-the count down has begun-

5.21.10- I can't believe I am running out of days, to get everything done, before school is officially out for Summer! Does anyone else feel the same way? It just seems like yesterday that I walked my girls to the bus stop for the 1st day of school. My kids have been counting down the days until Summer vacation for 21 days now. I hope I can get everything done I want to in 4 days {actually 3 1/2 because we have early out} Clothes shopping, finish up orders from The Hive, order new labels, get more business cards made & finish cleaning & changing up my craft room. I got a "SWeeT" sign from my friend, Haley, that will go perfect in there! {I'll post a picture when I am all done}

But for know here is a list of things I am counting down the days until:
-celebrating A&E's 8th birthday! We are thinking either a Carnival or Alice in Wonderland themed party.
-my birthday! {I won't tell you how old I am going to be}
-going to SLC with Ty & some friends, on the 11th, to see one of my all-time favorite people- Jerry Seinfeld. Can't wait, he is always soooo funny!
-telling you all about where Hollyhocks & Honeybees is going to be next month {all my Utah & SL county clients are going to be so HaPPy}
-Eclipse {June 29th} the Midnight showing! I will be giving away some Twilight themed H&H frames that night.- A&E getting baptized!
- the 4th of July {one of my FaVoRiTE HoLiDayS!}
- redecorating Miss Macey's bedroom for her 12th birthday
- celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary in July- going to California for our family vacation.
- hosting an odds & ends swap with 3 friends in August.
- a new family picture in August {hopefully I get a nice tan this Summer}

Whew, lots to look forward too.
What are you counting down the days until?


{Quote} of the day & NeWS


To quote my Sister Becca, "Hive No. 2 kicked the honey out of Hive No.1!!" I agree & it made me smile when I read the comment she left on the blog. Thanks to the 4 wonderful & creative vendors that came & brought so many charming things to choose from. There was a lot more variety & selection this time. {it will only get better each time, right?!}

So on that note, see you all at The Hive No. 3
{coming in the Fall}

In the meantime Hollyhocks & Honeybees is always open & can make custom orders, so please send me an email or call to place an order.

-Some exciting news will be coming about where you can "tune-in" to see Hollyhocks & Honeybees products next month as well as news about H&H hitting the road & going down south- {better get to work!}

So exciting!!


THANKS & something to share!

Thanks to everyone to came up to The Hive this week & for all the "BuZZing" that went on. We had a great turnout & had some fabulous things here for sale. Hope you all went away with something great. I wanted to post some pictures but my camera is hiking in Moab with Miss Mace at the moment so I'll have to post them later.

In the meantime I think I will go make these for my family. We LOVE them & I make them about every weekend {look at 58 things post} so I thought I would share the recipe. It's a Martha, who I LOVE, & she is also mentioned in my 58 things post.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Whole-Wheat Pancakes

1 1/4 C. Whole-Wheat Flour

1/4/ C. Wheat Germ

2 TB. Sugar

1 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder

1/2 tsp. Baking Soda

1 tsp. Salt

1 1/2 C. Buttermilk {*Did you know- if you don't have buttermilk on hand you can make your own by adding 3 TB. of vinegar into 1 1/2 C. of Milk. Just let it stand for a minute or so before adding to the flour mixture. It works GREAT!!}
1/4 C. Veg. Oil
2 Eggs

Whisk together flour, wheat germ, sugar, baking powder, soda & salt in a large bowl. Stir in the buttermilk, oil, & eggs. Let stand for 10 minutes (if batter gets too thick, stir in a TB of water) You can also add some blueberrries in if you have them, yummy! Coat skillet with a cooking spray, and heat over medium heat. Spoon the batter for each pancake on the skillet. Cook until bubbles appear, flip and cook until golden brown, about 2 minutes.



The Hive {Today & Tomorrow}

-Quote of the Day-
"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle"

-Abraham Lincoln

So, so true!! When I first read this quote it made me smile & think about all the times that I have waited for something only to find it gone when I went back to get it. So don't let this happen to you, hustle over to The Hive tonight from 6:00-9:00 p.m. or again tomorrow from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
{this quote also applies to the Sugar Cookies & Lemonade.
It aLWaYS goes fast so come early if you want some}
ToNS of charming, sweet things to see! Colorful headbands, zipper jewelry, darling hair clips, delightful clothes for kids, terrific teacher gifts, yummy gumballs, unique home decor & of coarse H&H frames.

-Hope to see you today or tomorrow!!-

**L A - I am still waiting to hear from you! If you don't claim your prize it will go to someone else :( {I drew out another name just in case}


And the winner is..........................

All the entries are in {even all you late night last minuters :)}

Drum roll please... the winner of the 1st "BuZZ" about The Hive & win drawing is.................

CoNGRaTuLaTioNS, L A!!
Please leave a comment & tell me your first name so I can set the $25.00 aside for you to spend at The Hive. {I'm trying to figure out if you are someone I already know or if you are someone new- so excited to find out!}
THANKS to everyone that entered the drawing. I really appreciate you creating a "BuZZ" about The Hive. I have amazing family, friends & clients. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Check back for a SNeaK PeeK of Hollyhocks & Honeybees stuff that will be at The Hive.
Have a happy day & thanks again!!


Tick-tock, tick- tock....

Time is running out to enter the "BuZZ" about The Hive & win GiVEAWAY. The chance to win $25.00 to spend at The Hive {a sweet little boutique} officially runs out tonight at Midnight.

