Day 14- Music!!


1- MuSiC- I LOVE  music!  My favorite movie of all-time is the Sound of Music, I played the Mother Abbess in my High School play. {Climb Every Mountain} I think if you asked Miss Mace what her favorite movie is she would probably say the same thing.  {I would turn on the tape player & listen to it everyday when I was pregnant with her. When she was 2 years old she sat through the entire movie & wanted to watch it over & over, I think it sunk in ;)}Whenever I hear the prelude to The Sound of Music I get chills!  One day I am going to make it to the Alps, climb up a mountain to a meadow & twirl!  I love to sing Broadway tunes & I always have the CD player on in the house playing some kind of music during the day.  I also love to hear my 3 girls sing- it makes me happy!
Some of my favorite things to listen to- a CD of Hymns, The Sound of Music {of coarse!}Wicked, Mindy Gledhill, Micheal Buble & of coarse the H&H Bloglist!

2-Piano/Organ- I'm grateful to be able to play these instruments.  I'm grateful for the piano teachers I had growing up for teaching & always encouraging me. {Pam & Sister Gifford}  What an impact they have had on my life!   It is so satisfying to me, and gives me such joy, to sit down at the piano in the afternoon or on a Sunday & play church Hymns & songs.
-Being able to play has truly been a blessing in my life-

3-My Mom & Dad-  Thanks to my Mom for always driving me to & from piano practice each week & encouraging me to practice each & every day.  I don't think I would have kept with it if it hadn't been for my Mom. I think I really get my love of music from my Dad.  As a child I always remember him whistling a tune {he can whistle like no body I know!} or singing a song.  My favorite ones to hear him sing is, You're Daddy's little girl- by the Mills Brothers & Singing in the rain.  My favorite song to hear him whistle is the theme from the Andy Griffith Show. I'm grateful to my parents for paying for piano lessons all those years- it was the best gift they could have given me!

-Just curious- what are a few of your FAVORITE things to be grateful for!-


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