An attitude of Gratitude- DaY 2

I'm trying to figure out if I want to do this in the morning or at the end of the day- hmmm... I'm still thinking!
If I wait until the end I can think of the day & what I've been grateful for but it would be easier to blog in the morning once I get Miss Mace & the "Turtle Twins" off to school.  I'll figure it out :)

Todays Grateful Things:
1- My Sister Vanessa  {HaPPy BiRTHDay!!} She will always be my little baby sister cheering with me during the Duke games, {she STILL does that :) } going on walks with me down to "the trees", with Marvin her stuffed monkey holding her hand, everyday after school.  She is all grown up now & doing great things!  Proud of her & so happy to have her living up here by us - Happy B-Day V!

2- Being able to VOTE!  I'm glad to be an American & live in this wonderful country. 
We have a tradition with our next door neighbors that we let our kids get a "taste" of our country's Electoral Process. We have them give us {The Moms} some options for what they would like to see for dinner on Election Night.  We then make up ballots with the "Candidates" for Main Dish, Side Dish & Dessert & let everyone in the family VOTE.  The kids don't know the vote tally until we sit down for dinner & the winning dish is revealed. It's been a great learning activity & the kids look forward to it every November 2nd.
FYI- the winning dinner was Pita Pockets, Fruit Salad & Banana Splits

3- SuNSHiNe!  I know it won't be around much longer but it was sure nice to see it out today & feel it against my skin.  {I'm not looking forward to Daylight saving this weekend, I don't like it getting dark at 5:30!}

4- Photographs- I had the pleasure today of sorting through hundreds of dance pictures from the Middle School Halloween Dance.  Our PTSO board took group photos of the students in their costumes for a fund raiser.  It was a great success & it was fun to look at all the kids personalities shining through in the pictures. 

I also am in LOVE with the family pictures that we had taken a month ago.  I'm so glad we live in a day & age where photographs really show each persons personality & are in color.  {Remember the pictures from the olden days?}  I love pictures & filling my home with them. 
-Hoping, hoping Santa brings me a nice, big camera this year- *wink, wink*-


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