Christmas came early


  Here are some pics from my recent trip up North to 
2nd Chances Antiques in Brigham City. 
{from my top 3 list of places to shop}
I went up with my friend, Tausha, for a day of fun & treasure hunting & boy, did we score with some great finds.  Thanks to Tausha for her opening boxes & looking high & low to get find us some awesome things. 

Christmas came early for me this year. 
{My list for Santa won't be nearly as long this year }
Feast your eyes on what I found!  I'm slightly smitten at the moment for vintage Christmas decor.  When I opened up this box I think I might have actually squealed out loud.  Are you serious?  Look at those fabulous colored retro Christmas light bulbs.  So pretty!  

 I actually started a light bulb collection last year 
{Yes, another collection, does that surprise you?  It shouldn't} 
& loved having them out during the Holidays.  The collection started with some bulbs I found at my Grandma Hall's home.  So excited to add these to the collection this year. 

This shouldn't surprise you either... I have a vintage ornament collection too.  Wish they made things like they used to.  
-I spy a happy honeybee taking pics of her new finds.... totally giddy!- 
 Oh, deer....   how adorable are these little plastic creatures.  Can't wait to play with them & use them this holiday season. 
-Their little heads move back & forth, so charming- 
 I'm totally in love with the retro vibe of Christmas decor for years past & when I saw this white wreath it took me back to my childhood.  I love it!  Can't wait to add it to my display of vintage Christmas wreaths 
{I really do have too many collections to count.... I need to make a list of them all one day} 

A couple more for my collection.... I like them big or small.  Love the bottle brush wreath with the tiny glass balls on it & the dainty bell & holly leaves.  Merry Christmas to me! 

 A close up of the amazing bulbs I got.  They are going to look awesome in a glass jar or the back of my metal truck I put out.  Hurry, Christmas & get here!  {Did I just say that?} 

I guess all of these terrific finds came from an estate sale & had just been brought into the store. Perfect timing!  The owner told us that when we checked out. Hope it makes some sweet old lady happy to know that her Christmas decorating stash, she'd had for years & years, has become someones new favorite things.  

It just wasn't all Christmas that I got... I scored a few games with letters & pieces too. I can never pass them up.  Thanks to Tausha for spotting the letters for me. 

 This next thing I just couldn't leave without.  You may have heard me say before that if something speaks to you, makes you smile & you can't stop thinking about it you need to get it. Well this amazing {old} pennant did that for me that day.  I actually left the store, got in Tausha's car, & told her I had to go back in & get it.  Where was I ever going to find something like this again.  Loved that it had the Salt Lake Temple on it, the colors & Salt Lake City, Utah.  

I think it must have been that I've been thinking about The {Fall} Hive & pennants are something that will make an appearance there so I just had to get it for decor purposes.  Hope you've marked your calendar- Sept. 18,19 & 20th. 

 I just couldn't pass up this amazing, colorful & in good shape bottle caps.  How cool are they?  I have a project in the works for them. I'll show you when I get it all finished.  

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my happiness.  So fun finding all these treasures one day in Brigham City.  Be sure to check out 2nd Chances Antiques next time you're up that way.  



Ice cream sundae bar & chocolate sauce recipe


Oh, friends have I got something really sweet to share with you.  You might have seen me talking about this on Studio 5 last week but I wanted to give a little more detail &pictures about the fantastic Ice Cream Sundae Bar party I planned using my gigantic industrial sized muffin pan. I love giving new life to vintage finds.  Fills me with such JoY! 
Have you ever seen such a thing before?
{If you ever come across a giant muffin pan, grab it!  Fun times & great uses ahead I'm sure}   
-Got these adorable ice cream cups & spoons at Orson Gygi's in SLC.  The perfect touch to the Ice Cream party- 
When I bought this pan a few months ago I wasn't quite sure what to use it for but came up with this yummy idea one afternoon. I started brain storming of all the treats, toppings & sweets to fill up each compartment of the pan with.  The perfect things to send any bowl of ice cream over the top 
{sprinkles- of coarse, crushed oreos, butterfingers, M&M's, toasted coconut, gummy bears, cashews & the quintessential sundae topper a cherry for on top.. just to name a few}
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin-

Once every compartment was full all I needed to add was a gallon of Ice Cream & some cute kiddos willing to come over & start creating yummy masterpieces. 
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin-
Just look at those cute faces! I think somebody was really excited to start digging into all that sweet stuff! 
 {It must have been the gummy bears..or just the sight of SUGAR!} 
A shout-out to these girls awesome Mom for taking such great pictures of our fun night in the backyard. 
 Thanks, Courtney! 
{see more of her amazing food pics on the Delish my Dish blog
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin- 
The colorful, filled to the brim, organized tin in the center of the table ready for the party to start.  Trust me, it didn't stay looking this neat very long. 

