Gratitude DaY 3- These boots were made for walking!

A quick 3 things that made me happy today-

1- Chatting w/ my friend Michelle on my way home from runing errands today! It made the drive home fly by :) She can always make me laugh & we have the best conversations about our kids, Regis & Kelly or just life in general.
{oh, I'm also grateful for cell phones- what did we ever do before}

2- Colors- I love seeing, noticing & being drawn to certain colors. Right now the yellow leaves on some of the trees are breathtaking, I wish they would stay a little longer. I went clothes shopping today & was drawn to gunmetal grays.

3- My legs- I'm grateful that I have them to move me from place to place, allow me to practice Yoga & fit into these great new boots {I love them!} 

3 Simple but happy things to be grateful for today

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