Day 6- A great day & an exciting discovery!


1- I love going to BYU football games in the Fall {this has been kind of a rough season but I still LOVE going to them}  Especially when I get to spend it with these people.  I'm grateful to my parents for always taking me to the games when I was younger & now I get to share the same experiences with my girls. 
Em, Ty & I
3 Cougarettes in the making!! {Audrey, Brin & Megan}

My season ticket buddy- Nicolle!  Stay strong up there in Boise ;)

Texie & I enjoying the game today 55-7 Wa-Hoo!! 
{Glad Tex brought along a Coke to drink before we got to the game}
P.S.- We should have taken a picture in our new matching BYU jackets!

{Audrey, Em, Mace & cousin Paul}

Joey, Ty & Nicolle celebrating Ty's 3rd place finish in the giant pumpkin weigh-off at the game.
2-  Friends- I discovered the coolest thing last night on my blog {at least cool to me}  that if you click on Stats, you can see who has been looking at your blog & how they got there. WOW, that was fun to see!  I guess I have a little bit of a following in Argentina- who knew.  But I wanted to tell all those friends of mine a big THANK YOU to those who have a link on their blogs for  my blog. I had a lot of people finding there way here because of all of you.
So big thanks to the Top 5 {I know there are many more of you too}  
Scraps of Simplicity {Sheryl & Karah}
 Captures Photography {Haley}
Jenny McConnell
Lisa Marie Hall &amp
 The Skiing Wallaces {Mandy}
I appreciate all of  you!

3- Sights & Smells of Christmas- {I'm not ready for all the Christmas music though}  I was able to stop by The Gatehouse in Orem on our way home from the game today.  Oh, how I LOVE to stop by  this store!!  So much to take in, dream of having in my own house someday & be inspired by.  It also smelled wonderful {cinnamon, pine, cloves- yummy!} It was all decked out in Holiday decor & it made me dreaming of the day when the Christmas boxes come out of storage & the girls help me & Ty put everything up in our house.  I found a few treasures that I just had to have for this Christmas. 


*p.s. Check out the What's for Dinner Link {on the right} for updated photos & recipes from our past Gourmet Club- it was very tasty!


Vanessa said...

I am excited to know that the Argentines are interested in your blog.
Vamos Argentina!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

Love the Cougars! Good luck and have fun tomorrow.