A Blog Hop- Thinking outside the Basket


  Happy to be part of a Fabulous Blog Hop with the theme of Radiant Orchid, the color of the year. 
{Did you know there was such a thing?}  Well there is & even though I'm not a big purple person I'm looking for ways to embrace the purple feel into my home & decor.  Easter & Springtime seem to be the perfect time to start. 

First of all the exact color of Radiant Orchid is a bit hard to find but I tried my best & got pretty close.  This piece of material with the bright petals was the closest thing I could find, so I grabbed it & paired with some other purply partners for a project I wanted to share.   

I love Easter time, the traditions, fun & sweets that go along with it.  A celebration of renewal, life & happiness.  I've always created fun baskets for my girls to carry around at all the egg hunts that would take place with family & friends.  {Not plastic buckets or baskets in the Q house}  I tied big colorful ribbons on over sized or unique looking baskets.  I guess I've always thought outside the basket when it comes to be ready for a hunt or gift giving around Easter. 

 Why limit Easter gift giving to just baskets alone?  Use old wooden berry baskets 
{if you're lucky enough to find some- vintage treasures!}  
or place a chocolate bunny in a glass container with some treats, tie with a colorful ribbon & cute tag. 

Since baskets are the traditional way to go for Easter, why not dress it up a bit by tying strips of cut fabric, tied all along the handle of a woven basket.  Makes for a sweet accessory to accompany any little egg hunter or a pretty package to leave on the doorstep for a friend. 

For a cute embellishment to place on an Easter basket try making these dainty flowers out of rick rack.  
A charming touch & so easy to do. 

 All you need is: 
Rick Rack {medium or large size, whatever you'd like}
Hot Glue & a button
Step 1: Thread needle & the stitch through the bottom edges of the rick rack. The longer you stitch the larger the flower will be. 
Step 2:  When you feel like you have stitched through enough of the edges, gather together, by puling your string & see what the blossom will look like.  If you are happy with that tie the 2 ends of the string together, tight, to form your blossom-
Step 3- Once your flower is tied off you are ready to glue on a button, with hot glue, for the center & glue into place on your basket.  
Step 4:- Voila!  I added some little rick rack leaves to.  So charming & sweet!  Perfect touch to any Easter basket.

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Thanks for stopping by. Hope this has inspired you to have some fun creating & giving for Easter this year.  
Happy Spring! 



Ashley at flats to flip flops said...

So cute girl! You are so good at thinking outside of the box!

Candice said...

Cute cute! I'll have to try that out with some ric rac!

kaylynnczy said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE and so easy! Thanks for sharing babe! I'm gonna make some headbands out of those cute things!