Tick-tock, tick- tock....

Time is running out to enter the "BuZZ" about The Hive & win GiVEAWAY. The chance to win $25.00 to spend at The Hive {a sweet little boutique} officially runs out tonight at Midnight.

It's easy to enter all you have to do is:

1- Post about The Hive on your blog
2- Invite your friends & family to The Hive
3- Write about it on FaceBook & link to my blog
4- * Bonus- Become a follower of H&H's blog & receive an extra chance to win!
5- Be sure to LEAVE A COMMENT telling me how you "BuZZed" about The Hive to be entered.
GooD LuCK!
The winner will be announced tomorrow morning so be sure to check back for that
& sneak peek of The Hive.


Nicolle said...

I'm excited about The Hive on Thursday and I'm gearing up for a hard night of work. Cashier Nicolle at your service. I don't have a blog to post anything, at least not yet.

Sunny said...

So I did it! I posted a link on my Facebook page. I would have even done it with out the drawing! Such cute stuff Melissa!

Also, I became a follower.

Good luck!

BrianFam said...

Hey there! Posted this on Scraps blog and mine too. Also linked on my FB page...Pick Me, Pick Me!

The Skiing Wallaces said...

Ok, Ok, I did it. I'm a slacker- last minute kind of girl. But better late than never, right??? I just did a post on my highly read, highly publicized blog :), AND became a follower on your blog. SEE, I'm a BIG fan. PICK ME!!!!!!

L A said...

Count me in! I posted a link on FB and became a follower... I dont have a blog. Good luck!

sydney said...

I don't have a blog, just joined face book yesterday so I could get some yoga clothes I was in dier need of for $15. I am not sure but I think in my heart of hearts, or maybe it is just my head, but I believe I can do yoga better now that I am in the offical gear and not a tee-shirt and sweats! I wouldn't have a clue how to "tag" yet but I did forward your email to everyone on my contact list if that counts for anything. I can't wait to come get some fun stuff. The bird's are awesome!!

Hillary Vaughan said...

K I just made it! Last minute Hillary!! :) I am a follower, (that sounds sad) and I made a post about your darling Boutique! I think I should win being up so late and making it in minutes before! Ha ha!
Thanks :)