Day 9 & {Day 5} I'll explain :)

  So today is my Day 9 or listing 3 grateful things each day on my blog & Day 5 of my 21 Challenge with Rhonna Farrer.  What a great month this has been, I can already feel the change!
There is just something that happens to you when you try & focus on the positive & little things in your life that maybe you take for granted sometimes.  Also trying to do something creative everyday is so rejuvenating- I am loving it!

1- Good Night's Sleep-  What's the saying.... Early to bed Early to Rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy & Wise.  Well that has been me ever since the daylight savings time change this weekend.  I went to bed last night at 9:00 p.m. & was up at 5:30 a.m. Even though it is a change I am enjoying it & embracing it. I get a lot of things done in the morning before anyone is up.
Although I will say I don't like the darkness around 5:30 but other than that I'm good.

2- Ty- I think he could make my list each & every day.  So grateful to have such a wonderful person as my husband.  He stuck around a little bit yesterday during Magazine Monday & it made my day when I would see him, out of the corner of my eye, smiling at me or sneaking around a corner of the room to snap a picture with his phone.   

3-Washer & Dryer- It's laundry day at the Quigley's today & I'm so grateful to have these machines. Can you imagine not having them...augh! I actually have a dear friend who would STILL love doing laundry without them I'm sure.  My loads of laundry feel like they have doubled lately, I guess that comes along with kids getting bigger, all girls & a pre- teen that changes her clothes every 10 minutes ;)

Well off to fold laundry & enjoy Regis & Kelly {my favorite morning ritual to start the day!}


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Tyler said...

Thank you! I love reading your daily posts! Love you!!!

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