Day 5- Ready, set, go!

  Today I am grateful for lots of things & it's only 8:24 a.m!! 

1- Change- I put up some of our new family pictures around the house late last night & this morning.  Feels good to look around & see some new faces looking back at me :)

2- Tyler-  What ever I ask him to do he does it without complaining.  He is always willing to drop what he is doing to help even when he has alot on his plate to handle. Love ya,  Ty!!

3-  My Creativity-  I am taking the 21 Challenge from this little, spunky, awesome lady I met her at Spark this year & she is the most upbeat, positive, believe in yourself person I have ever met!  I'm excited to start changing {a few} habits & starting {new} habits that will help me be be more creative for the next 21 days.   

{click on the link to learn more about the challenge}

Have a great day & a wonderful weekend. 

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