Fun sitting back & watching what each kid went for. Lots of expected combinations & some pretty unique ones too.  But every last drop of ice cream was gone in their cups, you can bet on that! 
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin- 
-Photo credit, Mountain Light Photography, Courtney Wallin- 
Can't get enough of the darling pics of the tray holding all the ingredients for the ice cream sundaes.  Salty, sweet, gooey, crunchy & of coarse all yummy! 

                                                                                         These 2 girls held still long enough for me to get a picture of their sundaes before they started chopping down. What patience!  
{Thanks A & M} 

Of coarse no Ice Cream Sundae is complete without smothering the top with a delicious, hot, gooey sauce so I'm sharing a fabulous recipe for Chocolate Sauce with a SPiCY kick.  This stuff is so good & goes perfectly with chopped up almonds & lots of toasted coconut 
{Can you guess what kind of sundae I made?} 


Spicy Chocolate Sauce 

Combine: 3/4 C. Semi-Sweet chocolate chips
1/4 C. butter
1/2 tsp. ground chili pepper 
1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon in a sauce pan & warm up.  

Cook until butter is melted & chocolate is smooth. Gradually add 1-5ounce can of evaporated milk {2/3 C.} Stir frequently & bring to a boil.  Reduce heat, boil gently over low heat for 6 minutes.  Remove from heat, cool slightly & serve immediately so it's quite warm. Drizzle over vanilla ice cream & ENjoY! 

Oh, my goodness that sauce is amazing.  yuM! So simple to make & so glorious. Give it a try, I'm sure it will be a staple for all your ice cream sundae's from now on. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Made my heart sing


  I received lots of sweet messages, emails & texts about my segment on Studio 5 last week. Thanks so much!  Glad you enjoyed it as much as I loved presenting it.  I appreciate all your kind words.  

I received these next 2 pictures in texts this weekend & it made my day!  A total fill up my bucket for the day kind of a thing.   The first pic came from my sister, Vanessa, who wrote that my segment inspired her & my other sister, Becca, that they decided to go antiquing.  Look at that stash!  They did good1  A scale, bread pan, thermos, grater & even some letters. Score!  Many of the things I talked about on the show.  Good job, girls.  Can't wait to see what you do with it. 

The next pic came from the Northeastern part of Idaho from my sweet friend, Nicolle.  {I may have teared up a bit when I opened the text}  Here she is with her 4 cute girls all huddled around the computer watching my segment. {Ahhhhh.....} 

Both of these pics just warmed my heart & made me so grateful for so many wonderful people in my life.  It also made me happy to know that my passions, what I like to do & this blog has brought so many wonderful opportunities into my life & given me the chance to inspire others & to connect with so many.  I'm extremely grateful that I can do that.  I love hearing from those of you who take the time to tell me so. It really is what keeps me going & doing what I love to do & continue to share things with you that I hope teach, inspire & help you discover new things in your own lives.  

Thanks again for letting me & my blog into your home & your lives.  Have a wonderful day.  Hope you come back tomorrow, I have something really fun to share. 



Flight of the Honeybee- Thrifting & Antiquing

Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite places to go antiquing & thrifting. If you watched Studio 5 today you know that I have a passion for this kind of stuff! 

So I'm letting you in on 3 of my favorite places to check out, go to & stop by when I'm looking for something unique & one of a kind. 

1- Fleattitude 
This is BY FAR is the best flea market in the Beehive State.  You know the kinds of markets you see in Country Living magazine & say to yourself, "I wish we had something like that here"  Well... guess what we do!  It happens a few times a year & is definitely worth clearing your schedule, planning a day & getting down to.  Trust me, you'll thank me later. 

-My finds from my 1st trip to Fleattitude- 
Fleattitude is happening this Saturday the 26th in Pleasant Grove 65 East 200 South.  Hours are 9-4 for $1 admission, if you are an early riser you can come at 8 & pay $5 to get in early.  Don't miss it! If you run into my sweet friend Jenn, from 3Dotters, tell her the honeybee sent you & hi for me!  She is the sweetest, amazingly talented & has the best eye for vintage stuff. LoVE her! 
-A couple of my favorite things that I'm sure you've seen on my blog that I have out & use all the time.  Did you see what the crate is now filled up with?  If not go {here}- 

Most vendors take Credit Cards but be sure to bring some cash to have on hand too. Remember what I said on the show today... if you are smitten with something & can't stop thinking about it DON'T walk away, grab it & get it.  I'm still trying to get over not buying a large shortening tin last year. 
{My friend Tausha & I with our loot from last Spring. I bought my first "Creeper" at Fleattitude& have been in love with it ever since} 

2-The Deseret Industries  
Ok, the most obvious & cheapest place to go, the DI. {That's what us locals like to call it.} 
If you're in Utah there's a pretty good chance there is one in your area.

