame

- Chunky, charming blocks to put here & there or give away as a gift-
The BIG 25- always a Holiday hit!

- My feathered friends will be traveling up to Lewiston with me
{a whole bunch to be exact} lots of Thanksgiving/Fall blocks & decor too!

2-  Home SWeeT Home- I'm looking forward to traveling up to Lewiston the Saturday. {The BeST place to have grow up, in my opinion ;) }  I hope I see lots of familiar faces at the Boutique this weekend.

3- PoPCoRN!-  We LOVE Popcorn around here.  My kids probably eat at least 1 bag of it a day. It's like a nightly ritual for us. Whenever we are watching a movie, watching a football or basketball game on TV or just playing a card game the girls {and especially Tyler} want to have some popcorn.  We even have some "official" popcorn eating bowls- We're serious!  I enjoyed some tonight with Emily as we watched Audrey play the Wii. 

Well that's the 3 things I am thankful for today! I'm glad I have been doing this for 17 days but I will say it gets a little harder each day.  I don't want to repeat the same thing twice-so it really makes me think!
Crazy to think that November is 1/2 way over already- WOW! 


**Studio 5 tomorrow @ 11:00 a.m**
{LoTS of butterflies!!}

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