{Quote} of the day & NeWS


To quote my Sister Becca, "Hive No. 2 kicked the honey out of Hive No.1!!" I agree & it made me smile when I read the comment she left on the blog. Thanks to the 4 wonderful & creative vendors that came & brought so many charming things to choose from. There was a lot more variety & selection this time. {it will only get better each time, right?!}

So on that note, see you all at The Hive No. 3
{coming in the Fall}

In the meantime Hollyhocks & Honeybees is always open & can make custom orders, so please send me an email or call to place an order.

-Some exciting news will be coming about where you can "tune-in" to see Hollyhocks & Honeybees products next month as well as news about H&H hitting the road & going down south- {better get to work!}

So exciting!!

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Rebecca Leigh Hall said...

I can't take all the credit, Vanessa helped come up with it. The Honey part was all V. :)

We loved coming up to see everything. Our little birdie friends are loving their new home on the yellow bench.