Day 18 & Studio 5


 1- Here's to Today!! I have a lot of emotions running through me right now.  Going to Yoga to hopefully calm them all down & get centered- namaste. 
{Excited, nervous, anxious & anticipating seeing the Studio 5 segment today!}
Glad Ty will be home to watch it with me & a dear friend,  who invited herself over & I don't mind a bit,  to view it with me- thanks E!

2- Thank you-  Can you really say this enough during the day?  I was taught from a very young age to write thank you notes to express gratitude to others {Thanks Mom} & I love it when I receive one from a thoughtful friend or family member.  I especially think this one is darling {& I don't even speak Italian}
I usually keep thank you cards like this up for a few days, it just makes me happy!

3- Toothbrushes- You may be laughing but I love my toothbrush!  It is the Colgate 360 clean. I like it because it has the little scrubby part on the back of the brush so my tongue & cheek get cleaned at the same time as my teeth.  {Don't knock it until you try it} I'm especially happy because Costco just stared to sell them in the multi-packs- so we can stock up! Oh, & my favorite toothpaste too- so refreshing!!

-Quote of the day-
{Words of wisdom from such a sweet lady}

"Thank you" is a wonderful phrase.  Use it.  It will add statue to your soul.  If you can't find someone to say thank you to for something, just take a look at your toothbrush & say, "Thank you for being, you are a wonderful little gadget."
- Marjorie Hinckley

Have a great day!
If you happen to see the Studio 5 segment today please be sure to leave me a comment. 
Until tomorrow-



tiffany said...

Congratulations Melissa!! I wish I had popped over here a little earlier, so I could have watched. But I'm sure you did marvelous! I was just linking you to the write up I just did on my boys room with the adorable frames I got from you at the last Piper & Chloe show. Love them!

Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

You looked beautiful! I'm so lucky to have a talented sister like you. I wish I could come to Magazine Monday's too. Good luck in Lewiston this weekend. I wish I could be there, but someone has to sit in the freezing, rainy cold to cheer for the Cougars. :)

Julie said...

It was so fun to see you on the show!! Congratulations! What a fun idea to look through all of the fun magazines with friends. I have always torn out my favorite ideas and then but them in page protectors so I have my own "idea" book. That way I don't have to keep all of the magazines yet have the idea. This wouldn't work with lots of people looking of course. Love your table with the fun chairs. Your home is beautiful! You are amazing!

saundras_place said...

I saw you on the Studio 5 segment -- that is how I found your blog. I noticed on the home tour that in your kid's study area was a piece of "artwork" (?) of a piano keyboard. Is this something you make, or did you find it somewhere? I couldn't get but a quick "glance" as the camera moved so quickly. I would love a picture if you have one.