It's easy to enter all you have to do is:

1- Post about The Hive on your blog
2- Invite your friends & family to The Hive
3- Write about it on FaceBook & link to my blog
4- * Bonus- Become a follower of H&H's blog & receive an extra chance to win!
5- Be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT telling me how you "BuZZed" about The Hive to be entered.
GooD LuCK!
The winner will be announced tomorrow morning so be sure to check back for that
& sneak peek of The Hive.


Some little birdies just wanted to say ............


THANKS, for all the "BuZZing" that has been going on. It's fun to see messages, pictures & invites popping up here & there. Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to enter the "BuZZ" about The Hive & win!! {details on how to enter below} I've gotten alot of emails & FB messages from people about The Hive, just please make sure you write a COMMENT on the blog so that you are entered, I don't want you missing out on the free $$ giveaway!! :)

This little flock of birdies landed just in time to be for sale at The Hive. Each one nested up on a little vintage stand, that is unique & one of a kind. I think they would look perfect perched up on a shelf or mantle to welcome in Spring. {& hopefully warmer weather}

Hope you had a great weekend & have a happy day!
{off to get ready for the day, clean & create}


One of a kind

Leila Bird
{this clever crafty bird is my dear friend & neighbor Nicole}

When I think of Leila Bird's creations I think of sweet vintage goodness! From the colors, styles & how everything is put together. She searches high & low {and many consignment & antique stores up & down the Wasatch Front} to find the very most unique little this & that's to make charming hair clips, jewelry & one of a kind cake stands & serving trays.
{she just has the "eye" to put things together- a real talent}

Hope you are planning on coming to The Hive next week {May 13 & 14th in Mountain Green} I'm sure you will find something for yourself, your home or to give as a gift. Don't forget to bring your friends & "BuZZ" for a chance to win $25.00 to spend at The Hive { the deadline is Tues. the 11th at Midnight so there's still time}
Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there! I am grateful to be a Mom to 3 darling girls who make my life happy{crazy, stressful & tiring too :)}


Next up.......


It's appropriate that I am introducing this vendor to you today because my two 2nd graders are taking a spelling test all about apostrophes right now :)

This fun little business {and it's creator, Tori } come from beautiful Cache Valley. I just love everything that she does. She has such a fun, hip cute style.
Who knew that zippers could be so fun! Lots of colors & styles to choose from.

How cute are these flower zipper rings, I want one for each finger! {I'm sure my girls will want a few too} Such fun colors just in time for summer. Be sure to "zip" {I just had to say that} on over to The Hive {4011 Lilac Lane in Mt. Green} to see all of Apostrophy's creations.
Have a great day!
{keep BuZZing for your chance to win a gift certificate to The Hive}


The Hive proudly presents........

Hotch Potch
{a jumbled mixture of cute}

If you are looking for darling children's clothes with the perfect accessories to go along with it then look no further. Cute styles, colorful patterns & prints make these clothes simply adorable. Hotch Potch is 2 very talented sisters {who I am also happy to call my friends} that started their business because they love to sew & make things for their own kids.
I can't wait to see what the Hotch Potch girls bring to The Hive. My girls will want one of everything, I'm sure :)
THANKS to everyone who has entered the drawing so far.{there is still plenty of time} I have the best friends & clients!!
The Hive- 4011 Lilac Lane in Mountain Green {May 13th & 14th}
Happy "BuZZing"


Create a "buzz" & WiN!!


Yes, you heard right, it's Hollyhocks & Honeybees 1st official giveaway! As many of you know The Hive {a sweet little boutique} is coming to town next week {May 13th & 14th} & I want to create a "buzz" about it but I need your help!
All you need to do is write about it on your blog, post about it on FaceBook or just invite your friends to The Hive. Then leave a comment telling me how you "buzzed" about it to be entered to win a $25.00 gift certificate to use at The Hive!

{who doesn't like to shop when it's free, right?}

It starts today & goes until next Tuesday, the 11th, at midnight. The winner will be announced on my blog on Wednesday the 12th so check back to see if you're the winner. The rest of this week & next I will be highlighting some of the great vendors that will be at The Hive so check back for some sneak peeks at all the goods.
*oh, just because I love you all so much I'm giving you a better chance to win. If you become a follower of H&H's blog you also get another entry into the drawing-yea!!*

Have fun "buzzing" about The Hive. Can't wait to hear from you all!
-Thanks for your help-

Yea, its May!!


Oh, I love looking outside & seeing the sunshine for a change {I hope it stays for awhile} I have so much to do & it helps when it is nice & sunny outside.

Thanks to everyone who came to Piper & Chloe this weekend. I love being a part of that boutique all "the sisters" are so sweet & helpful & they always get the best collection of fresh, stylish vendors. Hope you all left with something fun & new :)

I just signed up to go here in September. SO EXCITED!! I first learned about it this last Fall & wanted so bad to go but it was the same weekend as Piper & Chloe so I couldn't BUT I'm off to it this Fall. {Can't wait!}
We took these pictures yesterday down at "The Patch". My husband & friend have some land where they are going to be growing giant pumpkins this year. The girls & I drove down to check it out & loved seeing the hundreds & hundreds of wild little grape hyacinths EVERYWHERE so much that we just had to pick a few 100 to take home with us.

Happy Spring!
**Don't forget The Hive {a sweet little boutique} is coming next week! Back with more news about that tomorrow! :)