  It is always hit & miss, you never know what you're going to find.  I always walk in with a positive attitude that today is the day I hit it big.{I always get a cart, just in case!} Sometimes I am & sometimes not so much. But one thing is for sure, it's always fun to go look around.  I usually walk out with a few more items I wasn't looking for but giddy that I got, versus what I was going in specifically to look for.  So.... keep an open mind, cross your fingers & have fun.  
-A cart full of goodies!- 

3- 2nd Chances Antique Store 
Might just be the best kept secret in our fine State
{& here I am telling you about it.  Why am I?  Promise not to take all the good stuff before I get back up there ;)}

-My stash from my last visit, I scored!- 
This gem is up in Brigham City, 475 East 1000 South, in the old Indian School campus buildings. There are signs & it is easy to find.  The owners are very nice, helpful & talkative.  They LOVE to talk about the items in their store & where they came from.  I love that about shopping there because knowing the stories & history of the items I buy mean something to me. This is probably the best kept antique store you'll ever venture into. Which I appreciate!  So clean, well laid out & easy to look at everything.  I've found amazing stuff here that are real treasures to me.  Next time you're headed up North make sure to make a stop in Brigham City & check it out. Psst... Tell them the honeybee & her blog sent you
{Here am I standing outside the store with "creeper" #2}    

Hope this has informed, inspired & helped you a bit as you consider junking & finding some treasures to add to your home decor.  Don't forget to look around your own home, parents or grandparents because they might just have some amazing things lying around their home, garage or attic that could be ripe for the picking.  
{below is an example of taking a Sunday walk with my Dad out to some old barns & sheds on his property. Great family bonding time!} 

For kitchen inspired decorating using vintage finds go {HERE}Happy treasure hunting! I'll be sharing more pics from my recent trip up to Brigham City & 2nd Chances soon. Be sure to check back.   



Studio 5- today!


If you're local tune in or set your DVR's for Studio 5 today at 1:00.  Sharing a few of my most favorite vintage finds ever, why I love them so, how I use them & why you need to be on the lookout for some of them yourself.  
-Found this #5 in the junk pile at a wood supply store, grabbed it & it has become a favorite pattern for H&H products- 

Hope you'll tune in.  


A Blog Hop- Thinking outside the Basket


  Happy to be part of a Fabulous Blog Hop with the theme of Radiant Orchid, the color of the year. 
{Did you know there was such a thing?}  Well there is & even though I'm not a big purple person I'm looking for ways to embrace the purple feel into my home & decor.  Easter & Springtime seem to be the perfect time to start. 

First of all the exact color of Radiant Orchid is a bit hard to find but I tried my best & got pretty close.  This piece of material with the bright petals was the closest thing I could find, so I grabbed it & paired with some other purply partners for a project I wanted to share.   

I love Easter time, the traditions, fun & sweets that go along with it.  A celebration of renewal, life & happiness.  I've always created fun baskets for my girls to carry around at all the egg hunts that would take place with family & friends.  {Not plastic buckets or baskets in the Q house}  I tied big colorful ribbons on over sized or unique looking baskets.  I guess I've always thought outside the basket when it comes to be ready for a hunt or gift giving around Easter. 

 Why limit Easter gift giving to just baskets alone?  Use old wooden berry baskets 
{if you're lucky enough to find some- vintage treasures!}  
or place a chocolate bunny in a glass container with some treats, tie with a colorful ribbon & cute tag. 

Since baskets are the traditional way to go for Easter, why not dress it up a bit by tying strips of cut fabric, tied all along the handle of a woven basket.  Makes for a sweet accessory to accompany any little egg hunter or a pretty package to leave on the doorstep for a friend. 

For a cute embellishment to place on an Easter basket try making these dainty flowers out of rick rack.  
A charming touch & so easy to do. 

 All you need is: 
Rick Rack {medium or large size, whatever you'd like}
Hot Glue & a button
Step 1: Thread needle & the stitch through the bottom edges of the rick rack. The longer you stitch the larger the flower will be. 
Step 2:  When you feel like you have stitched through enough of the edges, gather together, by puling your string & see what the blossom will look like.  If you are happy with that tie the 2 ends of the string together, tight, to form your blossom-
Step 3- Once your flower is tied off you are ready to glue on a button, with hot glue, for the center & glue into place on your basket.  
Step 4:- Voila!  I added some little rick rack leaves to.  So charming & sweet!  Perfect touch to any Easter basket.

