Day 10- A few gratitude points to "high-light"


   I don't know if I have told you before but I LOVE quotes!  Oh... when I find a good one that has great meaning & really makes you stop & think it makes my day.  Well when I came across this one last week, in my Country Living magazine, I just knew I had to print it out.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life...
It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home,
a stranger into a friend.
-Melody Beattie

Don't you agree?  A little thank you can go a long way in our crazy busy world & not only change the persons life who recieves it but our lives as well for giving it.
{something to think about & do}

I like this photo because  there are things in the background that I am grateful for-

1- The beautiful world we live in {Referring to my vintage globe stand} Take the time to just look out your window &  enjoy what you see {you don't have to be somewhere foreign or far away, which would be nice, but enjoy what is around you this very minute}
So for me- Mountains, pine trees, running water, bright orange berries on the tree & little songbirds in the feeder.

2- The Temple- {referring to the picture of the Bountiful Temple} Such a place of beauty & peace.  I love to spend time there.

3- My Heritage I think I get my love of quotes from my Grandpa Hall.  {Oh, how I miss him!}  When he would read he always had a yellow highlighter with him & when he came across something he liked he would highlight it.  He was always reciting something he had just read, a quote that he particularly liked or a poem that he learned in grade school. He liked to share little tid bits with his family.  I like to go to my Grandma's home sometimes open a book of his & just look at what he highlighted because I know that he really must have appreciated what was being said.
A few years ago I put a yellow highlighter in my nightstand & started using it in honor of him.
{I'll share more of my favorite quotes in the coming days}

Now I think it is a great day to make a Giant Cinnamon Petal Roll
{a recipe from my Aunt Karalee, grateful for her too}
and have some hot chocolate- I'm freezing!


*oh, I finished Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix- can't wait to start book #6. Sad I won't be done with them all in time to go see the movie next week. But I told myself I wouldn't see the movies until I had read that particular book, the books are always so much better.
And.. I thought it was appropriate that I finished book 5 on Day 5 of my 21 day challange-  Holla!!


Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I want some Cinnamon Pedal Roll please! That sounds perfect for a cold day.

I loved Grandpa's quotes although the ones I can remember off of the top of my head are all ones that swear. :) I love Willis S.

Amberlee said...

Melissa I love your sweet petal roll and have made it the last two conferences, so yummy!

Nicole Garner McConkie said...

Love the quote and I too love your sweet petal roll. :)