-the count down has begun-

5.21.10- I can't believe I am running out of days, to get everything done, before school is officially out for Summer! Does anyone else feel the same way? It just seems like yesterday that I walked my girls to the bus stop for the 1st day of school. My kids have been counting down the days until Summer vacation for 21 days now. I hope I can get everything done I want to in 4 days {actually 3 1/2 because we have early out} Clothes shopping, finish up orders from The Hive, order new labels, get more business cards made & finish cleaning & changing up my craft room. I got a "SWeeT" sign from my friend, Haley, that will go perfect in there! {I'll post a picture when I am all done}

But for know here is a list of things I am counting down the days until:
-celebrating A&E's 8th birthday! We are thinking either a Carnival or Alice in Wonderland themed party.
-my birthday! {I won't tell you how old I am going to be}
-going to SLC with Ty & some friends, on the 11th, to see one of my all-time favorite people- Jerry Seinfeld. Can't wait, he is always soooo funny!
-telling you all about where Hollyhocks & Honeybees is going to be next month {all my Utah & SL county clients are going to be so HaPPy}
-Eclipse {June 29th} the Midnight showing! I will be giving away some Twilight themed H&H frames that night.- A&E getting baptized!
- the 4th of July {one of my FaVoRiTE HoLiDayS!}
- redecorating Miss Macey's bedroom for her 12th birthday
- celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary in July- going to California for our family vacation.
- hosting an odds & ends swap with 3 friends in August.
- a new family picture in August {hopefully I get a nice tan this Summer}

Whew, lots to look forward too.
What are you counting down the days until?


Vanessa said...

I am counting down the days until school starts and I will be starting my new job at Morgan High School. Yeah!! First day of school August 25th. (Just around the corner.) :)

Honeybee said...

Thanks for the comment, V! We are looking forward to that date too!! Let the tutoring begin :)

Tiffany said...

I just saw the cutest picture with alice in wonderland things and thought that would be a great party to throw! do you ever look at the 'made' blog? i saw them on her blog--the post from the quilters market a couple days ago :)

I am loving my latest frame I bought at the piper show--it's the colorful ruler one and looks perfect in my boys room! Just LOVE all your stuff!