For more inspiration on Radiant Orchid go check out all these fabulous ides from my creative friends.  

Maybe I Will- 3 word Mantra
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Free Time Frolics- Be radiant gift card holder

Thanks for stopping by. Hope this has inspired you to have some fun creating & giving for Easter this year.  
Happy Spring! 


Shout it from the rooftops


  Hope you've enjoyed the wave of posts that's been coming your way.  Sometimes I get in a bit of a blog drought & then ideas just come flying at me, of coarse all at once, need to figure out how to space them out better. I've sure been enjoying sharing lots of things with you.  

Excited to announce the WiNNERS from the couple of GiVEAWAYS I had going on last week.  Thanks to all those who participated I love hearing from you.  {Hint, Hint!} So without further adieu the winner of the 
I spy the Vintage Chicken Feeder in the post contest is... 
Aunt Barb
{we've actually not related but I call her that, long story} 
The Glittered Revival Necklace went to 

{Don't forget the coupon code, Hollybee, is good until the end of the month to get 15% off your order} 


Also with a flood of blog ideas lately I've also been hit with some unexpected inspiration & excitement for the next hive. I've devoted a whole wall in my craft studio to serve as  inspiration for the next few months.  I know it's not even Summer yet but I want Fall to hurry up & get here already! 
{My FAVORITE season of all} 

Oh, friends this is going to be a great show.  I'm going to put my heart & soul into creating for the next 5 months 
{that's going to be a lot of H&H stuff by then}  
& it thrills me to think about it.  You won't want to miss it!  
{plus, I have a few new ideas up my sleeve for Hive shoppers} 

- Save the Date, circle in on the calendar, put it into your iphone & tell your hubby he's watching the kids -
 September 18,19& 20th



A planted project using succulents

I bought this colorful & in great shape vintage Coke crate last Spring at Fleattitude. I decided I wanted to plant it with succulents to set out on my porch during the Summer last year. I went to the local nursery to pick out the succulents I wanted, planted them. They did pretty well until I left them outside about 2 days to long & everything got frozen.  Cold temps & succulents don't mix well. So I lost everything in the crate that I had planted.  
-Posted this on Instagram 49 weeks ago- 
I thought of giving it another try again this year.  But was sad looking at that empty crate realizing that I had to start from scratch & really didn't know if I planted them the proper way for succulents to thrive or not.  

Well that all changed when I walked into Glassed Up 
{Did you enjoy reading that post yesterday? I hope so!}  
I was so excited with what I saw that I wanted to get my crate out & plant it full of some of the UNIQUE succulents that Lesa had in her shop.  Seriously, such a great selection.  Some of them I had never seen or heard of before.  What she has in stock is definitely not the normal you see other places.  

That's exactly what I wanted to create with this crate. 
A show stopper, a conversation piece, that would demand notice & look great set out for summer entertaining or welcoming friends & family into our home.  Lesa offered to plant it for me if I just brought in the crate. So I did. 

-The Before- 
-So glad this crate is still in great condition after all these years.  It's a beauty!-

-The After- 

That's me holding my crate of happiness right outside Glassed Up doors after picking it up!  I LOVE iT!  It turned out great & Lesa had such a great vision of the finished product.  I hand picked the little guys that I wanted planted & then she worked her magic.  I know it will thrive much better than the 1st one I attempted to plant. 
-Lesa was so nice to write the names down for me.  The 2 in the corners, kind of brownish looking & furry are called Chocolate Soldiers.  Fitting that they are on the corner, kind of protecting all the others.  That's how I think about it in my head anyway ;) - 
Isn't it delightful to look at.  I first fell in love with the cool varieties she had & then once she told me the names of each little plant that sealed the deal.  I adore a cute name!  So here are a few of my favorites. 
-Sunrise, just simple & sweet. Loved the color- 
-Baby Toes on the left.  The name really looks like & feels like this little plant.  Simply adored the name- 

-I talked about this plant in the last post but here it is in a sea foam greenish color, Split Rock.  Isn't that the coolest!  It grows & then splits & grows from the center.  Loved this little plant because it's like the Mom & a little sprout growing next to her. Isn't nature amazing!- 
Working with Lesa at Glassed Up was awesome!  Very affordable & quick turnaround to pick up my crate.  I would recommend her to anyone who's looking to buy or plant unique succulents for their yard or home.  She is very knowledgeable & has a great eye.  Hope you stop into Glassed Up sometime when you're up this way.